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My dream about a horse riding by in the dark

September 18, 2018

40932412_10160947345250595_686116915252297728_nIn the dream I am walking down a dark street with the only light being from the home screen of my phone. Then a horse comes galloping by on my left, whizzes by leaving me wonder what it was but I figure out it was a horse.

Then I’m at some sort of gallery, a gathering. I ask someone to pay $80 saying I’ll promote something or them and they agree but then the next day when the event comes I hadn’t been able to do the promotion and no one came and I enjoyed the learning but the people were disappointed to not get the turn out they felt they had purchased. I tried to show them what we learned from the situation but they were annoyed. Then I realized what we had learned could/would go into the book and I planned to tell them they were going to be featured in Chapter 8.

A bunch of stuff was going on, food trucks coming and going. There were 20 piglets ordered which were going to be roasted for the evening meal and it was making me sick to think about it. I turned my head & covered my eyes.

Dream: Alligators at Marineland

17 September 2017

In the dream, I was at Marineland, Niagara Falls, Ontario. I was standing there between the audience and the performance in the pool and I was staring at this pitiful looking waterfall. It was hardly larger than the type of waterfall you see outside a library or town hall.

“That is their version of ‘Marineland’?” I said to myself. I just stared at it like “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

There were no whales or dolphins either. There were about a dozen alligators. One had leaped out onto the deck area and was looking for food.

I just kept staring at the people who had paid to see “Marineland” and got alligators and a pitiful waterfall.

“How can it be that people are so disillusioned?” I wondered to myself. How can it be?

My analysis of this dream:

Well, this dream is about the illusion people have and the way people can be deceived if they are not looking at things through their own eyes. Sometimes people are fooled by a title or a headline which says one thing but the opposite is presented. A pool with alligators and a water fountain is hardly a captivating spectacle but with skilled marketing departments and a lot of money invested into creating an illusion people can pretty much believe just about anything.

I guess this dream is just reminding me that this is a real issue in our world today and something people should really think about.

Alligators are the kinds of animals who conceal and camouflage themselves in swampy waters, watching their prey, until just the right moment and then … SNAP! Attacked & killed, the poor deer or whatever didn’t even know what hit them.

This dream reminds me that our society is a bit sick-in-the-head because they actually even think of this kind of activity as entertaining. Media outlets like TV, Radio & Social Media have turned people into alligators & prey, with live audiences watching as real people’s emotions are destroyed.

I can only hope this type of so-called entertainment is temporary and that in time humans will no longer get a thrill out of watching others suffer. The more empathy & compassion we have for others, the deeper our relationships are/will be. In time, humanity will not tolerate these kinds of public abuses of others. That would be so nice, wouldn’t it?

Positive Dreams Mean Just Dive Right in!

04 September 2017

Positive dreams are positively wonderful! They do not need work to transform or flip. You can just have a playful attitude and dive right into whatever life is offering you.

Playfulness is something which comes easy to children but adults sometimes have forgotten how to play or feel playful. Children do not have a lot of negative memories so they can easily play and feel safe. Adults, on the other hand, have accumulated years of negative memories where they wanted to be playful or do something which brings them joy and instead find themselves shut down. Eventually, some adults just stop trying to even have playfulness in their lives.

With dreamwork, however, Playfulness is a wonderful virtue which emerges especially after an issue has been dealt with. The lightness and joy which replaces what used to be fear and worry is quite remarkable. 

The dream I had last night is a good example of this. After working through some serious issues which showed up this week as ghosts and violence, it is so refreshing to have a happy dream of playing on a waterslide! The effort is so worth the reward!

Here is the dream:

21270863_10159400625215595_8931026667273683921_nThe setting was a waterpark and I was riding the tubes over and over with my daughter and a friend. At one point we got to a part of the tube where the water was rushing fast like rapids and there were several directions the mat could go. I stood up on the deck looking down at what was to come and realized I was happy with whatever happened one way or another. I dropped my hat and watched it flow with the waves in a certain direction but then when I got in and went down I went down a different path then my hat had gone and I was okay with that.

Inbetween rides I went to my Taekwondo club and used the washroom. I went into the males’ washroom because the women’s was being used. I noticed how grimy the floors were and the sink was not clean. When the women’s washroom became available I went there and then noticed it was really clean. I wondered if I could help by doing some cleaning for the club. It was quite, as it is on Saturday mornings. Not too much going on.

Back on the water slides, I was considering which way to go next and a man approached me about doing promotion for their website. A fellow Martial Arts student was standing behind him and started to give advice. I just looked at him right in the eyes and told him, “I’ve got this,” and showed him it wasn’t his place to interrupt here. That this was “my thing” and he was surprised at first at my assertiveness and wasn’t taking me to seriously and I stood up and moved forward towards him a slight bit and jokingly said, “stand down, my friend. I said I’ve got this.” And with that he turned his gaze back to the plate he was holding and continued snacking on whatever was there.

Then I returned to the conversation with the website guy and it seemed like things were going to work out well.

How a Positive Dream Can Really Make Things Move Forward in Life

12 July 2017

A mere three days before I lost my Management position at a small store in Masonville Mall due to a corporate decision at head office in Los Angles, USA, I had a dream of this big black truck making it through the road-readiness test. A big, black truck is a metaphor for the work I do in marketing and promoting small businesses. The dream was so positive and it had me remembering the skills & gifts I have in writing, publishing and promoting things I believe in.

Then on April 30th I was informed my store was closing and suddenly my income went from $4000 a month to $1800. Just like that.

One of the reasons I didn’t feel too upset was because this dream had me thinking and asking myself the question, “What do I do really well that can help me move through this period of hardship?”

I asked myself how I can use my skills in marketing & promotion in order to increase my cashflow back to a more stable level.

Now it’s July, two and a half months later. I’ve published three short books, improved three blogs, started a KickStarter campaign for a local neighbourhood news service and I’m done research deep into the corruption of Canadian justice system which some people do not even want to touch because the corruption is just so gruesome.

16174804_769401436549570_8140728707016943395_nWithout that really positive dream of this amazing black truck which had me thinking for days about the ways I can drive my life forward in so many excellent directions, then I would not have been able to handle the devastating news of my job loss so easily.

When I lost my job and was catapulted into poverty I just kept saying to others, “Everything is going to be okay. I don’t have evidence of that just yet but I know something really good is coming and things will be okay.”

It was the metaphors which showed up days before my big devastation which gave me the enthusiasm and drive I needed to face what was soon to become the most difficult three months of 2017.

Dream: High Balcony & Analysis

03 May 2017

In the dream, I am on a high balcony in a tall skyscraper.

To be in a high place in a dream is a sign of being able to “take the high ground” in a challenging situation. Since this high ground was a building, and not a mountain, or something like that then it is a metaphor for business & trade since a skycraper like this is usually found in downtown areas and houses office space.

This dream made me smile because it came just days after I had lost my management position at a mall as a result of a corporate head-office decision to close real-life stores and direct more of their business online.

Normally this kind of situation would trigger a huge degree of fear, anger, and confusion as to what to do next to generate cash flow. But this dream indicated that “everything is going to be alright” because I have the ability, skills & capacity to rise above the challenge now.