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How To Take a Nightmare of Being Isolated and Flip it to Being Inclusive

06 July 2017

In the dream, I am in a conference hall with thousands of others. There are university grads with their families, and there are agencies & organizations offering awards , scholarships and job opportunities. But in the dream there is nothing for me.

At one point I am challenged to jump in a deep pool against someone else. When we jump in she leaps in front of me kind of cutting me off and it takes my breath away. But I jump anyway. Even with half a breath I go much further than she does and while she jumps up to the surface in a few moments, I go down to the very bottom of the pool and I stay there for a few moments, enjoying the solitude, then I push myself back up and exhale as I sore torpedo-like back to the surface.

It seems to me I have accomplished something but no one notices.

I go back onto the pool side thinking how they don’t offer rewards, bursaries and job opportunities to people who are skilled at diving to the bottom of a pool.

In the dream, diving to the bottom of a pool is not note-worthy. But in real life, when I analyse this dream I realize this dream marks a gift I have developed which allows me to go deep into relationships. When I first started doing dreamwork I had many dreams about not being able to go far into water, or going into the depths but then bad things happening to me or others.

The issue which shows up in this dream has nothing to do with my performance. The issue is in the culture which rewards the wrong things. North American culture especially focuses on developing skills which keep people “working-hard” even if it goes against their unique gifts and talents. There’s really a lot to say here which I can’t go into greater depth about right now.

The solution to a dream like this is to turn it around by imagining 1000s of people being encouraging and welcoming. Then everything is different.

The reason the culture at large does not acknowledge or celebrate the skill of being able to go deep into relationships is because the general “norm” of day-to-day keeps people stuck in a rush-to-work mentality. Then they spend their days doing activities dictated by those who see themselves in power, and they rush home to try to fit some family time in and wind down at the end of the night with a TV show and maybe a beer.

Weekends are “family” time when all the things which were neglected during the week can get attention and there is just little room in this old out-dated model for a lot of time for an individual to reflect and develop in ways prompted by their unique gifts rather than directed by their pay cheque.

Why am I having this dream now?

Likely it is because the dream wants to show me that I have made progress in some areas and that I can remember how far I’ve come.

In the tasks which lay before me now I can use the skills I have developed even more.

Letting go of the want for acknowledgement is a big lesson which I am just at the beginning of learning. We live in an acknowledgement-hungry society which is nearly narcissistic in its set up of praise for one individual who beats out everyone else, like in award shows like American Idol or “reality show” challenges.

Those individuals who chose not to go for the top experience a different kind of life. That’s the kind of life I’m experiencing.

My intention is to not rise to the top but to go to deeper and deeper depths.

This dream is a good reminder of that.

Dream: Stalked, Drugged & Kidnapped by CIA gang

08 May 2017

I am watching a Coldplay concert, which if it were real life would be one of the highlights of my life for sure, and when I step out for a moment to the main lobby I check my keys and find the long metal part of the key is melting. It’s just softening and becoming bendy. I toy with it a bit and then it hardens again. But when I return to the auditorium it melts again. I realize it’s the heat of the room which is making it melt.

I go back to the lobby to cool it down. Now parts of the key have disassembled. I return to be seated with the audience and am working on fixing the key. I’m thinking about how if I don’t fix it I do not have a spare one to go home with and I’ll be stuck in this city with my friend who I carpooled with.

Then the key shaft breaks off entirely from the base. It really freaks me out but as I play with it more I think I can keep it together long enough to put it in my car. So I tell my friend I’ll meet her out there.

I go out and insert the key. It turns the car on but then parts of the car are not working and its riding down the street. I pass by a school yard and see people falling, teachers are falling to the ground. I wonder if I should stop and help or keep going. Even if I wanted to stop I’m not sure the car would. I decide to stop and just check it out.

But as soon as I do a street-clothed CIA operative grabs me from the car, covers my head, and brings me into a locked room. I tell myself that even if they drug me, that my mind is stronger than their drug, and in fact it’s true. Three or four men enter and do something to me which disorients me for a moment but I quickly gain control. I realize I’m naked and I locate my shirt and put on pants which are far too big but at least they are pants.

The guard on the outside of the door sees me and comments and I try to speak but find I can’t. It’s the effect of the drug so I just murmur the words and it appears he is like-minded and understands and is trying to help.

I get back into the bed to try to relax and try to make it look like their drug has been successful but then the three return. One puts a pillow over my head and one holds my feet down and one puts a needle into my left thigh. I feel the long needle deep into my muscle and I feel the effect of the drug buzz through my body. Suddenly I feel like I”m on a roller coaster ride and am zooming around.

But then I take control of my mind again, bring my awareness back to my body and realize they are still there in the room. I don’t move. They think I am unconscious but I am listening to what they are planning next.

Then I wake up.

The analysis for this dream will be posted at another time.

