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How To Break Free From the Mother of All Fears

Dec. 04, 2018

IMG_1280Old Pattern

  1. Get an idea
  2. Fear of it not working out comes up (fear of abandonment/Mother of all Fears)
  3. Give into the fear & give up on the goal
  4. Go for the goal but so unorganized can’t succeed.
  5. Back to bed with illness


New PatternĀ 

  1. Get an idea
  2. See the obstacles
  3. Feel foggy minded, unfocused
  4. Move slowly thru the fog in meditation
  5. Envision the solution, getting to the other side
  6. Feel Enthusiastic & Empowered with Determination to get there
  7. Take an immediate step towards it’s accomplishment as though it’s already done.


The animal which shows up in dreams when working thru this pattern, when developing Enthusiasm & Empowerment is the horse.