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Daily Dream Journal: Restaurant & Journalism

In the dream, I’m in a restaurant with a family member and extended family. My great-grandmother hugs me and then my mother & my sister. Then we all sit at a big table eating a meal.

In another part, we are traveling in a car & there is a youth who wants to be a journalist. I tell her about my experience of writing profiles & news and offer encouragement.

Dream: Naked, Taekwondo, Unfortunate Friends’ Situation


07 February 2017

In the dream, I am in an apartment complex which it seems I am the superintendent for. A friend’s 6-member family has had to move out of their million-dollar home an into a 2 bedroom apartment. I am trying to welcome them and they are trying to be positive but I can see they won’t even last two days in this place but they have no where else to go. I don’t know what to do to help them.

Later I’m walking and I get to this fenced in area. It’s a sauna or a garden of sorts. When I get inside I’m ready to go for a dip but some people come around. They notice I am naked and comment. I realize I should have a bathing suit on to go in the water but I left my clothes at home. Someone gives me a towel and I use it to cover myself but one guy keeps eyeing me so after I tell him to stop I just punch him in the eye. It stuns him and when he opens he looks at me and I say, “Did I forget to mention I train in Taekwondo?” I notice that his eye is bruising and I didn’t mean to hurt him that badly.

The people who live there like what I did and exchange numbers with me and say they want to get together again sometime. I start planning how to get back to my clothes.


Dream: Snake, Cancer, Fish, Narcissism

07 February 2017

  • found 2 golf ball sized balls in my pelvic area
    • i sent my mind inside the cancer to see if I could dissolve it, the heat was so hot and it burned up my left arm, i had to rest before i could try again


  • was in water, fish nipping at my feet, more and more of them
    • was with G. as a 3 year old
    • as fish got more and bigger i got more afraid but she didn’t get scared
  • a woman was flirting with a man but then he stuck his toe up her and she started bleeding and then he said he couldn’t be with her and she left and he clean up the blood on the table and bed, i thought she had cancer too


  • we were holding a pretend snake, which then came alive, which then was a snake with fangs, just showing its teeth and i analyzed it, the shape of its mouth, etc


  • was wearing a green party dress like a fairy on a costume day but no one knew what i was dressed up as and they didn’t know if I dressed like that by accident or if i was wearing a costume to go along with the party


  • i was chatting with a martial artist who was a cop
    • i turned on a power drill by accident and it kept spinning but then we got it to turn off
    • i joked about everything having a lot of power around here


  • T.A. was there somewhere
  • G. was driving us in a truck, DN and A as a child where in the front seat
    • a monkey/badger went onto the windshield and G couldnt see, it bothered me that others didn’t mind and i was sitting behind gracie giving instructions


  • Someone had a dream she was on the edge of a cliff, a mountain view, the spot she was sitting on slipped and fell a bit so she was basically falling, she grabbed its tail and it pulled her up, like those big saint bernards.

Daily Dream Diary – Abandoned House, $1000 and a gift

08 March 2017

In one dream I was wondering through an old house which someone abandoned. They left suddenly without taking a single personal item with them. There was food on the kitchen counter, bananas which I was afraid would soon attract fruit flies, and there was laundry on the couch. There were bikes in the basement, old tools and sports equipment. It was a disaster. The real estate agent selling the house wanted nothing to do with it and listed it as it was. I wondered around the house pondering why people do things the way they do.

If I was the real estate agent I might be inclined to clean and gut the house to make it more presentable. Who would buy a house in this condition? But society says real estate agents are not also cleaning services so people get stuck in roles and miss out on opportunities to be great.

In another dream I am sitting on a stool at a pub of sorts and someone is offering to loan me $1000. At first I think they are trying to give me advice but then they write a check and they don’t have a deadline for when to pay back and I am really grateful. I explain to them it will help me pay off something which is urgent and then the other things won’t get neglected.

Then I am walking through a touristy shopping area and a woman with a Boston accent picks out a shirt for me with turquoise and a dolphin and she says she wants to buy it for me. I say sure but then when we are standing in line I see she didn’t expect me to say yes so I tell her to let me buy it and I’ll know the thought was from her. She agreed.

Daily Dream Diary – Overcoming Sadness

Dreamed in October 2016 – posted Feb 2017

In my dream last night, I was training for some sort of performance, like a cross-country race. At the same time, I was training for a mathematical test which was beyond my capacity and I had a tutor to help with the calculations.

The physical training was somewhat easy and I have a clear focus and skill. But when I met with my math tutor he told me he was concerned. He even wanted to stop teaching me in a certain area and I felt sad about that.

I didn’t want to give up and when I questioned him further then he revealed the truth. He told me my boyfriend was contacted by a girl he met in kindergarten who was his best friend and then she moved away. Now they are in contact again and he wants to spend more time with her.

I understood my math tutor was telling me that my relationship was over and I felt so sad. Then I did want to give up on the math and the race.

He left and I just sort of wandered around the room, looking for clues of what I had been planning to do and trying to move beyond it even though I was feeling devastated.