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How Growth Works In Dreams & Real Life

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I’d like to write a bit about how growth works in metaphors of dreams and also to explain how the growth of a virtue or quality happens over time by exploring the metaphors of dream. 

Let me just begin with writing about a way to think of growth because I use that word a lot.  Imagine a large garden, a guy beside a tree, and he sees a woman in the distance, who is gardening. She’s pulling out weeds and watering the flowers and she appears to be the supervisor, giving instructions to other gardners. The dreamer feels the urge to be close to her but then he suddenly feels a large viper  snake crawling up his back. Maybe the man isn’t sure if the snake was intent on biting the dreamer or that it was poised to bite the woman. Regardless, the man suddenly freezes with fear.


To understand the way growth happens and to think of the metaphors or symbols in dream, it’s always good to think of the symbols/metaphors first. Dreams use symbols to communicate and so the key to unlocking the meaning is to understand what the symbol is about. Some of the key symbols in this image are 1) garden 2) tree 3) woman 4) snake.


What is a garden? Well, a garden is a place of growth. It’s a place where beautiful flowers and nourishing foods are grown. That means a garden is a symbol for the way beautiful things grow. The most beautiful things we can grow in real life are qualities within us, such as Compassion, Patience, Enthusiasm and Courage. Every single person on the planet has the ability to have these qualities and some of us tend to show them to those who are closest to us, like our friends, family, associates. It’s very easy to show Compassion to someone we know and trust. Much more difficult to show Compassion to a stranger. It takes a certain quality of Courage to do that. When there are vegetables or fruit growing in the garden, these are symbols for the things in life which give us nourishment, the things which keep us alive. In real life, our bodies need food in order to survive. But the other thing we need in real life to survive is experiences with Love, Support, Encouragement, Kindness, Gentleness, and feeling Connected with others. When we experience these kinds of positive things with others they are like sweet honey and they are good for the heart. Good for the soul. Every person has a basic essential need to feel close and connected with others. Connecting with others is just so very sweet. When a person is in jail, the most painful thing they experience is being disconnected from the people they are close with on road. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, associates, whatever … when we lose that closeness it hurts. The institutional setting is designed to destroy and disconnect relationships. In reality, that disconnection is more painful and more cold than the steel, cement and bars. The human heart longs for connection and that longing shows up in this dream, when the guy is looking at the gardener. He sees the qualities in her which he wants to experience too. She’s gentle, kind and caring to the flowers and plants. Probably the complete opposite than what day-to-day life is like on the inside where there isn’t really a lot of gentleness and sweetness in day-to-day life in jail.


How can qualities like gentleness grow? So a garden in a dream is a perfect symbol for the way growth happens within us. I’ll give an example from my own life. When I was a teenager, I did not have a lot of Determination. I had a lot of enthusiasm and I could get really excited about starting new things and trying out new things but I lacked the Determination to follow things thru to the end. One time, I started a cross country race, I think it was 5km and half way through the race, when I got really tired and overwhelmed, I just veered off course into the woods, found a comfy tree and sat there for a while. Eventually I sat so long I fell asleep. Sounds like the tortoise and the hare fairy tale, I know, but seriously, I did that. I fell asleep during a race and then long after it ended I woke up, remembered where I was, walked to the finish line and found most people had left, and everything was being dismantled, teachers were putting away the signs and food and stuff. I found a friend sitting at a picnic table and she was like, “Rachel, where were you? I was looking for you!” And I can’t even remember what I answered her. Probably made up some excuse or maybe told her the truth as bizarre as it was. And that’s how I handled the fact that I did not have a lot of Determination. I gave up easily when things got hard. It showed up in my grades too. I would consistently get high marks at the beginning of the year and then gradually decline, so my marks would be in the high 90s when I started out and then drop down to 80s, 70s, 60s. I’d finish up the year with 70 average not because I was a C student but just because I did not have the determination to keep up at my 90% level of enthusiasm for long periods of time.


