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Dream of a Friend Being Arrested

This morning I woke up at 4:30am having just had a dream about a friend. In the dream I am traveling with her. She’s telling everyone it’s her last days, that she’s dying, and I’m there with her to comfort and encourage her. She looks beautiful, wearing turquoise and white, wearing large stones and sandles. When she curls herself up into a ball sobbing I just wrap my arms around her and hold her, comfort her and rock her a little bit, saying soothing words, encouraging her.

In another part, I’m the one upset and she tells me I have to get ready to let her go and I tell her no and she says Yes. We are driving in her old car “Nelly” and I’m in the backseat. Soon a helicopter is shining a light on us and police are calling out commands in their loudspeaker. For some reason she keeps going and I don’t understand why. She tells me she’s going to go as far as she can and when it’s time to stop she will. Eventually she does stop, by the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie and an officer arrests her.

I’m standing by the car confused. Are they just stopping her to question her? Are they going to detain her? Has she done more than I am aware of? Will I be questioned? She looks over at me, with her hands behind her back in handcuffs and she mouths to me that she’s sorry, sort of shaking her head like she sees how wrong she was and she’s sorry. But I have no idea what is going on. Why are there  helicopters? Is this the end of it or is there more? The dream ends like that. Me looking over at her with handcuffs on waiting for instructions, her mouthing she’s sorry and me looking back at her like “What?!?”

My Dream of Being Arrested & Released


09 February 2018

I open the door to my house and three police officers are there. They walk through the doorway, taking advantage of my surprised state, asking questions about my name and identity and talking and before I know it, my hands are behind my back and charges are being read.

Finally I get over the disorientation and I ask, “What is this about?” The head officer responds that, “This is because you know too much about John.” He’s referring to John Watson.

So then I understand what’s going on and I ask more questions and explain in more detail and they realize that they thought I had a lot more to do with a certain crime than I actually did. So they reduce or drop the charges all together and they leave.

The qualities of a good police officer are friendliness & assertiveness. This dream is about developing those qualities even more now.

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Imagine how much more peaceful the world would be if everyone had a little more friendliness & calm assertiveness.

My Dream of Sleeping When the Cops Showed Up

December 24, 2017

In the dream, I was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor when there was a knock at the door. Someone else got up to answer the door, maybe my daughter? Or a friend of hers?

When I saw there were three cops at the door & they were asking questions I got right up and told them to hold on a moment and I called someone, telling them the police were here, and asking what to do. The cops looked moderately amused by this.

When I got off the phone I told them something which had something to do with if I was going to let them in to look around or not but I don’t remember that part of the dream.

My Dream of Solving a Murder & How To Eliminate Threats To Safety In Real Life Relationships

28 October 2017


Murder in a dream is about the death of a relationship. One of my most re-occurring dreams is about solving murders.

Even in my real life, when I have nothing to do with solving any real murder, still the scenario pops up in my dreams where I am the Detective Inspector and I’m the one everyone is turning to in order to solve a difficult murder investigation.

Last night I dreamed I was a detective investigator getting really close to solving a murder. When I walked in a room I saw a couch and I got a flash vision of the killer having had sat on the left corner of the couch. “He’s been here,” I said. “We’re close. He’s close.”

I can see things other people can’t see. I connect the dots in ways others can’t do. I can get into the mind of a killer the way no one else can.

In these dreams, when I solve a murder and reveal to others the signs which lead us to apprehend the killer others listen to me and when they follow what I say the murderer is found and stopped.

Interestingly, in my real life, there is nothing which compares to that level of trust in my words or vision. All I can think of is that it is because in the real world people are so trained to only value the opinion of people with PhDs, or people with decades experience with one employer, or people with a Management title, or people with a lot of money or prestige, or people with a penis.

In my real life, there has been so much metaphorical murder. I suppose some would clearly see that because of my gender, my “socio-economic” status, and my marital status the cultural pressures on me to fail are astronomical. This has been especially true in the highly conservative city I lived in for the past 4 .5 years.

So what to do?

My dream tells me I’m good at solving murders and to get to it – because a killer is close by …

Here is how identify and remove really big threats to my relationships in life:

1) In my morning dreamwork/reflection I just ask myself where in my life is someone behaving in a way which has killed a relationship? In the dream they had been in the room and then left. So that means what I can reflect on is where someone has come into my space, done something hurtful, and then left.

A dozen scenarios come to mind.

2) Now I can ask myself, “Which one of these people/scenarios pose the most threat to me & Gracie?” This is harder to answer but it is really important. We are in a vulnerable position in our real lives right now and there are threats coming at us from every side. My dream is prompting me to assess the situation and really determine the worst threat.

3) After I do that, then I call to mind the positive vision I have for myself and my daughter where we are living free from threats and can really enjoy more playfulness, peace and security.

4) Then I consider what steps need to be taken to get to that place. What obstacles are there? And then I can figure out just one small thing to do today which will get us closer to our positive vision in time.

5) Then I take that step. Prepared to face the obstacles, the issues, the egos involved, the risk to my safety or others, I just take the step trusting in my Self and in my close personal relationships I just move forward in a positive direction.

This is how really big change can happen over time with just one small step daily. Anyone can do it. Any issue can be solved in this way. Any time.

What is the biggest threat to your closest relationships to those you love, perhaps your children or your spouse? What can you do today to begin to remove that threat?

Think about it. And then just do it. Today.

Dream: Getting High

02 September 2017

In the dream, I was visiting friends, sitting on a couch watching TV. Someone brought out a bong and some weed and we all started smoking it. I watched how the others inhaled through their mouth & nose and then copied them. They passed it all around and then re-filled it and were going to pass it around again but then someone from next door banged on the door telling us we were being too noisy and to go to bed.

I just sat there on the couch, feeling really high, watching the TV.

A friend who is dressed as a police officer in the dream comes over and she was high too. She flopped on the couch and we started laughing together.

My analysis:

Getting high in a dream is a metaphor for going to high states of mind or being. In real life, it’s not advisable to use any sort of stimulant to alter the mind and perception, nor is it recommended to become attached to any material object or person. It’s also always wise to practice living within the bounds of moderation in all things. So in real life, smoking weed is not the ideal way to “get high.”

But in the dream it is the perfect metaphor for rising above the limiting conditions of this world and getting to a positive state of mind.

The dream is saying that I can get myself to a really high state of mind and be comfortable with it. I join in with a group so that also means that I can be in an uplifted and elevated state of mind with others as well.

This is about having a positive perspective and arising above challenges & limitations in day-to-day living.