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Daily Dream Diary – Red belt

In the dream I was a red belt. I was talking to someone who was junior to me. I looked down at my belt – advanced red. Wow. I thought. I’m getting so close to black belt now.

In another part, I was talking to someone about a spiritual side to business. She asked a question and I had the answer memorized from a Spiritual Text so I opened the book and started referring to the answers for her.

I was in a large indoor amusement park, but the owners weren’t taking care of it anymore and it was falling apart. Paint was chipping, rides were old. But people were still enjoying it and having a good time. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go on or leave.

Daily Dream Diary – Seaside & Rattling

December 17, 2016

There’s just these few images from the dream last night.

I am running up and down sandy hills on an ocean shore.

Then I am crawling beneath wooden benches which are cob-webby and eventually I push it off me.

A friend is there shaking a rattle to a song and others are in a drumming circle. The music is uplifting.


Ocean is about life and relationships.

Running is about endurance and physical strength.

Crawling through something like that is like crawling through small spaces in my mind and pushing the bench off is like opening up new spaces.

A friend shaking a rattle in a drumming circle is about being connected and being uplifting in my words and actions.


The biggest challenge I have right now in the dream is the crawling thing so what I can do is think about where in life am I the most confined – the answer is clearly my finances – and then I can think about what can I do to create more space and get out of confinement?

When I write about my story this is a part of my breaking free from the mould and creating a new self and a new life for me and my daughter.

The Solution to Fear is Learning a New Skill

This is the first time I’ve tried to write on this topic in relation to Dreamwork and I’m sure to not get it right. But it’s a first attempt and all good things must start somewhere.

A powerful personal symbol for learning new skills is Taekwondo. The reason it symbolizes learning new skills is because there was a time in my life when I had a lot of fear in real life. In the past, others with negative intentions were able to cause a lot of disruption to my self and my life. The solution to having the fear that something which happened before will happen again is to learn a new skill. By learning a new capacity or developing a new quality, a more positive experience can emerge and the past can stay in the past.

Nothing that I had done before could protect me. I had to learn something new.

The reason I tried Taekwondo is because I had a dream about being in a dojo with a blackbelt who saw potential in me and started teaching me. Soon after having that dream I actually met someone with a blackbelt at work who invited me and my daughter to train at the club he trained at. If it wasn’t for that dream I wouldn’t have gone so willingly to try it out. But because of the dream, I went with curiousity.

When I started training, it didn’t take long for me to realize that when I was focusing on the new forms and kicks, and when I was doing more push ups than ever before, I couldn’t worry about other things. My fear dissolved. Taekwondo training was good for my mind and my body.

I continued to dream of training with blackbelts and always learned a lot from the dreams. In a few, I was a blackbelt teaching others.

Then the other night, I dreamed that I was an advanced red belt which is the rank right before black. I thought this was so interesting. In the dreamworld, it would symbolize I lost my rank, since I was always blackbelts in dreams, which would be a highly embarrassing thing.

But in real life, to dream of being advanced red belt is actually a symbol of growing capacity because it is my real life training in Taekwondo which even gives me an understanding of what it means to be a red belt. Advanced Red has a rank all of its own and I never would have known of that type of experience if I wasn’t training. It’s unique to me.

For me, to dream of being a red belt was a real sign to remember what I’ve learned.

Then last night I dreamed of being Advanced Yellow which is my rank in real life.

In the dream, there was so much commotion. So much going on. We were outside and I have no idea what was happening. But then a senior told me it was time to demonstrate and we all lined up and performed our Forms. I did mine with excellence.

So what does all this mean for personal growth, learning and developing?

Quite simply, it is just a good demonstration of the way in which learning a new skill can help.

Right now, in real life, I’m going through a situation which in the past would have elicited so much fear as to render me non-functional in day-to-day living. Instead, I have these new skills. Physically I have more strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular capacity than ever before, but emotionally I am also stronger, more flexible and have increased endurance as well. This leads to having a more emotionally strong and flexible approach to life too.

In the past 18 months, externally I was learning an introduction to Taekwondo but on the inside I was learning inner Strength, Flexibility and Endurance. These qualities and virtues are now a new part of me and can be used in any area in life. So for this situation which came up recently which would have brought so much fear, now I can be Strong, Flexible and Energized. Everything is different now and so much better.



Martial Arts Dream: Kick With Your Right Foot

When I woke up today, I heard what was probably the end of a dream. I heard “Kick with your right foot.”

It’s interesting to think of this statement as a metaphor.

All practice training begins with the right foot kicking. Everything that follows depends on what happens after that first right-foot kick.

So what I can do is think about what does this symbolize?

Within myself, what is my right-foot kick when it comes to finances, or wellness, or parenting, or recreation, or close personal relationships?

What is my right-foot kick for blogging? For community development?

The dream is telling me when I do it this way I’ll break through some old false limitations and achieve a sense of freedom from those old ways which used to hold me down.


Exersize Dreams: Taking Back Control


In the dream, I am doing sit-ups in a gym with three heavy-weight body builders, of the Arnold Schwarzenegger variety. At first, they were doing their thing, lifting weights, and I was doing mine, sit-ups, and we were side by side on mats. Then the three of them decided they didn’t want me there anymore and they started making comments and movements indicating I should go. But my goal was to do sit ups and I didn’t want to stop, so I just moved over a couple inches to give one guy more room on a mat and then I pulled out  my ankle weights and put them on and kept doing sit ups. They looked at one another baffled and then just carried on with their weight-lifting.


Just yesterday I posted something about Super Powers in dreams and also how one personal trainer is using the metaphor of Super Heros to encourage those he is working with. Usually when we think of super hero powers we think of people doing things which seem humanly impossible, such as flying or walking through walls, or lifting things that are extra-ordinarily heavy, or having skin which can’t be permeated by bullets.

This dream is reminding me of the experience I’ve had in life, where I wanted to do something simple, such as sit ups in a gym, but where it took super-human effort to achieve what others would think of as a simple, no-brainer kind of a goal.

In the dream, it took super-human mental strength to stay in that environment when the three men could squish me like a flea. They out numbered me and out strengthed me physically by about 100x.

Yet, I stayed put and continued on uninterrupted. This is a positive dream and it means I should keep going forward now in positive ways.

There is more I can write about the symbols and metaphors but at the moment, I don’t have the heart for it. I’ll re-visit it at another time.