When I was in my 30s and started realizing how I would give up on my Self all the time I started setting new goals. I signed up for a 5km race and then trained for it for months. I used an app on my phone to set the length of the run I wanted to do and then I forced myself to keep going  until the timer stopped. Sometimes I’d slow down all the way to a walk but then when I got my energy and breath back I’d start running again. Eventually I got better and better at finishing things I started. I realized it takes a lot of Determination, Strength, Endurance, Perseverance and Courage to finish something. The energy to begin something is Enthusiasm, like a Dolphin. Playful. Excited. Full of energy for beginning the thing. But to complete something difficult, it takes Strength, like a Bear. Marathon runners often talk about the point in the run when they “hit a wall” and they really have to push their way through that wall, past the physical and emotional exhaustion to complete the race. In time, I learned to recognize when my own inner wall was coming up and when I felt the strong urge to give up and I learned how to push through it. First I would do this when I was running but then as I started to get stronger and started to complete more 5km runs then I was able to be more determined with other things in life too. I found I could more successfully set a goal and accomplish it because I learned how to pace myself, learned how to cope with feeling exhausted but not giving up. I learned how to keep coming back to the running trail over and over and over again, no matter how frustrated I was at my slow development. In time, I developed the inner quality of Determination. And then now matter what goal I set for myself I now had the determination to see it thru to the end.


So this is the way determination started out like a small seed in me, and then as I “watered it” with lots of practice on the running trail, that small seed started to grow like a plant grows in a garden. Eventually the quality was so strong and big within me, like a tall vibrant tree, that the fruits of my labour came into being. I started accomplishing goals, finishing races, winning awards at my work for the programs I was running, winning court cases I was involved in, publishing articles I worked a long time on. You see? Once I had the quality of Determination strong within me I could use it  no matter what challenge in life I faced. But this didn’t happen overnight. It took about 5 years. Before I had determination, I gave up on myself all the time. Quit jobs. Left tasks incomplete. Missed appointments. Lost important things. Forgot to deliver things to people who were expecting them. Etc. Etc. But after focusing on Determination for 5 years I find I am a completely different person. Sometimes I can even start out a task or job or goal with a very clear idea of what it will take to keep the enthusiasm right until the very end of the project. I have learned what it is like to “bang up against my inner wall” and push through it. That inner wall is Fear. The reason I gave up my cross country race when I was 16 is because I was realizing I didn’t have the energy to finish the race in the front of the pack. I was realizing I was going to be one of the last people to cross the finish line and I was so afraid to look like a loser that I couldn’t bear the thought of that. So my fear of embarrassment made me shut down. I hit a wall within me and then just let myself give up. Back then, I decided I would rather disappear, literally, than finish at the end and look like a loser.


When I figured this out about myself I had to learn to be okay with being embarrassed. Being okay with being in last place. Being okay with looking … kinda bad for a moment. Being okay with having made a mistake. Maybe I didn’t sleep well enough the night before, or didn’t eat enough to keep me going, or didn’t train long enough during cross country practice. All my mistakes led me to not perform well and I was so embarrassed I just skipped out and ran into the woods to hide. Imagine that.


So I hope this example shows how this inmates dream of the garden is about how he has within himself the ability to “grow” a lot of new strengths. In his circumstance, since he is facing trial, he may go thru some of the same feelings I did. Feelings of embarrassment, of wanting to hide, of feeling like … having failed. When he has developed determination and strength more fully within himself he’ll be able to envision getting to the other side of the situation with a lot of Courage like a bear.


What about the snake? So animals in dreams help us to understand the next stage of

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growth with a virtue or quality like Determination. Animals have qualities, abilities, capacities and skills which help them survive on earth. Every animal has skills or abilities unique to their own species. First Nations cultures understand this more than any other culture and Aboriginal teachings remind us to look to the animals who come into our lives as guides, friends, and teachers demonstrating to us the things we need as we encounter upcoming challenges. Two examples I gave were how Dolphins have natural Enthusiasm and how Bears have natural strength but you can think of this with any animal which comes to mind. Horses have Power & Endurance; Insects have the ability to multiply quickly, Birds have the ability to soar above the hustle & bustle of every day life; Snakes have the ability to be very flexible.


The other things which animals teach us are the ways to understand how positives & negatives show up in our own self or our own lives. When we look at an animal we can see how the positive and negative of the same quality can operate within one animal. Take a Bear for example. It’s Strength makes is a great defender and protector of its children. But make it angry and it can tear a person to part. A dog’s positive is trait is Loyalty & Friendship, but it can also be vicious and bite someone’s hand off. Insects can multiply quickly to reproduce its species but they can destroy anything in their path like eating away the roots of a tree and killing it, or eating into the walls of a house and destroying the foundation. Snakes are wonderfully flexible but also they can have venomous teeth and can kill in an instant. When animals show up in dreams, it’s good to ask if the dream is positive or negative. Are the animal’s traits working in a way which leads to something getting better or to something getting worse? When an animal comes in a dream it is there to show the dreamer where the next stage of work is to develop the quality to its most excellent degree. If the dreamer happens to have a lot of enthusiasm, like I did in my teens, but lacks strength like I did, then Bears might show up in dreams as a guide for the dreamer to develop more strength. Since Fear was the thing stopping me from developing my strength back then, in order to become stronger I had to start looking at my Fear, looking at how it operated in my life, looking at how my fearful actions were hurting myself and others and start to make changes. It was not easy but I took little steps daily for a long period of time and then saw the changes I was looking for.


