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Dream: Getting High

02 September 2017

In the dream, I was visiting friends, sitting on a couch watching TV. Someone brought out a bong and some weed and we all started smoking it. I watched how the others inhaled through their mouth & nose and then copied them. They passed it all around and then re-filled it and were going to pass it around again but then someone from next door banged on the door telling us we were being too noisy and to go to bed.

I just sat there on the couch, feeling really high, watching the TV.

A friend who is dressed as a police officer in the dream comes over and she was high too. She flopped on the couch and we started laughing together.

My analysis:

Getting high in a dream is a metaphor for going to high states of mind or being. In real life, it’s not advisable to use any sort of stimulant to alter the mind and perception, nor is it recommended to become attached to any material object or person. It’s also always wise to practice living within the bounds of moderation in all things. So in real life, smoking weed is not the ideal way to “get high.”

But in the dream it is the perfect metaphor for rising above the limiting conditions of this world and getting to a positive state of mind.

The dream is saying that I can get myself to a really high state of mind and be comfortable with it. I join in with a group so that also means that I can be in an uplifted and elevated state of mind with others as well.

This is about having a positive perspective and arising above challenges & limitations in day-to-day living.

Intimacy in a dream is about merging with new qualities and not to be taken literally

21 April 2017

Sometimes an image comes up in a dream and while it works in the dream it wouldn’t work in real life and is not meant to. The dream world is a metaphoric world of symbols which can be thought of as either a world within the mind of the dreamer or a world outside of the physical which is explored when sleeping. Either way, when something happens in a dream, such as partaking of alcohol or sleeping with a married man, these things are meant to be symbols and not to be taken literally. 

Drinking alcohol is a symbol for becoming intoxicated with the Joys of Life and sexual dreams are symbols of merging with a certain quality or characteristic of an individual.

In the dream I share in this post, I am becoming very close with a man who has qualities of excellence, strength and empathy in real life. It means these qualities are also developing in me. In real life he has a wife and his wife shows up in the dream. She sees we are emotionally closer than she and her husband are. 

There may be some truth to this. It can happen that friends can be more emotionally closer than life partners. 

These profound feelings of the heart are not often shared in a public forum in this way but that is one of the outcomes of healing through dreamwork. 

When we realize the metaphoric messages in the dream and give some attention to the growth of the positives then the feeling is a lot like falling in love, but it is more about falling in love with life, than with any one particular person. 

More specifically, it is about discovering more and more positive qualities and gifts in your Self all the time and experiencing life getting increasingly better all the time. 


In the dream, I am sitting beside someone on a couch and we love each other.

At the beginning we just touch finger tips but then he wraps his arm around me and I wrap mine around him and we sit there together. His wife comes by, who is like Olive Oil in the Popeye series, and she sees and realizes that we are closer than they could ever be and she starts to busy herself with chattering and gossiping and moving around knick-nacks from a rummage sale.

I thought he would want me to back away but he just held me tighter. He showed me that he had collected my scrap book from a yard sale and there were memorable items from my childhood. When I saw what he did it really moved me. No one “got me” like he did before.  So I stayed in his arms and hugged tighter.


Dream: Naked, Taekwondo, Unfortunate Friends’ Situation


07 February 2017

In the dream, I am in an apartment complex which it seems I am the superintendent for. A friend’s 6-member family has had to move out of their million-dollar home an into a 2 bedroom apartment. I am trying to welcome them and they are trying to be positive but I can see they won’t even last two days in this place but they have no where else to go. I don’t know what to do to help them.

Later I’m walking and I get to this fenced in area. It’s a sauna or a garden of sorts. When I get inside I’m ready to go for a dip but some people come around. They notice I am naked and comment. I realize I should have a bathing suit on to go in the water but I left my clothes at home. Someone gives me a towel and I use it to cover myself but one guy keeps eyeing me so after I tell him to stop I just punch him in the eye. It stuns him and when he opens he looks at me and I say, “Did I forget to mention I train in Taekwondo?” I notice that his eye is bruising and I didn’t mean to hurt him that badly.

The people who live there like what I did and exchange numbers with me and say they want to get together again sometime. I start planning how to get back to my clothes.


Dream: Using Someone’s Shower

15 March 2017

In the dream I dropped one of Gracie’s friends off at home and went into the kitchen with her mom. When I was leaving I saw a bathroom and used it. While in the bathroom I realized I needed a shower because I’d been playing in the mud & rain with the kids so I just jumped into the shower.

As I was getting out I realized I had a big problem. There were no towels. I realized I had to get somewhere fast and was running out of time and also I could hear that the mom & daughter were talking outside in the living room and it occurred to me they may not have wanted me to take a shower in their house.

I put on my clothes as best as I could, over my wet body, and then went out into the room. They were playing a board game and I was like, “Hi!” I didn’t know if I should mention it an apologize or just make a joke and leave.

I mentioned it light-heartedly and she said No problem and I saw it was no big deal. I left and they kept playing.

In another dream I was running a JY camp which was actually in a camp in nature.

I was working out with another animator how to trouble-shoot a certain issue. I was on the top bunk of a bed with some papers and we were brainstorming solutions to a challenge.

In this dream we were outside and I was beside an unusually tall tree. It was at least a kilometre in length. There was a storm and the roots were exposed. Then something happened and it tipped over. I saw it landing across the city and had the possibility of landing on houses but it didn’t. I loved this tree. It was my Sweet Eagle Tree.

When it landed I was like, well, there’s that.


Daily Dream Diary – Fighting Stance

January 08, 2017

  • with V.P. in a livingroom/hotel room – i go into fighting stance with him, see i can kick his butt and start giving him instructions as to how to properly spare
  • a bouncy castle, one just for me
  • being a teacher in a room and being told the kids were messy with paints but i told her i was a supply and it wasn’t my plan, etc
  • the kids did a good job with painting a house and I saw how an idea came to fruition and the parents were proud
  • in the middle seat of a truck, gracie talking to Aunt Colleen on the phone, telling her she quit smoking, me talking to her too
  • a lot of chicken in the fridge to cook