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How To Break Free From the Mother of All Fears

Dec. 04, 2018

IMG_1280Old Pattern

  1. Get an idea
  2. Fear of it not working out comes up (fear of abandonment/Mother of all Fears)
  3. Give into the fear & give up on the goal
  4. Go for the goal but so unorganized can’t succeed.
  5. Back to bed with illness


New PatternĀ 

  1. Get an idea
  2. See the obstacles
  3. Feel foggy minded, unfocused
  4. Move slowly thru the fog in meditation
  5. Envision the solution, getting to the other side
  6. Feel Enthusiastic & Empowered with Determination to get there
  7. Take an immediate step towards it’s accomplishment as though it’s already done.


The animal which shows up in dreams when working thru this pattern, when developing Enthusiasm & Empowerment is the horse.



My dream about a horse riding by in the dark

September 18, 2018

40932412_10160947345250595_686116915252297728_nIn the dream I am walking down a dark street with the only light being from the home screen of my phone. Then a horse comes galloping by on my left, whizzes by leaving me wonder what it was but I figure out it was a horse.

Then I’m at some sort of gallery, a gathering. I ask someone to pay $80 saying I’ll promote something or them and they agree but then the next day when the event comes I hadn’t been able to do the promotion and no one came and I enjoyed the learning but the people were disappointed to not get the turn out they felt they had purchased. I tried to show them what we learned from the situation but they were annoyed. Then I realized what we had learned could/would go into the book and I planned to tell them they were going to be featured in Chapter 8.

A bunch of stuff was going on, food trucks coming and going. There were 20 piglets ordered which were going to be roasted for the evening meal and it was making me sick to think about it. I turned my head & covered my eyes.

Dream: Meeting a King

18 July 2017

In the dream, I met a King. I had run down the stairs of an enormous Cathedral to look out a window and watch an enormous & elaborate procession of the horses and royalty. When I turned to go back upstairs I saw the King was coming down the steps towards me. I realized I was in the wrong place and when He got to the bottom level I bowed to him and I apologized, feeling ashamed. He said, “It’s okay, Rachel, my child. Your curiosity and playfulness amuses me. But now you know to be careful where you go.” And with that He exited and went to the carriage with a dozen horses leading. Then they left.

Dream Interpretation – Facing an Army

Someone sent me this dream recently:
It wasn’t that it was a violent sad dream. Me and my buddies where there. It was like back in the day with swords and horses and we were lined up against a army bigger then ours.
All my buddies from real life were with me and and they said they were scared and I was too but I told them that whatever happens I’d see them again.
And they all noded and we rode in almost all of us died.
I died slow in my dream. We won but I died just sitting there look at the clouds and the sun and I was happy for some reason.
And I shut my eyes and I woke up here lmao.
I have lots of those
In my dream to i had tatooes all over as well.
And WG was right by me told me that life and death come and go just the way of our nature
It was an odd dream.
Idk lmao I don’t know if dreams like that have meanings.
The first thing to say about the way I do dreamwork is that I get really excited when I have the opportunity to work deeply with fear. The reason is that when we understand our conscious or unconscious fears and work to transform them then it is like creating a whole new and positive self. The way to transform even really enormous fears is to notice what is the most challenging part and then flip the negative into the positive opposite. That’s what keeps working time and time again.
A dream like this is so good because it is the perfect metaphor for the fear we have when it seems like the odds are stacked against us but in truth history is filled with ordinary people who did remarkably positive things, even when they had obstacles which seemed insurmountable against them.
The really positive thing for this dreamer is that it shows he has the ability to help calm others who are afraid even when he feels afraid himself.
Dying in a dream is about growth, change and new beginnings. It is about dying to the old self and being reborn in a new self, a new life.
It is a metaphor for growth and change. It signals opportunities for expanding and developing new capacities, new energies, new positive qualities.
Since you were happy in the dream, looking at the sky and clouds and enjoying the warmth of the sun than that means that you are comfortable and happy throughout the changing process. Not everyone is.
This is likely w