When Snakes show up in a dream, start looking for jealousy. Perhaps the dreamer has some jealousy or perhaps someone in the dreamer’s life has jealousy and is acting out in hurtful ways. The more dangerous the snake in the dream, the more venomous can be the poison from the jealous person. Sometimes people can behave just like snakes. Maybe you know a snakey-type person in your workplace, or family or in your unit or range. When someone is acting like a snake, they will most likely not draw attention to themselves for a while, like a snake in the grass and then when they are ready they pounce out with their hurtful words, actions, accusations, and threats. The goal of a snake is to take over an environment, like a territory, and to take control of everyone using fear to dominate. In a workplace, a snake may be trying to take power by getting to the top as a CEO, or getting to the “top” of a school like becoming a principal. In a family, a member may try to control everyone with threats so that they always get what they want no matter who they hurt while getting there. Some might say jails can be like a snake’s den, with dozens of snakes all gathered together, all trying to get what they need to survive. Most people fear snakes but then there are people like Steve Irwin, or Snake Charmers, who have no fear and who can connect with the snakes without getting poisoned or harmed.


In the scenario above, with the man and the garden and the snake, well, the man has a choice in this case. He can become like the snake and lash out and harm the gardener. Or he can become like a snake charmer, capture the snake and set it free away from the garden to keep the flowers, plants and woman safe. The choice that the man has in this case is what makes us human. Humans have a quality which animals do not have.

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Philosophers and mystics have composed volumes of work on the theme so I can’t go into it more now but to briefly touch on the topic I’ll just say that human beings have the ability to make the decision to be hurtful or helpful. They can decide to succumb to a challenge or to rise above it. They have the ability to … for example … stay in a fearful state and let the best things in life pass them by or to develop Courage for example and have the Determination to meet any obstacle. This is where humans stand apart from animals. Whereas animals are trapped within their instinctual nature, humans can stop and pause and assess a situation. They can imagine alternatives. They can weigh pros and cons. They can evaluate risks. They can calculate a plan. They can take action and follow through. They can achieve their goals. Animals do not have the ability to imagine a realm outside of what their senses can perceive. A dog, for example, cannot stand in a dark yard at night and imagine the sun shining on the other side of the earth. A human can though. A dog is limited by what it can see and feel and hear. A human can use the power of their imagination to perceive things which are beyond the realms of the senses. In this way, a person who does not have a lot of Determination can imagine what it would be like to have it. A person can imagine what it would be like to have determination. A person can take actions to develop more determination in their life and they can eventually have it. They can have it so much that they learn to have determination with every task they take on and anyone looking at that individual would say, “Wow! He really has a lot of Determination.” They begin to name the person by that virtue.


This is how a small seed of skill or capacity starts growing in someone’s life and how the dreams will show the development of the skill over the course of months or years. First the quality is just an idea, like a ball of potential energy, like a small spark, or a small drop of water, or a small seed. Then as the quality grows in the person’s life they may start to have dreams about animals who have that quality, for strength is could be bears, elephants, hippos. Then as the dreamer continues to develop the quality more and more they will start having dreams where the people in their dream have a lot of the quality that they are aspiring to. These character dreams may have people from the dreamer’s real life, strong teachers, or coaches. But maybe they show up as characters from movies, or from fairy tales, or from songs. The dreamer’s mind is seeing strength in these characters and they show up in the dreams to bring messages to the dreamer about what they can do to have the quality more and more.


Dreams about People are about understanding the qualities of the dreamer and the person the dream is about. It may happen that a dreamer has a dream about a person with the quality they need more of, like Determination, and then in the dream they have a sexual encounter. If it is a positive encounter then it is a symbol for how the dreamer is integrating more and more with the quality they are seeking to develop. If it is a negative dream, it shows where there are still some fears or issues to work through before the virtue or quality can be more fully actualized in the life of the dreamer.

