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My Dream of Getting Confused & Grieving Over the Loss of a Loved One

December 20, 2017

In the dream, I bought a bunch of winter clothes for Gracie & I, winter jackets, boots, snow pants for us to go skiing and snowboarding in. But then, a couple days later, in the dream I returned to the store with all the things in the cart and I entered through the exit door. When I saw people standing in line suddenly I realized what was happening and I tried to turn around but someone thought I was stealing and so a security guard came out with me. I stopped just outside the door in the exit area and started looking for the receipts, telling her what happened. Because I didn’t think she believed me, and she thought I was stealing, I was having a hard time speaking.

Then I just burst into tears. I told her my Mama G is dying and it’s making me not think straight and once I started crying I just couldn’t stop and it felt good to just cry and cry and cry. I put my hands over my face because I was embarrassed but I couldn’t stop the flood of tears.

I handed her the receipt from the purchase days ago and she read it and understood. She softened her tone with me and I just cried and cried and cried.

Dream: Someone’s Dirty House & Meeting My Favourite Musician

20 October 2017

In the strongest image from last night’s dream, I am sitting on a couch with a single mom who doesn’t have enough money to keep the house in good repair for her children. At first I think it’s no big deal but the closer I look I notice just how badly things have gotten for her. Even the couch we are sitting on is broken, missing cushions and badly worn & torn. The condition she’s in brings me to tears but then she looks at me questioning what has upset me. “Nothing,” I tell her. “I’m fine.” But I’m not fine. I’m horrified by what she’s going through and that no one has helped her.

That’s all I could remember when I woke up but once I started writing I also remembered that I dreamed of Pearl Jam’s lead singer Eddie Vedder.

In the dream, he was calling me and asking me to hang out. I am saying, “Yes,” and am figuring out how to hang out with him. It seems at first he’d be bored with the things I do in my day but he says he wants to and it would be fine. We have a lengthy conversation and he’s coming over. It’s exciting.


Discovering a Crime & a Cover Up & Getting Away

13 October 2017

In the dream, I’m in a large house in a newly developing subdivision with many houses still under construction. To my dismay, there are about a dozen dead bodies in bags lined up in a row in one of the rooms. My questioning to the people involved leads me to understand that someone has killed these people and then will be demolishing the house to hide what they have done.

I leave the house wondering if I should try to stop them, report them, or ignore it and leave it all behind.

As I wonder through the streets, I end up at my dentist’s place and he takes me in for an appointment even though it’s 2am. He does x-rays and tells me my teeth are doing fine and I no longer need braces. He reminds me to wear a mouth guard for when I grind my teeth at night. I’m happy the appointment goes well.

When I leave, I find my mother waiting for me and she takes me back to her place. She is so cruel with everything she says and she seems to be mocking me. Even when I show kindness she doesn’t take it to be kindness and she shows cruelty instead. This continues on for a while and then when I’ve had enough I say I’m leaving and this gets her even more annoyed. She towers over me, shouting and speaking words which hurt my heart and I push her back. I have to push her several times and finally get her to move back enough away from the door so I can leave.

When I leave I go to the road and a taxi is waiting for me. I’m in Fort Erie, the town I grew up in childhood, and I look around and see the poverty of the place. The driver is African and by his stories and condition I conclude he is more skilled than what his job is and that he is barely able to support his family on this taxi income. At one point though he turns sideways in the seat and is looking through photos on the seat and no one is driving the cab. Surprisingly it stays on course though and eventually he takes the wheel again and brings me to where I want to go.

Dream: My Mom Dumps Stuff On Me … Again

13 September 2017

IMG_1326In the dream, I exit my front door and find there is a camper-trailer in the front driveway as well as a truck full of things. The front yard is cluttered full of objects. It looks like someone bought 100 broken things at garage sales and then dumped them all on my front lawn. It doesn’t take me long to recognize that my mom has come in the middle of the night, emptied a yard-full of junk because she didn’t know where else to put it and then left. When I ask her about it, she denies it.

But then I see her ex-husband there moving things out and I know the Truth!

This kind of clutter is NOT ALLOWED on my property and I know when my landlord sees it he will be upset and want me to move it immediately. How can I get my Mom to move it immediately when she won’t admit it is hers?

I consider going to my landlord proactively and telling him what has happened but I know that he will find it very odd and he will consider lots of things including that I have made up some sort of lie to cover up something or someone because it just doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of things on your lawn and not know whose they belong to.

If I don’t tell him and just start helping my ex-step-dad then I look like I’m taking responsibility for it even though it isn’t mine and I have no idea why it is there.

If I don’t tell him and also don’t start help moving it out and cleaning it up then it appears to be mine and by that non-action I invite him over to be the one to bring to my attention the issues.

So in the dream, I’m standing there, looking at this enormous pile of junk 7 feet high on my lawn and I am wondering what on earth can I do now?

As I watch, my ex-step-father just keeps moving things onto the truck and preparing to take them away.

My analysis: Clutter & mess is about the ego in a dream. Sometimes someone becomes so full of ego, so full of their false selves, that they create a lot of “mess” in the lives of others around them. Since I didn’t move in the dream but just watched it means the thing I’m learning to get good at is saying NO to the ego-mess caused by people who are full of their negative selves and keep dumping stuff on me trying to make me look bad. I know the Truth though and others who look close enough can know the Truth too. It’s a good lesson for us all to learn and in time it will get easier and easier!

Dream Analysis: Funeral in a Dream is a Signal For Collective Transformation


04 July 2017

DreamWORK is a process of remembering a dream, writing it down, looking for the metaphors and understanding the message. The WORK is when negative emotions show up in dreams such as fear, rage, jealousy because in time the dreamer can learn more positive ways of dealing with the negatives and then transform them into more positive feelings such as Courage, Joy and Unity.

A dream about a funeral, like the one I had last night, is a reminder that sometimes a process of transformation is not just for one individual but is, in fact, a collective experience such as when people come together to collectively grieve over the passing of a loved one. This commonly shared emotion of loss is experienced at a funeral and the sharing of that moment builds bonds of Trust and connection with the others.

In the dream, I am in a funeral.

When I work through the message of this dream it’s easy-as-pie to see the work ahead of me today.

A funeral is a place where people go to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Even though I do not have a literal funeral to deal with in real life, I have a metaphoric one.

Even though someone I care about is still alive it is like they have died. The funeral dream shows me that.

When strong negative emotions such as sorrow or grief show up in a dream it means it’s time to throw out some old ways of looking at things and start looking at them differently.

It has been said that “Death is a Messenger of Joy” which is the complete opposite to what we typically think of in death.

But the statement is worth reflecting on.

Death & Dying is sorrowful if you believe there is nothing more to the human experience than the flesh and bone.

But if you believe that there is a non-physical part of the human experience, the way I do, then it is REALLY possible to see the Joy in death. I can think of no greater Joy then to have the delight of experiencing the process of leaving this body and souring into the non-physical realms and continuing on an eternal path towards Excellence.

There is a spiritual belief in the world that the physical world is just the first stage of growth and development for the soul and that the soul carries the memories of this world with it into all the worlds which follow this one.

Just thinking about that as I write uplifts my heart.

I love contemplating the mystery of Life and the mystery of death.

Since this image of a funeral came to me in a dream last night it means I can also consider that a part of me is dying. When I ask myself, “What part of me is dying? What part of me is changing & transforming?” The answer is really clear.

Armed with this answer I can then move forward with a lot of Enthusiasm & Confidence using all my gifts to their fullest to enjoy the wonderful life I’m living with people I love working and relating with.