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Dream: Bugs, Mobile Home

Dear Richard,
I dream I am working in a mobile home (which is common out here in Fort Mac)  which is a medical clinic for children. There are staff changes and new people coming on. A strong male friend of the family works there. The inside of the mobile home is comfortable, well-maintained, well supplied, purposeful, effective.

There is a small plant, like an asparagous plant, and it has been eaten by bugs and yet is now coming back to life and sprouting small green leaves. Someone tells me it is still infested and doesn’t know what to do with it. Because it is showing some signs of recovering there is the temptation to nurse it back to health but I see a big insect nest, like a spider’s, with hundreds of eggs, and I say it will likely spread and he doesn’t seem worried. I say, well, the whole plant has to go in the garbage now. It feels really good to just wrap the cloth around it and throw it out. The bugs cause no more harm to any of the other plants.

Then we go out. We are walking in public and I am shirtless. I love the feeling of open-ness, beauty, femininity, grace and I don’t think anything of it until we get into the store to order chinese food and then one of the men look at me. So i am leaning against a wall covering my chest with my arms and just looking at what food I want to order. Others chose greasy fast-food and I choose a yummy nutritious dish and replace the hot dogs with veggies. As I lean against the wall, I notice now I have a shirt to cover my chest now and although I am not wearing it, it is in front of me and I can hold it against me to cover me.

We walk in a big city, feels like Montreal, and there is a huge water slide, looks fun and I imagine I’ll go down it soon. I have no resistance to going on it and am looking forward to that.

We return to the medical clinic and we are having a staff meeting. All is well but the pediatrician wants to tell us that a disturbing document is on the website making the clinic look bad. She says it’s just when the kids were young and cranky and it reports on their worst time. She’d like to report on their best time. We all agree and she moves forward.

There’s just a few more scenes – one is when we were returning we saw a young child playing by herself and a co-worker went to get the parents while I sat with her. There were several kids playing in the sand. Then there was an eager-to-learn 18 year old mother with a baby, Then there was a guy who was new to the team and I was chatting with him telling him I was new to the team too but been in Fort McMurray for years. and at one point, some women came by and was doing a survey to try to find drug dealers. We laughed and said not us. They just laughed back and said they’d find them eventually. They were a type of under-cover police.

The following night there was an extension on the police theme…I was friends with two female police officers and trusted them. I get into the back seat of the cop car and am making a joke about them not letting me back here if there was a criminal back here. They are standing in uniforms outside the open backseat door. I must be feeling suspicious that something is not quite right so I look around the seat area to make sure there really isn’t any threat and there is no one there. I reach my hand back to the back seat (like in a station wagon how there is an area behind the back seat) and then I feel a blanket with a person hiding under it. I put my hand beneath the blanket to explore who or what it is. I feel someone’s hand and as I am wondering if it is a threat or not then the person starts cutting my hands with very sharp razor blades. The pain is very acute and travels through my entire nervous system and I do not move or shout. He continues cutting my right hand and then goes to my left hand. I have no awareness of blood or anything, just an acute sensitivity to the sensation of straight line cuts. Somehow the dream ends with my telling the police that I had found the person they were looking for. Something like that.
Hi Rachel,

     Hope you are doing well up there and it isn’t too cold yet.    I do sessions with people on Skype.  The payment is made through paypal.  It is pretty straightforward.    Oftentimes I start with a dream, but I mostly deal with the most difficult issues that someone is facing.    The method is to find a spiritual solution and then to go forward with it.   The only tricky part with Canadians is finding a time that matches up with the time change.

I would be happy to work with you especially knowing some of what you have been through.


Dear Rachel,
There is a lot to process in the dreams which could go on for awhile and which will probably come up when we do the work face to face.  There are a number of positives in the dream such as the water slide and walking shirtless.  These are reminders to you that you have these amazing qualities.    Usually the reason you get reminded of about the positives in a dream because where you are going next puts you in a position where you are likely to forget them.  So in this case you have the qualities of playfulness and openness.The context of the qualities you are about to develop happen in medical clinic for children, which is a symbol of helping people heal from their childhood traumas.   The work is actually working well, but there are some tweaks you need.

