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dream: Rescuing three litters of kittens

In the dream, I’m returning to a house I used to live in where my family still lives. But in real life, it’s not a house we actually lived in. I discover a Mama kitten who’s had babies hiding in the walls of the house and I bring her and her babies out to a warm spot with hay in the barn. When I get there with this litter I find there are two other litters in the barn. One kitten looks so malnourished that it’s near death. Also the babies were in a cold area so I brought them over to the warmth. Then I go inside, get cat food & water, then bring it back out to the kittens. I tuck them all away in boxes that they can climb in and out of with hay and blankets and food and water and then I have to leave.

My sister, her high school best friend, as well as my ex-husband and my boyfriend of 3 years are in the driveway getting ready to go. There’s a big ordeal about someone taking someone else’s cigarettes and where to go to get more and there is a lot of tension. All I’m thinking is to go so everyone will leave and I can return with my boyfriend to save the kittens’ lives. Finally we get in the car, go downtown to the store and then I help get them cigarettes but they use fake ID which I’m uncomfortable with.

When I go back to the barn & house I’m showing my boyfriend where the kittens are. They are all black. And I’m showing him where we can put them so they will stay alive. The kittens are all playful now that they have had nourishment and warmth so I’m happy to see that what I did for them helped. But there is still one who appears like he was too cold and sort of froze and won’t eat on his own so we hand feed him and he licks the wet cat food off our fingers and begins to take water with a dropper. We then find a place to put the cats but the carload of people are back and now they are saying we can’t take the kittens.

Even though they are putting up a fight I keep loading the kittens into the car. I’m terrified of what they will do to me but I keep going anyways. There’s about two dozen kittens; it’s an arduous task. My sister, her friend and my ex all argue with me but yet they realize they can’t win this because the state of the kittens reveals they were neglected and dying in their care so I know I can take them because I’ll nurture them back to health. So I just keep loading the car.

That’s my dream. I’ll share an analysis soon.

My Eagle Dream

July 18, 2018

Last night I dreamed of being on a First Nations reservation. There was lots going on. Some sitting by a bonfire. Some getting ready to go somewhere. Some playing games. I heard something and looked up and saw an eagle soaring very high above the trees. It was circling around. Others started noticing too. Then another eagle joined the first and it was even higher than the previous one. They circled around and around high above us. I just stared at them, not being able to take my eyes off them because of their beauty. Then I noticed the first one had something in its mouth and as it flew lower and closer to us I could see it was a tiger. I was stunned. “What?!” An eagle carrying a tiger in its mouth!? Impossible, I said to myself. “But there it is! Impossible yet it’s happening.”

By now the eagles caught the attention of the others and an elder beside me to the left was looking up at the eagles and then doing something with the sticks in front of her. She closed her eyes briefly as though in prayer or supplication. I glanced back up and sure enough, there truly was a tiger in the eagle’s beak, being carried in the way a mother cat carries her kittens.

Soon the eagles landed in a clearing nearby and before we knew it the tiger was dropped and surprisingly it was still alive. It started to run at us but we had lots of time to pack our belongings and get in the car although it was packed and we all  just barely fit. The elder was giving us instructions the whole time.

There was a swampy area over further off to the left and at some point we had been playing a game over there, some sort of simple games like catch and tag. I had jumped in for a bit and got out, thinking I’d go back in later, but when we were getting in the car I realized I couldn’t go back to the water today.

So that was the end of the dream, getting into the car, watching a tiger run at us from across a field, with the eagles close by on its heels.

Three Dreams & Three Lessons

25 August 2017

I dreamed I was working in an office space and the toilet was a large movie chair and you just sat in it and peed through your pants, then it drained through the movie chair into a container which was emptied regularly. I hated it. I could not understand how others tolerated this. I figured the urine on my pants would begin to smell by the end of the day and so would everyone else’s. How disgusting! But it was obvious that complaining would get me fired. So I tolerated it & returned back to the office.

In another dream, from the top of a mountain I recorded a documentary. I zoomed up on cars & the ocean shore to begin the shot and then slowly zoomed out and back up the road which revealed I was kilometres high on the top of a mountain. My mom & sister watched the video and were jealous & envious of how much I had accomplished. My mom told me and others she didn’t want anything to do with me and that she rather enjoyed & preferred the company of my sister because she was much more simple.

Lastly, I was in a crowded space which seemed to be a freight train or a boat, set in the 1920s.  There was nothing remarkable about the travel at the beginning but then two things happened. One: some head of an organization spoke to the group from the stage and said he was working on a mystery and I realized I had just read exactly the thing that would give him the solution so I spoke out and told him this.

Next: a bedraggled woman came onto the boat looking for food & shelter. She wouldn’t leave when prompted. I took an object which resembled a ping-pong paddle and I waved it like a sword. I moved in a way to threaten her and she slowly backed away and off the boat.

Also, at one time I was looking out the window at 2 kittens in a nest in a tree. They were adorable and accidentally fell out but didn’t get hurt.

My analysis: This dream series is a mix of negatives & positives. The positives are that I learned how to use the strange toilet and conform with the work environment. I had the knowledge and evidence to prove a crime and I had the skill to defend a space and keep intruders out, even ones who elicited empathy and genuine concern. Plus I arrived at the top of a mountain AND recorded it in an enjoyable way for others to view!

The negatives in the dream came in a subtle way which is difficult to capture. It showed up when I said I had a book with evidence but when I went back to get the book I couldn’t find where I had left it. When I was getting that scraggley woman away, it took me two times to find the right paddle. When I had recorded the video I hadn’t stored it in an easy-to-retrieve location.

In this dream the negatives didn’t stop me; they just slowed me down.

In real life, I can think of ways that this is also true.

The solution then, is to remember when in my early life did other people’s jealousy and/or envy of me slow me down. When I explore that, and turn down their negative voices, when I block out what they have said or done which has harmed or threatened my life, then I can use my skills in a positive way to record documentaries, to solve mysteries & help others solve them, as well as keeping intruders and imitators at bay.


Daily Dream Diary – Giraffe & Tiger

I dreamed I was watching a stunt devil, a stunt artist, prepare for his performance, feeling a bit of angst about how he could pull it off. He We were by a big waterfalls, like Niagara Falls, and he brought an over-sized tiger who appeared to be tame but unharmed out to the yard and they circled around, sizing up the space and the crowd & traffic going by. Then he brought out some animal which was the same size as the tiger but I had never seen something like this before. It was brown & heavy like a bear but moved more like a cat. There was also a tall giraffe there and I wondered how it would fit in.

When we were getting ready, I noticed there was someone in the crowd looking suspicious. Up close, I saw he had an ear piece in. I thought he might be secret police and I started to follow him. I thought of how to warn the stunt artist that someone might be trying to sabotage. But also I had to be sure if he was dangerous or someone else protecting the stunt artist.

In another part, I was in a public school with my daughter and they always wanted to sell stuff to us. I told her even though we paid at the other one on a regular basis, this “free” school made me feel like i was paying all the time and too poor.

There was some talk about evil and the devil. Teachers believed it and I wondered where on earth there was still a group of people who believed it so strongly like this.

In the school, we were standing in line and there was a police officer behind me. Someone said to someone who was new to our country that this is the uniform of combat.