Daily Dream Diary -Diffusing a Bomb in a Washroom

  • I hear a bomb about to go off in a public washroom
  • I leave the building but find another part of the building is in flames
  • I go back to diffuse the bomb
  • On the way I run into an old employer and offer consolation for some pain he’s in
  • I also observe someone being tortured and try to help
  • Then I diffuse the bomb
  • And I get out safely and then go on vacation

This dream is mostly positive because it shows that I can help others in distress and I can accomplish a lot of things in a small amount of time.

The biggest challenge shows up when I see someone being tortured and I can’t help them because I can’t stomach it.

This shows up in real life. I often encounter people who have or are going through torturous conditions and I try to help as much as I can but at some point I have to just back away because it’s too much for me too.

Learning how to flip this negative in this dream to a positive is going to take a long time, I imagine.

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