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Changing With Dreamwork

29 August 2017

In the dream, I go with my daughter and sister to my Mom’s house. It’s cluttered, messy & dirty. My daughter is really young. At one time she’s about 3 years old and then another time she’s an infant. In the dream, I wanted to learn from my mom about how to be a caring mother but instead she was following me around the apartment and criticizing me.

I took good care of my daughter based on instinct, despite the environment being cluttered and messy. I wrapped her up in warm clothes and talked to her sweetly. Told her I loved her.

Then when I looked up my mom had 3 guns. She kept one for herself and gave one to my dad and one to my sister. She started aiming and firing at me, and my daughter.

I couldn’t get all three guns out of their hands so I called 911 and they said they’d send someone over but while I was talking on the phone then she changed her approach. She stopped firing but she started speaking in really negative words. I told her that her negative words are just like bullets, emotional bullets. She didn’t stop.

Then I grabbed her face and lips and tried to shut them.

She acted like an android and did not have a natural human response to that kind of stimuli. She didn’t flinch. She didn’t move a muscle and tried to just keep talking in her poisonous words.

I became filled with rage and felt like I wanted to kill her. To stop her and to end her violence. But I am not a killer. So I just pushed her away. She returned to the kitchen as though looking for something, like a cup to pour coffee in.

I was still on the phone with the officer and asked directions on how to get out of here.

Next I was on a Go Train and my sister was with me. She was tried from all the fighting and she rested her head on my lap. We got to our stop and got off but I didn’t really recognize where we were. I was carrying my daughter as an infant with us and got on a bike but then had to get off when the hill became too steep.

I walked the bike to the bottom and someone told me I’d have to pay Google for use of the bike because of some new trademark thing. I thought it was ridiculous.

Also I saw someone who wanted to commit suicide and I encouraged him not to.

Lastly, I bought something for $87 and it came out of my account which only had $94. I wondered when things will change.

Dealing With Death in Real Life or a Dream

16 July 2017

First I’m going to say something about death which may irritate people to the degree they will close this screen and try to forget everything they ever read that I wrote. What I’m going to say next challenges everything about our common cultural beliefs around death. The only way to understand the statement I’m going to make is to listen to it with your inner ear. To see it with your inner eye.

Death is an illusion.

Death is an illusion.

If you are still with me, here is the explanation that you’re looking for.

If you think of death as an illusion it will help make life make a lot more sense.

For the person experiencing the death it is just a transition, from one state of being to another. The only way this concept makes sense is if you think of the soul of a human being as having energy, the way Einstein describes it, and then remembering that energy is eternal. The soul is energy. Energy is eternal. So the soul is energy which is eternal. That’s one way to think of it.

When the soul passes out of this world and goes to the next, it keeps its memories and is conscious of its individual nature; the soul is conscious of its Self.

It occurred to me recently that if the soul retains its memories in the next world and if it is conscious of its own Self then the first biggest challenge the Soul would have to face is to acknowledge it had died. In order to continue progressing in the next world, it would need to realize it was living in the “next world” and it would need to then remember its own death.

Do you follow me?

If a soul was just existing in its own memories, conscious of itself but not growing, it could likely remain unconscious of its true state of being, if it did not remember that it had died.

In order to remember that it had died but also acknowledge it was still alive & conscious enough to have the realization that it was still alive even though it died, in order for this to happen, then the illusion of death would need to be comprehended.

The myth is that death is final. If a person believes that there is nothing more to “life” than what is experienced through the physical senses then when the physical senses stop operating because the physical body has died, then their soul will have a lot of trouble progressing and growing in the next world. It’ll be like it was handicapped in some way.

But if the truth of death is understood, then the illusion of death is realized and the soul can be free as it wishes.

That is why it has been said that Death is a Messenger of Joy. Death allows the Soul to transcend this limited physical realm and join with the Universal non-physical realm.

The grief of death is just experienced by those who are experiencing life through their senses and because they can’t hear or see the person anymore they feel loss. But if the hearts are connected and the souls bonded then even after a person dies, then the one still living on the physical realm can actually feel the Joy too.

The myth of death is that it should be sorrowful. The illusion of death is that is it final. The truth is that the experience of so-called-death is not at all final. And for that reason, it also does not need sorrowful but can be filled with Joy.



Dream: Bloody Injury, 911, Ex-Roommate

Dreamed and published on 07 March 2017

My work and writing challenges what people think about roommates, life partners, and spousal relationships.

One way to think of it is this – Imagine I had a roommate for 10 years who wanted to have sex with me whenever he wanted and it didn’t seem to really matter to him if I wanted to or not. Emotionally this would be devastating for me. If I told you this was a roommate who was doing this action you might perhaps say “that’s rape”…and if I told you that it was a husband who did this action to me then you might say “well, he is your husband afterall…so as a wife it’s your duty isn’t it?”

Is it? Is it really?