Dream: Bathroom, Processing Emotions

To understand a bathroom dream, it is useful to remember it is a metaphor. It is a metaphor for releasing anger or other negative feelings such as fear. If you haven’t read more about bathrooms yet, it would be useful to do so now before reading this dream as it will be easy to misunderstand or confuse the real meaning. If you want to go ahead and read it now, that’s okay too. Just remember: a bathroom is a metaphor for letting go of negative feelings.

  • sitting on the toilet, feeling like no one is coming in, i can take all the time i want, it’s clean, it’s safe, it’s okay
  • I let go
  • i notice the big bathroom around me, under construction, it’s the old friend’s house, the one which was under repair for so long, now has been fixed and is ready for final touches, i am so happy for them
  • i see flooring which is old hard wood, needs laminate, an old tub which they like and will make a bathroom around it, the family uses it together, their shampoos are all on the site, a bright window, the outside, the trees, the yard,
  • the toilet is like a johnny-on-the-spot and the stuff goes far down and splashes but nothing comes up – it’s so great!

in another dream, i am in the entrance of a big symposium and am about to go in, there’s a little issue about the person i’m with, a friend who may be trying to smuggle something in and i don’t know what she’s got in her bag, the check in finds a lot of meds and i say i don’t know where they came from or what she’s on or whatever.

she had gone to get my shoes which were beside a bag which i had left there in a crowd.

just lots going on, people singing ABCs with children, a performance, things being sold, i feel like i belong.

i get in and they say they will deal with my friend.

there is a conversation between me and someone who says my team reported on something in correctly and i say okay what needs to be changed and they are surprised that i handle it so quickly. there’s this kid 13 years old who i am training for the job.

something like that.

also a police officer calls me and asks me about reporting on a murder/suspicious activity.

Daily Dream Diary – Giving Public Talks

  • dreamed of setting up a public talk and then letting someone else do the talk in order to build connections
  • at some point it was dark & damp outside


The metaphor for being in darkness is about being in the unknown. A damp area outside is about a quality of life in a relationship, probably about the person who was in the dream.

The solution is to give the person encouragement but don’t give up the stage.

Prisoner Dreams: How To Release Yourself From Negativity

Recently someone shared a dream with me which has a meaningful cultural message for everyone.

I dreamt I was at a concert and the building caught on fire we started to evacuate but security wouldn’t let us leave and they held us hostage. Me and a couple other guys managed to get away from the main population but some chick wouldn’t shut up she eventually got us caught then we were put to work as prisoners.



Concert – a public space for music & uplifting the soul

Fire – Inspiration

Security – more on this later

Being held hostage – being made to feel powerless

Main Population – cultural norms

“Some chick” – female, feminine qualities or virtues

prisoners – stuck in negatives, stuck in negative emotions



This dream reveals anger towards the female who did something which lead to negative experience for the dreamer.

Anger is a fiery emotion.

In the dream, it burns up the concert which is where the dreamer went to hoping to feel better & be uplifted.

The dreamer & his friends got away from the fire & the main population but they couldn’t get away from the chick.

Some women use sly methods to try to take ownership of the men in their lives as if they are their prisoner, their possession. It can come from a place of jealousy, anger or fear or any host of negative feelings which the woman has left over from experiences in childhood or adolescence when they were not allowed to develop their positive qualities and they learned to be manipulative instead in order to get their way.

Sometimes women use sex as the lure, or sometimes it’s their words or their tone of voice or any number of things which they’ve learned can really hook men. Once they have their man hooked it can be really hard for him to release himself, usually because he will feel bad for it appearing as if he’s abandoned her.

But in fact, he is not abandoning her, he is abandoning the trap. He has to do what is right for him. It might be the only way she would wake up to what she’s doing that is so hurtful for so many.

The woman in the dream, who is not named so it means it is a cultural pattern, in other words it could be any woman, is only thinking of herself. That’s why she gets the men in trouble.

The dreamer shows he has some anger about this type of behaviour in women because even though he has respect for women in real life, he calls her “some chick” when describing her in the dream.

“Some chick” is a good way to say, “some thoughtless, careless, inconsiderate & ignorant woman” wouldn’t be quite.

In the dream, the chick wouldn’t shut up.

And it got them into prison.

So what to do with a negative dream like this?

The dreamer could become like a positive version of the chick. He can go about his day and never shut up but instead of saying negatives he can say positives.

When we spend our time looking for positives we find them. It can be in noticing when someone is helpful, caring, kind or generous and then acknowledging it. Feeling gratitude is also a great way to elevate into a positive space.

Going to a concert might have worked in the past, in adolescence, but it doesn’t work anymore.

This dream is calling the dreamer to be more like some chick who just can’t shut up about how good life is now.

Finding positives and talking about them is one of the best ways to break free from the main population which is by-and-large just going along with things unconsciously and not realizing the main cultural issues which make people feel individually inprisoned. It is one of the best ways to help others. It is one of the best ways to be free to live life, think independently and act with enthusiasm towards new opportunities that exist every day.