Many people have dreams about sex and many inmates tell me dreams about sexual

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encounters. It’s natural to think that these dreams are about the actual act of intercourse but in truth, dreams about sex are about the symbol of two qualities coming together. When someone has a positive sexual dream about a person who has the qualities they are going for in life, then it is a positive symbol for the way the dreamer is coming to fully integrate the newly developing quality within themself.


Sometimes, the reason why a person would not have a certain quality or skill in their life is because of trauma at a young age. A negative teacher or parent may have said or behaved in a way which taught the person to not develop a certain skill or quality. As the dreamer is learning to develop that skill or quality in their adult life they will have some healing to do around the trauma. A lot of sadness may come up, or anxiety, or jealousy. Any host of emotions could arise from the work and it takes time to heal the trauma so that the skill can be developed. A positive dream about sex with a person who has the quality you are going for is a good signal that the healing is working and that the new quality can be actualized in life without any painful associations.


This is where the work changes from a process of healing to a process of development. Just how I described that my first small steps at determination were focused only on running 5km but later I was able to use Determination for every task I set out to do. I was still healing at the time  when I was learning to run 5km without giving up. I was healing from all the giving up I had done in childhood, in teen years, in adulthood. Once I had healed from my “giving up mode” then I had opened up brand new capacities and skills within myself to begin taking on new challenge and new risks knowing that I could start out with a lot of enthusiasm & finish with a lot of strength.





  • Do you find it easy to start a project with enthusiasm but not too easy to finish it? Or …
  • Do you find it really hard to get going on something new but once you get into it then you have a lot of determination to complete it?
  • If what you need is enthusiasm, then to get uplifted you can think about a current challenge in your real life, imagine the biggest obstacle and then try to think of something new you can do that you never did before which would help solve the problem. Sometimes this is a good time to start a new class, or a new program, or learn a new skill.
  • If what you need is more determination, think about something you’ve been working on but which you’ve hit some sort of wall with and imagine what you can do to build your Confidence to move forward through the wall. To achieve this, remember something you have done well, with a lot of skill and then repeat that. Repeat the things you have done well and apply it to the area where you are stuck. Amazingly, you should see the wall start to crumble metaphorically speaking and your confidence in your capacity will grow.
  • When have you dreamed about an animal? What are the main qualities of that animal? How can you bring more of that kind of quality into your life now? How could more of that quality solve a current problem?


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Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness


This is an excerpt from a transformation program journal entry from 2016. I’m posting it here to show the process of identifying a virtue/quality and then considering how to apply it in many areas of life. With diligence, it becomes easier & easier to experience the positive virtue/quality and let go of the negative feelings around a significant challenge.

The activity today is to make a list of the various parts of your life and then describe how the virtue of Playfulness will assist you in each one.

  1. Education/School Community – They want a meeting with me in about one/two months. To be prepared I need my taxes done. I also want to be ready to have a conversation with them. A playful way to approach this would be to have a presentation ready for them. Of gratitude but also of the current situation. An article.
  2. Taxes/Finances – The only way to make this playful and fun is to write articles about it as I go. It might take longer than usual but I will learn a lot and share with others.
  3. Expense Reports – I just need to do this. How do I do it playfully? Take photos. Write about it.
  4. Pay my phone bill – Talk to them. I paid $150 yesterday on my passport and then on the same day my phone service was disconnected. I need to gather the money owed and send in an expense. I don’t really know where to start. How do I try to make this fun?
  5. Try to sort it out by Monday – when there is a team call at noon.
  6. Anger – When I deal with money directly I often experience a high degree of anger. It makes me think I can’t cope with life and that everything will come crashing down like an avalanche. I often don’t like to talk to anyone during  this time.
  7. Running – When I get angry I like to run. But I am trying to learn to run before I am angry. It will be better.
  8. Working – I am trying to learn to stay with a task for a long period of time even if I am angry or people in the environment are angry. Playfulness will help me smile in these circumstances.
  9. Relationships – Generally, if I have harmony in these other 8 areas all my relationships will be better, no doubt.




Dream: Bloody Injury, 911, Ex-Roommate

Dreamed and published on 07 March 2017

My work and writing challenges what people think about roommates, life partners, and spousal relationships.