Is it my duty because I’m a woman to just give up my mental, emotional and spiritual Strength to surrender my body to a man just because he has a desire for physical pleasure? Even if it devastates me and takes days or weeks to recover from the uncomfortable and unfortunate situation? Even if it takes weeks and during that time I cannot focus on work, or child raising, or participating in community events? Even if the recovery from such an uncomfortable situation is so time-consuming and challenging that I cannot tend to my financial responsibilities as an adult? Even if those unfortunate events destroy me financially – is it my duty to do this because I am not just a roommate but a spouse?

Is he my owner? Does he own my body? Is that what makes marriage into Marriage? Is that what differentiates a roommate from a spouse? The degree to which they can take possession of the woman’s body without legal or social consequences?

These are questions which came to mind today as I reflected on a dream I had about an ex-roommate.

Here is the dream. People will find it useful to research into things such as narcissism, self-defense, and positive parenting after they read the type of dream I had last night and wonder how to turn the negative behaviours of others into positives for your own self and growth.

Here is the dream:

I was on the 6th floor of a building. A woman wearing black and white stripes entered the room which had a feel of an office but was also very casual. I noticed immediately that there was fresh red blood on her shirt above her heard and below her collar bone. I mentioned it to her to offer to help.

Surprisingly, she covered up the area with her hand and then told me there was no blood but I knew what I saw. There was blood. She was lying.

She proceeded to flip through papers on her desk and I reached for my red First Aid bag telling her I had First Aid and I was going to help. Others in the room saw her deception and they didn’t know what to do so they stood back which was good as it gave me space to work but the bad thing is that they then started criticizing my work. Usually when in a first responder situation the person with training stays with the victim and instructs someone else to make a call to 911. But in this case, no one would call 911 as I instructed.

That left me scrambling to try to help with the blood which I was afraid was coming from the heart and also reaching with one arm into my pocket rendering me looking a bit foolish. Instead of helping, the others called me foolish-looking.

As I was calling I learned that there was someone else in the bathroom bleeding from a larger wound, like a knife wound. It was even more serious and more urgent. So I reported this in the call too.

When the ambulance arrived someone did inform me and I was grateful for that. They even helped me make sure I had everything that the patients and I needed when we got to the hospital. I ran down 6 flights of stairs to get the ambulance which nearly left because we were taking so long to get there.

Eventually both patients got to the hospital and everything was okay.

Later I fell asleep in a truck with Gracie.

Her dad approached, saw I was sleeping and lured her out of the truck with promises of “fun things” so she got out and I then got up too.

I approached him in the parkinglot and went into a strong fighting stance asking him, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much,” he said casually, trying to deceive me.

“Well it looks to me like something much is going on,” and I made myself really tall. “I’m the senior here and I’m the one in authority,” I told him “and Gracie isn’t going anywhere.”

And he said, “Yeah fine. Whatever.” And he backed away.

Then I was like, “Yeah that’s right. That’s how it is.” And I took my daughter’s hand and we went back to what we were doing.


So the important thing when working with dreams and metaphors is to remember that the person in the dream is a SYMBOL for something and that it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a literal application immediately. In time it becomes clear what is to be literal and what is not.

The person in this dream who was trying to take my daughter away from me is just a symbol of narcissistic behaviour and you can learn more about destroying that kind of negativity in your life at this link  to YouTube videos by Aydin RD.

This dream reveals the two ways in which people can deal with injuries. They can cover up the bleeding and pretend its not there, like the first woman, and this behaviour comes across as deceptive and dishonest. Or they can just obviously bleed out and while it is somewhat more messy and potentially embarrassing because it is obvious it is a more honest situation and is therefore actually easier to clean up and deal with.

If we think of the two types of injured people in my dream we can see two ways which narcissists act – one is to be overt with their bad behaviour symbolized in the dream with the woman bleeding in the bathroom and the other is to be covert and hidden with their bad behaviour such as the woman who lied about being injured.

It is much harder to deal with the covert negativity because it is hidden. But it can be done, as my dream shows.

Communication is the key. That’s why I was reaching for my phone in the dream.

That’s all I can say today.

If you have dealt with a negative person in the past or are dealing with it now, please feel free to write about it in the comments section and lets see what strategies work to keep your self protected so you can grow your own positive qualities and enjoy the life you were meant to have.

Dream Interpretation – Facing an Army

Someone sent me this dream recently:
It wasn’t that it was a violent sad dream. Me and my buddies where there. It was like back in the day with swords and horses and we were lined up against a army bigger then ours.
All my buddies from real life were with me and and they said they were scared and I was too but I told them that whatever happens I’d see them again.
And they all noded and we rode in almost all of us died.
I died slow in my dream. We won but I died just sitting there look at the clouds and the sun and I was happy for some reason.
And I shut my eyes and I woke up here lmao.
I have lots of those
In my dream to i had tatooes all over as well.
And WG was right by me told me that life and death come and go just the way of our nature
It was an odd dream.
Idk lmao I don’t know if dreams like that have meanings.
The first thing to say about the way I do dreamwork is that I get really excited when I have the opportunity to work deeply with fear. The reason is that when we understand our conscious or unconscious fears and work to transform them then it is like creating a whole new and positive self. The way to transform even really enormous fears is to notice what is the most challenging part and then flip the negative into the positive opposite. That’s what keeps working time and time again.
A dream like this is so good because it is the perfect metaphor for the fear we have when it seems like the odds are stacked against us but in truth history is filled with ordinary people who did remarkably positive things, even when they had obstacles which seemed insurmountable against them.
The really positive thing for this dreamer is that it shows he has the ability to help calm others who are afraid even when he feels afraid himself.
Dying in a dream is about growth, change and new beginnings. It is about dying to the old self and being reborn in a new self, a new life.
It is a metaphor for growth and change. It signals opportunities for expanding and developing new capacities, new energies, new positive qualities.
Since you were happy in the dream, looking at the sky and clouds and enjoying the warmth of the sun than that means that you are comfortable and happy throughout the changing process. Not everyone is.
This is likely w

