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My dream of an Orca whale & a Scuba Instructor

Recently I dreamed of a beautiful Orca whale breaching beside me as I tasked myself with the goal of keeping a school of floating fish together. Here is a link to the dream.

There were three key aspects of the dream: the Scuba instructor who was teaching me how to keep fish together; the fish who were floating on the surface even though they were alive; the whale who swam beneath us quietly before breaching nearby and then directly on top of us.

I can ask myself what is there to learn from these three symbolic figures in the dream.


The Big Issue With Being a Journalist & an Educator

14 July 2017

In a perfect world, anyone could be anything they wanted; they could earn a living doing a profession they were passionate about and not suffer without any of the basic needs or wants in life.

Unfortunately, our world is still far from perfect.

The big problem so many traditionally-minded people have is that they seem to think that a role, profession or career, or a title, defines someone. Then they think of the way they think someone in that “role” should behave. Then they really limit themselves in the way they think and behave.

The big problem I had when I went to journalism school is that it opened my eyes to so much corruption and I decided I didn’t want to be a part of mainstream media journalism. I thought I would just be a journalist part-time and let it be like a hobby to me. I thought I’d find a niche and just write occasionally for a magazine or something like that while I did my other full time work.

I went to university to train as an elementary school educator and I majored in English Literature.

The funny thing is that when I was going to school to be a teacher I couldn’t stop THINKING like a journalist!

Every class I went to was like absorbing information for an article.

Every insight I had congregated in my mind like an article waiting to be read.

Every day I wrote and wrote and wrote.

When it came time to graduate, I wasn’t 100% attached to the idea of becoming a traditional educator in a school system because I could see that the school system was not really ready for a journalistic-thinking educator. I could easily see that I would want to teach in out-of-the box ways which would challenge the status quo. I could see that I’d have to find the right school which met with my high standards for education.

All the while I kept having dreams which would guide me along.

When I became pregnant surprisingly in 2004 I decided to put my career on hold to be a mom. But I couldn’t stop thinking like a journalist, or an educator, and then a mom.

To this day, I have shunned mainstream media and am highly critical of the school system as it is and I will write more and more about this in time.

My challenge in the beginning part of my career was that I was trying to fit into a professional mold which didn’t allow for growth outside of a traditional model of thinking.

My challenge now, in the second phase of my career, is to really allow the journalistic part to take the lead and to be really okay with the educator part taking a step back.

This is the way life has unfolded for me.

And if I’ve learned anything I’ve learned it’s important to trust in the flow of life.

It never lets you down.

Dream: Resort, Negative Person, Car

13 April 2017

In the dream, I’m a resident at a place like a conference center/resort/camp. There’s a bit of chaos and I handle it but then there’s a knock on the door and the person wants to give me something to pick up and I say yes but truly realize I won’t be able to do it after all.

Then I go into this small bathroom with a curtain and when I try to use the toilet someone comes to talk to me. She sees I want to use the toilet but keeps talking anyway.

Then I go outside and am getting in a car. My extended family is there and so is my mom. She has done really cruel things to me which no one in the family knows about and so when I see her I am uncomfortable because she had abandoned her responsibilities as a mother and failed in her duties. She feeds off of the conflict and gets a sense of power from it. So she likes that she can tell I am guarded with her. That gives her more fuel for her fire.

So she smiles and says Hi politely to make it appear to observers that she is a good and peaceful mother. I smile back and say Hi too.

I never used to be able to do that. Be polite even though I had been hurt by someone so she is surprised. She wanted me to get angry and make a fool of myself. Instead, she looks like the fool.

I get in the car and am ready to go. She’s in the back putting stuff in the trunk.

Dream: Explosion, Water, a text

The best part of this dream is that even though there was an explosion in the distance with a plane hitting a building and the force of the explosion caused tsunami-type waves the outcome was really positive. We were a safe distance away and we were able to stay afloat on the water and not get pulled under.

In another part of the dream, someone wrote a text saying they thought they were bland and I was telling them, No, I don’t find them bland at all.

There was one other part of the dream where I was in a school. It was like I was checking it out to see if I could stay and work there and bring Gracie. I noticed that it was a school in a lower-income area and the kids were dressed poorly and eating unhealthily. I felt I’d love to work here to help the children. But then I saw that the students were really cruel to one another and they hurt each other and I didn’t want my daughter to be hurt by their negative behaviour. Then that evening there was a presentation in the auditorium and I realized there were a lot of Baha’is who were supporting this school and I thought it would be okay to join it.

During the day, I found my Y.E. was in the secretary’s office banging a drum and singing really loudly. It was disturbing everyone and disrupting their work but he didn’t care he just had to keep banging his drum & hollering. I left the area and thought how disturbed he must be. He just likes to hear the sound of his own voice.


I have seen all this before.

When it showed up before I was ill-equipped to deal with it because the negative figure in my life was so much better at being negative than I was at being good – but now I have skills, capacities, experience and confidence which allows me to experience things which are mildly or extremely negative and still move forward without issue.




Dream: Mixed images

In the dream, something happened.

It was one of those kinds of dreams which is a whole bunch of seemingly unrelated images.

I was swimming in a pool freely. On noodles. Freestyle. At one point everyone jumped in with their clothes on even. And because we all did it, it was really fun. Someone tried to fight with me about a noodle but I just gave it back to them and kept going. It was really great.

At another point, an older man tried to get close to me. He wanted to make it look like he was just a friend publicly but privately he wanted to have sex with me. When I called him out on this he realized his error and backed off.

The thing about the pool was that it was there for a long period of time. I guess it was like we were camp counsellors and we got to swim in it every day.