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Dream Analysis: Funeral in a Dream is a Signal For Collective Transformation


04 July 2017

DreamWORK is a process of remembering a dream, writing it down, looking for the metaphors and understanding the message. The WORK is when negative emotions show up in dreams such as fear, rage, jealousy because in time the dreamer can learn more positive ways of dealing with the negatives and then transform them into more positive feelings such as Courage, Joy and Unity.

A dream about a funeral, like the one I had last night, is a reminder that sometimes a process of transformation is not just for one individual but is, in fact, a collective experience such as when people come together to collectively grieve over the passing of a loved one. This commonly shared emotion of loss is experienced at a funeral and the sharing of that moment builds bonds of Trust and connection with the others.

In the dream, I am in a funeral.

When I work through the message of this dream it’s easy-as-pie to see the work ahead of me today.

A funeral is a place where people go to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Even though I do not have a literal funeral to deal with in real life, I have a metaphoric one.

Even though someone I care about is still alive it is like they have died. The funeral dream shows me that.

When strong negative emotions such as sorrow or grief show up in a dream it means it’s time to throw out some old ways of looking at things and start looking at them differently.

It has been said that “Death is a Messenger of Joy” which is the complete opposite to what we typically think of in death.

But the statement is worth reflecting on.

Death & Dying is sorrowful if you believe there is nothing more to the human experience than the flesh and bone.

But if you believe that there is a non-physical part of the human experience, the way I do, then it is REALLY possible to see the Joy in death. I can think of no greater Joy then to have the delight of experiencing the process of leaving this body and souring into the non-physical realms and continuing on an eternal path towards Excellence.

There is a spiritual belief in the world that the physical world is just the first stage of growth and development for the soul and that the soul carries the memories of this world with it into all the worlds which follow this one.

Just thinking about that as I write uplifts my heart.

I love contemplating the mystery of Life and the mystery of death.

Since this image of a funeral came to me in a dream last night it means I can also consider that a part of me is dying. When I ask myself, “What part of me is dying? What part of me is changing & transforming?” The answer is really clear.

Armed with this answer I can then move forward with a lot of Enthusiasm & Confidence using all my gifts to their fullest to enjoy the wonderful life I’m living with people I love working and relating with.

Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

08 June 2017

In the dream, I arrive at a gathering in a remote mountainous area like a ranch in B.C. We all gather together and eat and discuss how thing went and where they are going next. Apparently I had brought a pig to roast and the feedback was that the group was vegetarian or vegan and they didn’t like the meat at the gathering. I felt so awkward.

Later, as I was walking by my truck L.J. approached me and said she had something for me. I paused and she said it is my birth right. She opened a small baggie and brought out two dried leaves, orange in colour, and she put one in her mouth and then motioned for me to do the same so I did.

Then she just put a hand on my heart and on my head and did a Body Talk session right there. It eased the pain of the awkward situation and restored my sense of harmony.

I thanked her.

She then gave me a homemade hand out about different foods and then she went off to do other things.

I looked through the handbook and saw all the healthy foods. I wanted to eat them but didn’t have the money to buy and prepare them. Somehow I got some of the food I was eating on the papers and so I thought it should go in the trash.

L.J. came back though and asked me if I wanted to keep the booklet and I said No and then she looked at me so as to ask, “are you sure?” and then I didn’t know if I was sure.

So I waivered back and forth. I’m not really sure what I ended up going with.

But I apologized to her for not knowing and she said it’s okay. She said I had told her before that it would be like this and she was prepared. I knew what she meant. I felt grateful that she accepted me as I was even though nothing is really as it seems with me and nothing is straight forward. I saw we had an understanding.

Dream: Homefront Pioneer & Chocolate Cake

14 April 2017

Last night I dreamed of two things really close to my heart ~ Chocolate Cake & Homefront Pioneering.

It’s hard to write about the worst part of the dream because it was so bad. The dream with the cake it in makes me smile though and brings sweetness to the scenario so I’ll do the best part first and then tackle the worst.

