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Miscellaneous Dreams

December 28, 2017

  • zooming up through water and there is cement so i can’t exhale … but i easily find the edge and it’s fine, when I get up I see my DD and I tell her what I did and she tells me that’s how she always does it
  • see C.B. and he hugs me, i hug him, and he tells me if i knew his age i’d realize he’s too old for me but i say my feelings would never change
  • something about giving him a gift because his parents are dying/died and all I had was a stone but he liked it/took it
  • being in an enormous sitting room and saying it looked so big but compared to the kitchen/dining room it’s one of the smallest rooms
  • something about hiding evidence in a crawl space

How To Deal With the Fear of Falling out of Grace

IMG_1149 11 August 2017

As I was working through an issue which showed up in my dream this week, I realized I have a fear of falling out of Grace & Bounty. It seems to come from having been abandoned in my childhood by people who I trusted & then again in my young adult years by someone close to me. It’s natural that after having been abandoned before in painful ways that I would fear it happening again.

The key to working through this type of fear, whether it stems from fear of abandonment from parents, or a spouse or an employer, is to hold a positive vision of where your life is going and hang onto that vision no matter what happens in life.

A few days after having a dream about being caught up in a current which was leading to a Huge waterfall, then I had a dream about being caught in a current which was just a natural flow in a lake. In the first dream, there was just FEAR and all I could do was scramble to the river bank to get out, even if it meant leaving a loved one behind. But in the second dream, the current was taking me deeper out into a lake and I had very little fear except for the speed with which the water was taking me. When others were entering the lake, I wanted to caution them strongly but I knew it wasn’t life or death.

So the key to transforming this fear is to be like a positive current in my life flowing out into a lake with others I care about. When I look at it that way, I can see lots of ways which I can move forward quickly and with force but yet with a flow and Grace at the same time.

So this is how I can take what was a fear of abandonment and turn it into an opportunity to become even closer to those I care about and take our relationship to an even greater depth than it was before.

Dream: Swimming in a Strong Current & More …


11 August 2017

  • current like at Waverly beach, it took me over & others started getting in and i wanted to warn them
  • I had a 20 year old son & was sitting on grass giving him advice
  • I was looking for my daughter’s phone to keep it from her
  • I was in a shower in a nice place
  • I was in a new house and liked it
  • I was trying to get settled or leave & the couple was watching me

Healing Through Dreamwork & the Reason It’s Not Called “DreamPLAY”

19511181_10159043252115595_4817268620510028680_nDreamwork is called ‘work’ because it takes effort & diligence just like work does. If seeking to understand personal growth through understanding metaphors in dreams was easy it might be called “Dreamplay” but the problem with that would be that people would give up when it got challenging and say something such as, “well, this is no fun. I give up.”


It’s called Dream “work” because looking at issues every day takes effort & diligence and the WILLINGNESS to change. Change is not easy. Work is not always easy. But change is what keeps life interesting and allows for things to get more and more positive daily. Work is what keeps life challenging and allows for great discoveries and progress. So despite the inevitable challenges, the process of Dreamwork for Self-Help and Healing, especially after trauma is really worthwhile.

At the beginning stages of the healing process, a lot of dreams might be full of negative emotions which show up in scenerios people sometimes call Nightmares. The goal at the beginning is to just take it easy, as if life were a beach, and look at each issue a little bit at a time each day. For example, writing down a dream in the morning and reflecting on the change that the day brings is a good routine to be in.

In time, when the healing has really permeated through all the areas of life then development can leap into the next stage which is less like a beach and more like climbing a mountain. If you are interested in exploring this concept in more depth, you can read an excellent explanation by Richard Hastings at Dreams For Peace.


Undoubtedly, by the time a dreamer is ready to really climb to new heights in their development they have encountered numerous challenging situations and behaviour, within themselves & others. Going from a snooze on the beach to a jolting hike up a hill is not a piece of cake. But by setting clear goals and then working out what it will take to achieve them, some really miraculous things can start to happen. However, at this stage the dreamer now has a whole new arsenal of skills, capacities & gifts to use when dealing with any negative behaviour which arises.

Without question, the reason trauma-work was first embarked on by the dreamer is because something in their lives was not working out too well. Maybe it was a failing marriage, or perhaps an unfulfilling career, or maybe there were physical issues such as obesity or fatigue. Whatever was the original area where healing was needed, when this healing has occurred then the next stage of development can be just so rewarding and fulfilling.

Setting goals and achieving them can bring out tremendous feelings of Joy and Gratitude. It makes all the effort worthwhile and opens the mind to brand new ideas for new goals and new heights to achieve in life.

Often times, the greatest growth for so many people begins with a negative dream image which can’t be ignored and then in time the changework just becomes part of every day living and the nightmares go away. 

The Dreamwork process of understanding metaphors and working through the issues to release positive energy and capacities is a remarkable way to take hold of the steering wheel of live and drive into the positive direction the dreamer wants to go in.

Alligator Dreams: Start Looking For Opportunity

In the dream I’m watching myself talk with someone about alligators in the creek. There is a narration like National Geographic. There is clearly no threat. They are after one another. When they jump into the larger lake I say to the other, “those were alligators, right?” and made not of how their noses were different than crocodiles.

When I woke up I had the answer to a question I’d been thinking about: what is the difference between an alligator & a snake. Why is a snake worse? A snake is worse because of it’s poison for one thing and also because of its size. This dream also made me think how alligators & crocodiles take turns stunning & eating its prey which is more collective & cooperative while a snake is a solitary figure. Crocs also only attack for food I believe…and a snake will attack just because it’s frightened and protecting its position.

Then I dreamed of being on a trip of sorts with a large group of people, some from high school. I did not want to get involved in their foolishness & games and stayed on the grass while they swam.

But eventually I did. The images are blurry & miscellaneous. I swam. I waited in lines. I climbed stairs. The pool was crowded and uncomfortable. I couldn’t relax. When walking back to the car or bus I saw someone I care about getting his picture taken with friends. I noticed that even though he looked happy in every photo in-between he always did the same thing, so it was like he was putting on a happy face just for the photo. I realized I had nothing to be afraid of. There was nothing to be jealous about.

At one point, I wanted to rest & the busy-ness prevented me. A Persian friend I’ve known since childhood asked if he could help. I said there are times I did things differently just so you did not get angry. Now these people are doing things intentionally to try to get me angry. They should stop but they won’t so I have to take a lot of care. There’s really nothing you can do besides know that this is what is going on and respect my need for rest when I need it. He said, “Okay. Sure.”

This shows me that there was an issue which started in high school where I would see others interacting regularly. Sometimes they were kind to one another & sometimes they were cruel. So I wanted little to do with them. I chose a friend who didn’t ever hurt with her words or actions. She had no anger issues at all. With her, I never had to worry that she would say or so something to hurt me in anyway. She was a very good friend. 

This dream is showing me that now this is the kind of friend I can be when others have alligators in their lives metaphorically. 

The person in the dream who was getting his picture taken is the one surrounded by metaphoric alligators. By jumping, swimming, climbing I can help them stay more real and not just put on a happy face but really feel true joy in being connected with their True Self.