One way to think of it is this – Imagine I had a roommate for 10 years who wanted to have sex with me whenever he wanted and it didn’t seem to really matter to him if I wanted to or not. Emotionally this would be devastating for me. If I told you this was a roommate who was doing this action you might perhaps say “that’s rape”…and if I told you that it was a husband who did this action to me then you might say “well, he is your husband afterall…so as a wife it’s your duty isn’t it?”

Is it? Is it really?

Is it my duty because I’m a woman to just give up my mental, emotional and spiritual Strength to surrender my body to a man just because he has a desire for physical pleasure? Even if it devastates me and takes days or weeks to recover from the uncomfortable and unfortunate situation? Even if it takes weeks and during that time I cannot focus on work, or child raising, or participating in community events? Even if the recovery from such an uncomfortable situation is so time-consuming and challenging that I cannot tend to my financial responsibilities as an adult? Even if those unfortunate events destroy me financially – is it my duty to do this because I am not just a roommate but a spouse?

Is he my owner? Does he own my body? Is that what makes marriage into Marriage? Is that what differentiates a roommate from a spouse? The degree to which they can take possession of the woman’s body without legal or social consequences?

These are questions which came to mind today as I reflected on a dream I had about an ex-roommate.

Here is the dream. People will find it useful to research into things such as narcissism, self-defense, and positive parenting after they read the type of dream I had last night and wonder how to turn the negative behaviours of others into positives for your own self and growth.

Here is the dream:

I was on the 6th floor of a building. A woman wearing black and white stripes entered the room which had a feel of an office but was also very casual. I noticed immediately that there was fresh red blood on her shirt above her heard and below her collar bone. I mentioned it to her to offer to help.

Surprisingly, she covered up the area with her hand and then told me there was no blood but I knew what I saw. There was blood. She was lying.

She proceeded to flip through papers on her desk and I reached for my red First Aid bag telling her I had First Aid and I was going to help. Others in the room saw her deception and they didn’t know what to do so they stood back which was good as it gave me space to work but the bad thing is that they then started criticizing my work. Usually when in a first responder situation the person with training stays with the victim and instructs someone else to make a call to 911. But in this case, no one would call 911 as I instructed.

That left me scrambling to try to help with the blood which I was afraid was coming from the heart and also reaching with one arm into my pocket rendering me looking a bit foolish. Instead of helping, the others called me foolish-looking.

As I was calling I learned that there was someone else in the bathroom bleeding from a larger wound, like a knife wound. It was even more serious and more urgent. So I reported this in the call too.

When the ambulance arrived someone did inform me and I was grateful for that. They even helped me make sure I had everything that the patients and I needed when we got to the hospital. I ran down 6 flights of stairs to get the ambulance which nearly left because we were taking so long to get there.

Eventually both patients got to the hospital and everything was okay.

Later I fell asleep in a truck with Gracie.

Her dad approached, saw I was sleeping and lured her out of the truck with promises of “fun things” so she got out and I then got up too.

I approached him in the parkinglot and went into a strong fighting stance asking him, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much,” he said casually, trying to deceive me.

“Well it looks to me like something much is going on,” and I made myself really tall. “I’m the senior here and I’m the one in authority,” I told him “and Gracie isn’t going anywhere.”

And he said, “Yeah fine. Whatever.” And he backed away.

Then I was like, “Yeah that’s right. That’s how it is.” And I took my daughter’s hand and we went back to what we were doing.


So the important thing when working with dreams and metaphors is to remember that the person in the dream is a SYMBOL for something and that it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a literal application immediately. In time it becomes clear what is to be literal and what is not.

The person in this dream who was trying to take my daughter away from me is just a symbol of narcissistic behaviour and you can learn more about destroying that kind of negativity in your life at this link  to YouTube videos by Aydin RD.

This dream reveals the two ways in which people can deal with injuries. They can cover up the bleeding and pretend its not there, like the first woman, and this behaviour comes across as deceptive and dishonest. Or they can just obviously bleed out and while it is somewhat more messy and potentially embarrassing because it is obvious it is a more honest situation and is therefore actually easier to clean up and deal with.

If we think of the two types of injured people in my dream we can see two ways which narcissists act – one is to be overt with their bad behaviour symbolized in the dream with the woman bleeding in the bathroom and the other is to be covert and hidden with their bad behaviour such as the woman who lied about being injured.

It is much harder to deal with the covert negativity because it is hidden. But it can be done, as my dream shows.

Communication is the key. That’s why I was reaching for my phone in the dream.

That’s all I can say today.