When you have a plant in a dream,  the first thing that should come to your mind is its essential quality, growth.     This is because all true healing depends upon growth.   If there is no growth, then there is no healing.    So your plant, the symbol of growth was attacked by bugs that seem to work without being easily detected.   The bugs are what kills the plant or kills the growth.   So then you can ask yourself,   what are the insects working under cover that kill the growth.     The answer to this is gossip and criticism that is often undetected at first.   It is a huge killer.   Well in the dream you find the source of the killing of the growth and then you throw out the gossip and criticism, but you also throw out the plant.    This means that while you may get rid of the negative, you are not promoting the growth.The key to the growth is the insects.   This is another principle of dream work that is crucial.   Whenever you have an animal that is negative in a dream, it means that you really need to have the positive opposite.    What is significant about insects is their numbers and ability to reproduce rapidly.    This is what happens with gossip and criticism.  It is quick to kill the growth because it spreads so much.So you have to think about something that is small like an insect that can spread really rapidly and cause a lot of growth.   The answer is encouragement which is basically promoting the process of finding the positives and acknowledging them.

So you have two other problems in the dreams.  One is with the website receiving criticism and the other is being cut up when you are with under cover police.   Being cut up means the same as being cut up or sliced up which is what criticism and gossip do.   So the solution to everything in all of the dreams is to let go of the criticism and gossip and bad press and focus on recognizing and acknowledging the positives.

It is hard to get rid of the criticism in a group or organization because usually it starts as an uncover kind of thing, but what kills it is encouragement.   The focus does not have to be on elimination of criticism, but rather on the promotion of encouragement.

Encouragement is what lets growth happen.   This is what you need in a dream.   It is a process that requires remembering positives and acknowledging.   They are usually easily forgotten in the face of criticism.

So these are a few thoughts.

Dream: Big, Black Truck & hill

In the dream, I’ve parked a big black truck on a green grassy meadow and then when I back away it starts to slip. So I go back to it quickly. I can get it parked and get it to stop but then someone else comes by sort of asking what’s up. There is a lot of water coming out of the earth and into a low area where there is drainage. There’s no way to explain what’s up. It just is what it is. It’s not hurting anyone.

I return to the school where I had a group of children and I find the district managers are all there, I recongize them by their uniforms. So then I go to do a quick count of my kids. Someone has left their kids with me, so I don’t count those and I count mine and I only have 3 instead of 8 and the rest must be at the playground. I want to get them before the manager asks how many kid I have. I feel like I haven’t done anything wrong but then know that if they find this out they will perceive it as really wrong.

I am standing in the grass near the truck.  A guy is doing some sort of testing for people on his crew. He shows me a picture and asks me to copy it. I do and he finds I didn’t do as good as I could. He says, nevermind that picture. Think about a strong woman standing on a field pushing up against a strong man. And I summon all my strength and push him. He cannot push me over. He tries and my legs take the weight and it’s easy. He is surprised. I’m stronger than he is. He puts his arms down. Okay, he says. And I nod my head. Okay.

Dream: Anger, Jealousy and a Bus


In the dream last night, I was sitting and to the left of me was a negative man from the past who had a lot of uncontrollable anger. In front of me was a female who used to get jealous in the past. We were sitting on a bus. The man told me that he was taking the woman to buy something new, new shoes I think. And I said to him and to her. “That’s good…go ahead and buy her new shoes when I don’t have enough food to feed my daughter.” And he got horrified look on his face, that he realized he was spending the money in the wrong way. She looked at me with fury because I had foiled her plan. Then I motioned to her with my middle finger up but made it look like I was scratching my nose. When I looked at her I saw she was doing the same thing at the same time. She deflated a bit. She realized I was “on to her” and she had nothing left. She couldn’t hurt me anymore.


Angry Man = People who want power for power’s sake and use violence to elicit fear so      they can control others

Jealous Woman = People who want power for power’s sake and use manipulation to control others to get what they want which is usually a position of some sort

Bus = As with any vehicle, ask: who is driving? If it’s not you, you want to change that. So in this case, I’m not driving it and so it means I’m “going for a ride” that someone else is taking me on. This is not good and I either want to get off or get in the driver’s seat.


Dream: Bench, Hall, Ruby

January 2011

Dear Richard,

In the dream, I am sitting on a bench with a family member who has passed on to the next world, one who had qualities of strength, compassion, beauty and grace, but who also suffered from alcoholism and experienced abuse in her childhood. We are on a bench outside a hall. She has a newly polished, gold, necklace piece and she shows me it. She tells me that I have one too. Yes, I know, I tell her and I bring it out a small box from pocket and open it. It’s identical to hers but in need of polishing. The necklace charm has an R on it with 4 symbols above the R. She reminds me that my birthstone is Ruby and that that’s why there is a ruby in it. The R is for Rachel.

