Dream:Swimming in a lake

In the dream, I’m in water, a lake. It’s night time, dark. I feel like I know where I’m going but the person I’m with doesn’t but they don’t want to admit they don’t know. There is a barge or deck they are standing on. I swim over to them. There is a long dock which I want to walk on.

There were other images. But I can’t recall now. That usually means a part of me is sort of protecting me from the emotional experience of the dream.

What does it mean?

Water in dreams is relationships/life.
Dark means something about me I’m just learning.
(Something I was “in the dark” about before)
Dock, to me means summer vacations, boating, fun –> the thing I am aspiring to.

Mixed dreams – both negative & positive

The dream images from last night are a bit hazy. Images keep bobbing up and then floating out again, like buoys in a lake. I feel great though and know the dream images were mixed between positive and negative. Which is a good thing. So I’ll write a bit about the process (and maybe dream images will come up as I write.)
For many years, I experienced nearly debilitating nightmares. Nearly every night had images of horror and destruction, including natural disasters such as floods and fires, to physical ailments and loss of limbs, to conditions such as being lost or trapped. I dreamed of being in war, of being in gun-fight, of being beaten. I dreamed of myself getting hurt or embarrassed or people I love dearly being hurt or embarrassed. Night after night, fear after fear, rage after rage, the images came one after another.
I dreamed of a lot of scary animals too. Bears, snakes, mountain lions. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good. Night after night.
In time, I began to see patterns emerging. I began to see relationships between the scariest dreams and obstacles in my waking life. I began to see where some relationships were healthy and where they were not. I began to see what was possible in the current condition I was living in and what was not possible. I began to understand this idea of doing the “positive opposite” of the nightmare. And I really did start to look forward to them, truly seeing them as messengers which always showed me where my own limitations were and where the growth was occurring.
Now, years later, my dreams are taking on a new feel to them.
Instead of being mostly negative there are now many mixed images between negative and positive. And in terms of degree, the frequency and depth of the negatives is much less frequent and less extreme in nature.
This shift represents change and growth.
Richard writes about this in his Dreams For Peace blog.

Dream: Bear, Pool, New Town


woodsIn the dream, I am walking though a wooded area on a trail with at least one other person, maybe 2 or 3. Someone says the bear has passed by and I realize that a bear we had been hiding from or trying to avoid or fearful of attack had gone in another direction. The relief I felt was monumental.

In another dream, I have arrived in a new town. I enter a small diner and ask the waitress what is good. She describes this amazing salad and I say yes but then she tells me it’s $30. I get nervous. For $30 I want a good salad that fills me up. I ask her for more details and she won’t give me more. She tells me it’s fine and to wait for it. I don’t like that. I go to sit down and the floor of the diner is on a slant. It’s a considerable slant at 25 degree angle and I wonder how do people even sit here. I keep trying to find a way and when I think I can’t I try to leave. Some of the other guests stop me and they show me a cushioned seat against a wall where I can sit more comfortable so I say ok.


They are treating me really nicely. One of the men calls himself a member of the Sunshine Club and he has a horn he toots – he is a part of the welcoming committee.

– cleaning a pool with a long pole when on one else can, getting a lot of grit off the bottom of the pool
– Carly asking me why I didn’t say hi and other things – she did a ceremony that was meaningful for her…
– I was in a room with a male student, he was talking about something personal, someone came in and I realized we had been alone in a room, I told the person I will be more careful next time.

– when I woke up I had read something that a negative male figure from childhood  wrote with “f&*K” – he was expressing anger.


The positive of this dream is that the Bear carried on without issue.

Also, I was able to clean out the depths of the pool where no one else could.

Bear is a symbol for strength and woods is the mind. It means the fear I had of being attacked was all in my mind and I can let it go now.

A pool is about close personal relationships. Cleaning the bottom with a long broom? It probably means I can reach way down to depths and clean things up.

Day 5 – Be a lighted Candle


Transformation # 9 – March 28, 2016 – Day Five – I like this part of the exercise for today: “So one thing you can do is draw a picture of what the ego is like, It may be an angry lion or a dark cloud or a raging fire or a big mess. Then on another paper draw the opposite such as a sunny day, a warm candle, an orderly area. Look at the two pictures together and then just set the ego one aside so you don’t see it anymore. Repeat it two or three times.”

I’ve been thinking about how a lighted candle brings illumination, how it is the opposite of a volcanic fire. It’s a really meaningful image.

Yesterday I went to bed thinking about 9 times that I experienced something really wonderful. Images of nature trails always come to mind when I ask myself this question. But now I can also say I like remembering really peaceful and exhilarating visits to coffee shops. Here are 7 others that come to mind:

  • Playing cards with my daughter
  • Walking in the rain
  • Publishing a well-written article
  • Giving a presentation to a large group of people
  • Knitting a scarf and giving it away

When I first did this exercise from the 19-Day Transformation program years ago, I worked with the ego-issue of “mess” and I remember how painful it was, actually.

Today, I am reflecting on the image of a raging fire, from a volcano specifically, and how being like a lighted candle keeps me connected to my own inner sense of calm even if others around me want to get volcano-ish.

I learned from a dream last night that I have an issue around working on what I want and then following through with the presentation of it. I become afraid of people’s anger and give up.

If, instead of feeling anger or feeling afraid of the anger, I follow through and do so as a lighted candle then that will be progress.

That is what I am working on today.

So far as ye are able, ignite a candle of love in every meeting, and with tenderness rejoice and cheer ye every heart.”   Abdu’l Baha

Dream: A woman in a pool

Another dream about a swimming pool last night. A woman was swimming in it. She seemed to have the air about her as though she thought she had taken something which was intended for someone else but actually it was for her. I liked knowing that even though she didn’t.
There was another part. Something about a man. It was a good feeling. Like being with a close friend. But I can’t remember details now.

A Dream Dictionary For Healing Trauma

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