If you have dealt with a negative person in the past or are dealing with it now, please feel free to write about it in the comments section and lets see what strategies work to keep your self protected so you can grow your own positive qualities and enjoy the life you were meant to have.

How To Deal With Robbers – Metaphorically & Literally

Cell phone = modern communication

Last night I dreamed Y.E. entered my house with the intention to rob me. As I was trying to find a phone and a place to call 911 two others entered. They were very tall First Nations men who wanted to rob the house and maybe kill anyone who got in their way. 

I was trying to get the people out of the house and to safety and found my sister making out with Y.E’s brother. But I was able to pull her away. Eventually I found a phone, called 911 and got through and even gave the right address. They said they were on their way.

Then I left out the front door to escape because I didn’t want to wait around and get hurt. As I was going down the long stair case I had to walk really slowly because the steps were filled with little ceramic garden gnomes and trolls. I managed to get to the bottom without breaking anything and ran away.

When a robber shows up in a dream like this and it is somewhat negative, two good questions to ask your Self are 1) In real life, who is trying to take something from me and also 2) Where in my life am I robbing my own Self?

Answers to these questions help to move through the issue, identify the threats, acknowledge the fears, flip the negatives and strengthen the positives.

This dream is like so many others I’ve had. It’s a re-occurring issue for me. The fear of being robbed and shot at sometimes prevents me from doing what I really want to do in life.

Being shot at is a metaphor for being shot down with negative criticism. In my past there were many people who spoke negatively to me or behind my back. Now that my story is becoming more and more public people seem to think that they can say anything they want about me and unfortunately, our culture seems bent on trying to make others look bad in order to try to make themselves look good.

Since one of the figures was an actual person from my past this dream does force me to consider the way in which a negative figure entered my life, and I can look at how I allowed my Self to be robbed of who I really was and what I really wanted in life.

This issue likely comes up a lot for women who have been in relationships where the man had an ego which liked to put him on top all the time and he didn’t care who he hurt on the way up nor who he hurt in the battle to stay on top.

Calling 911 in a dream and getting through is important because in real life reaching out for help is such a good way to change, to learn from the negative past, and to create a positive future.

In my dream I called 911 and I also made sure everyone was safe and I also fled. This shows a bit of progress in my own development because in the past I would have called 911 and then waited around for them, even if it meant I got hurt while waiting.

To leave indicates I am free from that old pattern now. It means that even when things are a bit challenging I can figure it out and do what I need to do so that I am not robbed, nor is anyone I care about.

When I write e-books and posts about self-defense, this is the reason I am doing it. I am seeking to share what I have learned through personal experience in a positive way to others who are still learning how to get out of negative situations so that their Self is protected and stays strong.

In upcoming posts I will continue on this theme and explore in more detail how I do what I do. I share openly because we are all connected and all learning together.


Daily Dream Journal – Water dreams

  • getting ready to run a race
  • also in some Taekwondo competition
  • i go into a public shower room
  • am able to shower but don’t have a towel and only my running clothes to put back on
  • on my way back to the race outside i see 2 friends
  • they tell me they had a dream and as i listen i hear the same negative figure showed up in both their dreams, i consider how to interpret this
  • i get back to the race and see a friend, Mermaid
  • she’s smiling as always
  • then i am in a vacation spot with gracie, i look around and see a huge water playground and i realize we can afford this now, i know how to take a trip without very much money and how to enjoy it
  • i feel happy about that



there’s a lot of positives in this dream.

before the vision your dream gave you was about flying. generally people really like to be able to fly but while that is slightly appealing to you, this dream is much more of a personalized vision of happiness.

running a race, doing well in a competition, having a close friend around, and being able to take your daughter on vacation. these are all images of happiness.

the biggest problem comes when it’s time to shower. getting in doesn’t seem to be a problem but getting out is. no towel.

what is a towel?

a towel is used to dry off the skin after getting wet. not having one is like a symbol for not having a way to transition from the wet shower to the business of running.

most people would think of a towel as necessary. but for you, you know you can live without it and its not a big deal.

you’re dream wants you to think of it as a big deal now. not having a towel is stopping you from running as well as you could with one. it even effects your dreams.

so you can ask yourself “where in my life am I without something basic which others think is mandatory and I think is optional?”

what is a shower in this case?

and what is a race?

how can having a towel to dry off help you succeed in the race? or do well in a compition?

When you figure this out, you will be able to do more playful fun things with Gracie and others you care about.