She takes it out to have a closer look and says that it needs to be polished too but not immediately, coming soon though, she says. Then she unravels a chain that was beneath the charm, which I didn’t know was there.

As she’s threading it through she takes a closer look at the symbols and then she shakes her head and under her breath she says, “Enough suffering now.” I hardly hear her and so I ask her to repeat herself and she just says, “Oh, it just says that you will have more suffering and I think that after all that you have been through it is enough already.” I say, “I have had a lot of suffering but it is time for abundance now.” I say it confidently because it is part of the mantra I’ve been saying to myself about abundance being in my life now.

She looks at me lovingly and shakes her head. I say, “I know, there will be more suffering. It’s okay.” She weaves the charm and gives it to me and says it will look nice when it is all polished up.

I’m just sitting there feeling sort of sad and wondering where will I get the strength to truly keep enduring the suffering because I do feel as though I’ve had enough. I feel tired to my core. When I awake I after a 2 hour nap I still just feel so, so tired. There was an air of peacefulness and calm about the dream despite this feeling of resignation at the idea of suffering more.

Thank you Richard.


Hi Rachel,

This is a very interesting dream for you. Thanks for sharing it.
Your aunt comes in the dream because she is letting you know that the qualities that are uniquely yours are about to come out.   This is why you have the R and the ruby.   The reason that you need suffering is that you are in  a learning phase about the quality.  As you see in the dream, everything needs polishing.   Polishing is the process of learning.
What is different about this suffering from previous sufferings is
that now you have come to the stage of manifesting what is uniquely you to the world.  In the first stages of healing and development you have to deal with family issues, that is, to develop the qualities that the former generations did not have.   This is part of the teaching to carry forward an ever advancing civilization.   The
suffering in this stage is very great because most families are really screwed up.   It is usually combined with what happens to you as a result of the culture.   The combination of family and culture just automatically gives a lot of suffering.

In the stage you are going into now, you are learning about what
is uniquely you.   These are what the Writings call innate qualities.

They have nothing to do with your parents or the culture, but when
you manifest them, they have the greatest transformational power in the world.     The suffering is not the same as family as with family.    Part of the problem with dealing with family suffering is that it is inherited because of the weaknesses of the former generations so our first tendency is to blame then and then hope they work it out so we can benefit.

By dealing with it ourselves it actually heals both sides.   We have a sense that we would rather being doing what is uniquely us,  like in your case, the rubiness of your life, but God requires that we first spend years and years dealing with the family issues.

This is because family is the first building block of unity in the world.

So now you are onto the gifts that are uniquely you and I can tell you that you won’t find much literature about it because the world of psychology has not gotten there yet and I am not sure if it will for awhile because in this part you have to believe in God.

The metaphor of suffering in this stage is polishing for you. The suffering in the previous stages come as a result of the lack of spirituality in others, but in this stage, it is about learning to be more uniquely you.

If you were a runner, for instance, it would be how to increase your speed and endurance.  The suffering are the workouts which are internally driven.  This means that, in this stage, you give yourself your own suffering so that you can push yourself to new levels.   No one else can do it for you.  It is an act of pure volition.

It is as if God has put this really great gem in you and now gives you the permission to see what you can do with it. Your Aunt is there to signal the beginning of this process.

I would be interested in hearing from you on how it is going from time to time just to learn more about how this stage works.



Dream: White car, Black truck, and a hill

Last night, I dreamed first of parking my little white car in a parking lot, then going inside. A big transport truck came by. It nearly knocked over my car but didn’t and I was grateful for my good parking job because my car was in a place where it couldn’t get to.

That big truck left and then when I got into my vehicle it was now my big black truck. I was driving it through the parking lot which was a little tricky because it was on a hill but I felt confident and knew where I was going. It was great.


Car = where I’m going…daily, regularly, with certainty, with agility

Truck = where I’m going …on occasion, when the task is harder, when strength, endurance, industry and power is needed

Transport truck = association to Fort McMurray, work-a-colic issues, neglecting close relationships

Hill = Is about endurance. Putting extra effort in at the beginning and then going with the flow afterwards.