Dreamwork for Children: How to Uncover the Message in a Child’s Dream to Help Them Be Their Best Selves

Recently a 12-year-old, my daughter, told me she dreamed she was standing on a cliff and it started to break apart. The earth beneath her began to crumble and she fell. A huge St. Bernard-type dog grabbed hold of her and pulled her up.

This is a wonderful dream for a child to have. It shows they are capable of great-big friendliness and friendship because that is the quality which comes natural to dogs and in the dream it was positive for her. But on the flip-side, dogs can also be vicious and harmful. The challenge for this dreamer is that when she feels like she’s losing ground, being friendly will help her feel more stable and solid.

In real life, after this dream, the child talked about wanting to own a dog for three days. She wanted to be close to dogs and make her dream a reality immediately. She wanted to make the message literal. She had the idea that “being close to a real dog will make me feel better right now.” At the same time, her birthday was coming up and there were four friends who agreed to come to her birthday party. With friendliness, this child could have planned a warm and happy environment for her and her friends and they could have had a wonderful time and had a lot of happy memories.

Instead, the child neglected her real friends and day-dreamed about a fantasy dog for five days.

When it came time to have the party, she was confused and disorientated. She hadn’t helped with setting the environment & decorating. She didn’t plan any food. She didn’t follow through with instructions. She lied about the plans to others. She made up answers instead of checking with her parent. She confused four friends and their families.

The party was nearly cancelled because of the chaos. Instead of being cancelled altogether plans were just drastically altered. It was like there was 1/2 a party. There was no cake until all the kids went home and even still she refused to eat any of it. Opening presents occurred sporadically throughout the day. The kids just watched TV for a couple hours and played outside by the water, which is not so bad in itself but not what people think of when they expect to attend a b-day party. She didn’t give thank you gifts nor did she help with the clean up at all. She embarrassed herself and her family. It was what some would call a disaster.

It was the best example of seeing the difference between applying the message of a dream metaphorically and literally that I had ever seen.

You see, the problem the girl had is that she loved what the dog did in her dream and then she wanted to make that literal, immediately.

Instead of looking up party games, she looked online for dogs. When we went shopping for her party decorations, she picked out a chew toy for a dog. When I asked her to prepare for the party, instead she researched and wrote out a schedule for walking and house-training a dog. Instead of listening to me about party plans, she tuned me out and would only speak about dogs. When others asked her about the party, she ignored them and talked about dogs to everyone one she encountered.

She was so absorbed in the idea of her dream happening literally that she didn’t realize that her impending birthday party was giving her a perfect opportunity to practice great-big friendliness.

If she could have taken the message of the dream metaphorically, she could realize that the symbol of the dog was to tell her that the quality a dog has – friendliness – is the quality she can also have and when she practices it she will feel stable and solid. When she doesn’t, she will feel like her world is crumbling around her.

So since she got caught up in the literal application without first mastering the metaphor then she missed the opportunity to practice real friendliness. Since a lot of people were counting on her to be friendly and warm because they were looking forward to spending time with her on her birthday, she ended up hurting a lot of people’s feelings. Everyone deals with hurt feelings in different ways and we saw all that happen around us.

It’s one week after the dream and we are still cleaning up the mess of hurt feelings everywhere we go.

The funny thing is last week when she was focused on getting a dog I said to her, this is not the time to plan for a dog, but after your party we can talk more about it and plan for it. I told her to wait until Monday and Tuesday. By the time Monday and Tuesday came, all the pain from the failed birthday party and the disorder among her friends has left her feeling quite shattered and disorientated and when I ask her about a dog she is just angry and cruel in her tone and words.

She had the opportunity to practice friendliness with her real friends and then go about getting a real life dog which has been her wish for years. But instead she was not patient and so not only did she not have a great party with her friends but she also is not working towards getting a real dog, even though I am ready to consider this.

Even now, the solution to her issue is friendliness, but at the moment no one wants to get to close to her because she has pushed us all away for the past week.

It will be the friendliness of others coming together around her which will reach out to her heart and help her to understand. When we do this for her now, then she will begin to understand the power of real friendliness. In time, it will be her who really gets it and is able to be the champion for others when they feel like their worlds are crumbling.

It takes Patience and Wisdom to apply the metaphor first and the literal meaning afterwards, but it is so worth it!