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My Dream of a Flea Market & Old Car

22 January 2018

I am at a Flea Market, hired in to clean up the huge, multi-roomed area. The guy who was supposed to do this before didn’t achieve what he set out to do and the reason is he had his own agenda in mind, and had been expanding it for his own purposes. So he wasn’t too pleased with me coming in and getting rid of his stuff and cleaning it out.

But I just kept working at it, and directing a team to keep moving stuff out and cleaning up. It was going well.

Then I went outside to get a car which I had left in a field a month or so ago. To my surprise, it was covered over with moss and weeds as if it had been there for years. Plus, someone had stolen a part from the hood. I started pulling the weeds off but said to myself and the person with me that this wasn’t going to work; we can’t use the car as planned.

Dream: Plant With an Invisible Fungus & Analysis

17 July 2017

In the dream, I was working in a greenhouse. I found a shrub-like plant with a fungus which was killing the plant. I tried cutting the infected leaves back, then the branches, but eventually there was just a few small stems coming from the soil and I was thinking it needed to be isolated from others. If it didn’t improve after this quarantine then I would toss it in the compost pile. When I was putting it aside a person in a car drove up and asked me what I was doing. I explained and they agreed it was the right thing to do and then we returned to the work station. The energy of this person was malignant. They were nice on the outside but something was odd about them. It seemed that they didn’t want me over in that other area, as though there were something there which they didn’t want me to find.


A plant in a dream is about growth. The invisible fungus is something which destroys the growth of a plant in an unseen way. In real life, the things which affect growth are negative comments, criticism & back-biting. They can zap the life out of a project or initiative without ever being seen.

In this dream, I realized there was no hope for the plant. The disease had taken over completely and it was time to let it go. Interestingly, when I threw out the plant then a person showed up who also appeared to be diseased and malignant. In other words, they had the willful intention to do harm.

The solution to a dream like this and when dealing with a person in real life who is like a diseased plant is to trust yourself when it is time to let go of a project or when its time to let go of a job or a relationship. People who have allowed their egos to completely over-take them so-much-so that they are okay with willfully hurting another human being are not good to be around. Detach and stay Empowered. Whatever issues may arise after the change, it is better than staying in a diseased environment and letting yourself get exposed to those toxic ways.

Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

08 June 2017

In the dream, I arrive at a gathering in a remote mountainous area like a ranch in B.C. We all gather together and eat and discuss how thing went and where they are going next. Apparently I had brought a pig to roast and the feedback was that the group was vegetarian or vegan and they didn’t like the meat at the gathering. I felt so awkward.

Later, as I was walking by my truck L.J. approached me and said she had something for me. I paused and she said it is my birth right. She opened a small baggie and brought out two dried leaves, orange in colour, and she put one in her mouth and then motioned for me to do the same so I did.

Then she just put a hand on my heart and on my head and did a Body Talk session right there. It eased the pain of the awkward situation and restored my sense of harmony.

I thanked her.

She then gave me a homemade hand out about different foods and then she went off to do other things.

I looked through the handbook and saw all the healthy foods. I wanted to eat them but didn’t have the money to buy and prepare them. Somehow I got some of the food I was eating on the papers and so I thought it should go in the trash.

L.J. came back though and asked me if I wanted to keep the booklet and I said No and then she looked at me so as to ask, “are you sure?” and then I didn’t know if I was sure.

So I waivered back and forth. I’m not really sure what I ended up going with.

But I apologized to her for not knowing and she said it’s okay. She said I had told her before that it would be like this and she was prepared. I knew what she meant. I felt grateful that she accepted me as I was even though nothing is really as it seems with me and nothing is straight forward. I saw we had an understanding.

Dream: Snake in the Grass

07 April 2017

It’s been such a long time since a snake has shown up in my dreams. Haven’t seen snakes in my dreams ever since getting out of the snake-filled corporate environment 6 months ago. So whenever a snake shows up in in a dream I start thinking about transformation and change. It’s good to think of it that way because it takes some of the mystery and fear out of the situation.

In the dream, I was standing in a grassy area, with grass and brush as high as my knees. As I watched the grass closely I could see it moving in a pattern which made me suspect there was a snake there and I said so to my travel companions.

Then we were all looking together in the same location.

Sure enough, when we followed the moving grass then in the distance we saw a snake leap out of the grass into the air.

Not having ever seen a snake do this before we were all startled and began laughing. It’s movement was cartoonish and comical. It was just a garter snake and was no threat whatsoever.

Grass in a dream symbolizes growth. So to be standing in a field of grass is like standing in an area where a lot of progress has already been achieved.

The snake in this dream was no big deal so that means the change & transformation is really is not going to be a big deal.

It seems this dream was just a reminder about how far I’ve come and a reminder that I can continue enjoying the journey fearlessly embracing change, growth & transformation.

Daily Dream Diary -Motorcycle

January 08, 2017

To dream of a motorcycle is a symbol about getting where you’re going by being independent and agile. There’s probably no more efficient way for someone to travel individually than on a motorcycle.

In my motorcycle dream, I was riding it for the first time and went to the gas station to fuel it up. There I found a man who knew a bit more about motorcycles than I did and he gave me a few tips.

While I was fueling up, a woman came by and as we chatted she found out I was fighting to keep my home and she offered $20,000 so the pattern could be interrupted. I didn’t want to take it at first but then said okay.

There was a greenhouse attached to the gas station and I was reminded that I had a garden to tend to in there. I looked it over and saw what I had planted. Some animals got into my lettuce and carrots and a lady said she had some seeds for me so she went to get them. I looked over the soil and pots and the lettuce and small carrots and felt proud of my small garden.