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Dream of Being Shot at and Protected by a Female Cop

I don’t know for sure that this is a good idea but I’m going to give it a try anyway. Gonna go back to the Dream Diary idea for a while. Every day I’ve been waking up with dreams lately and not writing them down is causing me to forget and that’s causing me to stay stuck. (Ego causes us to forget & stop changing). So, I’m going to do this for a while and see how it goes. If you want to become a subscriber, you will have access to the interpretations of the dreams and how I use these messages to transform my life and help support the progress and growth of others.

Here’s a hugely significant dream image I’ve had lately.

In the dream, I’m doing something, which I don’t remember what, and then someone comes out with guns. I run behind a big truck, like the scene in Walking Dead when Carol is surrounded by Zombies & on her own to fight the zombies and free her friends. So I’m behind the truck, ducking down, covering my head while bullets fly around me. About 2 dozen cops show up out of no where and start firing back at the gunmen. Two cops come over to me and cover me. The weird thing is that one of them is a lot like the cop who arrested my daughter in real life and she smiling at me like she’s going to protect me yet her gun is pointing right at me. This seems strange in the waking life because it makes you think she’s targeting me but in the dream it was like she had super fast reflexes and if anyone got close enough to me she would shoot them before they got there so that’s why the gun was pointed so close in my “bubble.”

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My Dream About Starting a Fire in a Mall

11 February 2018

I am at a mall, with my daughter, and we are holding a powerful canon, pointing it down a long alleyway, not unlike a bowling ally. We release the canon but something has gone wrong and when it’s halfway down the alleyway it bursts into flames. I watch for a moment to see if it’s possible to put out the fire but it’s not and we turn to run away.

It’s then that I notice we are naked and before going outside we need to put clothes on. We had been changing clothes to get ready for something that was coming up when the fire started.

We quickly find a store with clothes our size and put them on. The store owners are scrambling to get out and it’s no time to be able to pay for the clothing so I make a mental note of the store name so I can return and pay for it.

We get out of the mall without being hurt as does everyone else.

There is another dream scenario too … something about my loading a trailer, getting the right things on and off of it, but the details are not clear.

That was my dream.