In the best part of the dream I was in a gathering where we were all in a circle and I brought a cake which was salty & sweet and no one had tasted one like this before. I handed it out and everyone wanted to try. Each person enjoyed experiencing it and would say a word to describe it. One said, “Strange”; one said “surprisingly delicious”; one said “unusual and wonderful”; and they went on like that. I was so delighted that they all liked my unusual cake and were willing to try. It made me so happy. 

Alright, so that was the best part. Here is the worst part….

Again I was in an environment which I was unfamiliar with and it’s hard for me to describe. (That alone is like a nightmare for a writer! Haha.) So I’m there with a large number of people, by a water front. The feeling is like being at a summer festival of sorts. Many others are enjoying the day, doing water activities, eating from food trucks, etc but my heart & mind are heavy and I feel too tired to join in. But not so heavy that I want to leave. I just can only do a minimal of participation. 

So then an odd thing starts happening where I keep seeing the word “Homefront Pioneer” and at first the signs are about individuals who were at war and they pioneered in the homefront to wage war from the homeland instead of going overseas. But the more I thought about it the more I realized it’s like what I’ve done too…Homefront Pioneering to a new location, at home, to escape a war in once sense and to move postivie goals forward in another sense. 

Then when I’m thinking about this and am back by the water, someone says to me they want to be a homefront pioneer. She is like H.B. & S.L. combined into one person. I tell her that her intentions are good but I convey that it’s harder than she could imagine and I give her some idea of what it’s like to be me. I explain the hardship and the challenges, the struggles and the obstacles. Then she realizes it’s not just a walk in the park but it’s actually hard work to change people’s paradigms and to create something new.

She nods and tells me she understands and then she walks away. 

In that moment, I wonder to myself, if I had known it would be this hard would I have done it? And I’m not sure of the answer.

Dream: Resort, Negative Person, Car

13 April 2017

In the dream, I’m a resident at a place like a conference center/resort/camp. There’s a bit of chaos and I handle it but then there’s a knock on the door and the person wants to give me something to pick up and I say yes but truly realize I won’t be able to do it after all.

Then I go into this small bathroom with a curtain and when I try to use the toilet someone comes to talk to me. She sees I want to use the toilet but keeps talking anyway.

Then I go outside and am getting in a car. My extended family is there and so is my mom. She has done really cruel things to me which no one in the family knows about and so when I see her I am uncomfortable because she had abandoned her responsibilities as a mother and failed in her duties. She feeds off of the conflict and gets a sense of power from it. So she likes that she can tell I am guarded with her. That gives her more fuel for her fire.

So she smiles and says Hi politely to make it appear to observers that she is a good and peaceful mother. I smile back and say Hi too.

I never used to be able to do that. Be polite even though I had been hurt by someone so she is surprised. She wanted me to get angry and make a fool of myself. Instead, she looks like the fool.

I get in the car and am ready to go. She’s in the back putting stuff in the trunk.

Daily Dream Diary – A Christmas Group

In the dream, I am standing outside on a hill. A large group of about 100 ppl are in a circle, mostly wearing red & whites, singing songs. They appear to be happy but I realize they are not. I say to myself that they are not happy because they think what they are doing is all that can be done and they see it no other way. I decide to tell them that the Promised One has come and this is the solution to every problem. Then in the dream I watch myself approach the circle from the north of it where elders approach in First Nations tradition. The circle doesn’t open because they see no significance in my being there and I get ready to tell them something which will change their world.

In another part of the dream, I go to a group gathered who I want to gather to bring to a devotion but I see they are already getting ready for something else. I am sitting beside someone who is about to be married. Her finance comes over, shakes my hand, and then goes back to where he was seated. They begin the ceremony and they appear so happy. It is a bride who in real life I thought would never get married. But afterwards I realize I sat in the groom’s place and it must have looked so rude but no one said anything. It was sort of embarrassing.

In another part, I was in a shower which was like a home-made shower and it was weird.