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Dream of Ferry Ride With an Ex-boyfriend

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In the dream, I’m a smoker, even though in real life I’m not. In the dream, I’m wearing a baggy jacket and have 1/2 dozen loose cigarette butts in each pocket but no full cigarette. I’m with a bunch of smokers and ask them for one and they all say they don’t have any. I say it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, I’m quitting anyways.

Then an ex-boyfriend arrives. In real life he’s an ex but in the dream I am still trying to salvage the relationship. I ask him if he wants to catch the ferry with me and go do something off the island. At first he disagrees but he concedes with my insistence and he even offers to pay.

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I notice right away he starts taking photos with his phone which is a strange & uncharacteristic behaviour of his. He does it so much that he has no emotional connection or interaction with me at all as we wait in line for the ferry, board and start traveling. I see a huge piece of ice float down a river and point it out and he takes a photo and I hear him say, “This one is for you (meaning me)” and then he takes another one saying “And this second one is for you (meaning another woman)” and he sends the second pic to someone.

After seeing him do this 3 times I confront him with it. He doesn’t deny it. I say why didn’t he just tell me and we could have ended amicably. He said he couldn’t tell me. He didn’t want to hurt me.

So I tell him I’m not going on this trip with him and when the ferry stops I board a returning boat to go back home. He continues on.

I feel a mixture of sadness and relief.

When I get back, it’s too late to make it all the way home so I stay at an Air BnB which has a lot of others staying there too. Recollection of this part of the dream is foggy. It seems we were moving furniture around. There were a lot of people but I don’t recall more than that.

My Dream of Watching Someone Skate

July 23, 2014 – I dream I am watching a woman skate. She’s on an out-door rink, graceful and confident. She’s coaching someone else who isn’t dressed properly for the snow and ice, who is a lot younger than her. She doesn’t seem to mind. I find myself noticing the curves and shape of her body as she’s wearing black tights and a loose shirt. I wonder how does she feel confident being so exposed like that. Does she really not mind or is she pretending to not mind? She appears to not even mind. I think of myself and if I was wearing that on the ice I would be so uncomfortable with how form-fitting it is and how people gaze not on the skill of the movement but just on the physical form.

Being a Positive Avalanche

May 09, 2018

The other day I dreamed of running away from an avalanche of snow. I was able to get to safety with a friend and we joked around happily afterwards. Snow and cold in dreams is about the “cold” types of behaviours people do when they are filled with ego and seeking power, not thinking of how they affect others but only going for their own best interests. A great way to deal with this kind of issue in real life with people is to become like a “positive avalanche” sharing an abundance of encouragement, support and enthusiasm. That’s what I’m doing when I work with prisoners.

Dream: Planning to Drive Up a Steep, Icy Hill & Planning to Pray with an Elder by a Tipi

27 May 2017

  • Am at a family gathering, auntie asks me how old I am and says I’m older than him and then she realizes she doesn’t even know his age and leaves to go ask him
  • I am in an area where there are kids playing and a small tipi and kids are a bit chaotic. An Elder sits at the front of the tipi in a cross-legged prayer pose
  • I leave the room
  • Someone from the family tells me he is praying there and invites/tells me to go back
  • I am back in the room with the Elder praying and I don’t know what to do next


  • I am at the bottom of a large sky-scraper with a tall and steep driveway, covered with ice and snow
  • I am thinking I want to go up that hill but there are cars parked all the way up
  • I see a large truck maneuver down the hill on a path through the cars
  • I See I could drive my car up there
  • I hesitate because it’s steep and slippery
  • I watch several trucks go down and see it’s possible to do the same going up


  • I am driving on an road and someone infront of me has been doing drugs
  • A friend behind me is texting to watch out for him and to help him out
  • I am thinking my friend is fine at first but then I see him swerve and stuff
  • We stop at a traffic light
  • I text something like “Stop Driving. Get off the road” but I don’t send it
  • He crosses the road and has a collision on the side of the road
  • I pull over to help
  • I answer questions to other police
  • I realize when I said I saw he was having issues that the reason I was aware was the texts but I shouldn’t have been texting when driving.
  • I am lying and say I didn’t text.
  • I am realizing I have to tell them I texted because they may check my phone and I think of making a joke about the texts I did make.
  • It is true that I didn’t text AND that I did. Hard to explain though.


  • I am seeing kids getting high on some cheap drugs and I notice what they are doing but it seems harmless so I let it go.