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DREAM: Gazelles Warn of Danger

When there is a message of warning in the dream, such as the one I describe below, it means that when you do the inner work to transform the negative emotion in the dream into something new then if something potentially negative happens in real life you will have the ability to create a really positive outcome. In this way, you can shift your reality into something truly amazing. It takes time and daily effort and the really incredible results will shock and amaze you!

The reason trauma can be healed when you understand the secret messages of your dreams is because dreams exist outside of time & space. When we understand a message in a dream we can learn something about ourselves, our circumstances, and the people around us and we can begin to see negative things coming before they happen. This helps us become more prepared and it empowers us to use our skills, capacities, talents & strengths to create extremely positive experiences for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Truth be told, if there were a reward for having the most foreboding dreams in a row, I think I would win. In the past two weeks in my dreams I am:

  • canoeing in a river swarming with hungry alligators
  • hiking on a trail with snakes and lions
  • confronting an enormous bear trying to get in my house
  • running to rescue my dog who’s been attacked on the face
  • watching a herd of gazelles run from an unknown predator

Readers familiar with the way I do dreamwork (which was created & developed by author Richard Hastings), will remember that the many animals showing up in these dreams carries a lot of meaning. Here are four things to keep in mind when dreaming about animals.

  1. Like humans, animals have two sides – a positive expression of their qualities & also a negative expression. Think of how a dog can by loyal and friendly but also vicious & attacking. Dreams about animals signal where some work can be done for the dreamer to be more of the positive & less of the negative.
  2. When new energy is opening up in the dreamer, oftentimes animal dreams show up which provides guidance and clarity. So I can say that the negative energy I’m dealing with is anger, jealousy, hurt, fear – especially of being attacked by someone/something lurking hidden beneath the surface. The positives opening up for me are: empowerment (bear energy), flexibility (snake energy), strength/courage (lion energy), and … I’m still working on the alligator and the gazelle…
  3. When we flip the negative emotion of the dream to its positive opposite then we shift our perceptions and can go for opportunities which can change our circumstances. I suspect the positive of the alligator is being able to be patient and wait for the right time to leap at a goal or opportunity. When I am a Positive Alligator then I don’t react to every passing whim or fancy or emotion. I can be clear-headed, focused & patiently waiting for the right opportunity to go for my goal.
  4. When the dream is positive and outcome is good then it’s a good idea to try to incorporate the qualities of the animal because they will help with the real life situations. If the outcome is negative, then it means some work needs to be done on the issues so the outcome can be positive.

Gazelles are fast (known to run up to 60km/hr) but in the dream when I see the gazelles run by signaling that a predator is coming I turn to run with them but I know I could never keep up with their speed and in fact my running slowly would make me more vulnerable if it’s a bear or mountain lion. So I turn back to see if anything is coming but it’s just a dark path. I wonder if I can hide or maybe climb a tree. Without knowing what the gazelles are running from I find it hard to know how to protect myself.

Running in dreams usually means wanting to escape something fearful in real life. Often times, the object of the fear is a person in a perceived position of power. Facing the fear means standing strong, having clear boundaries, and having the Courage to be really big to the task. People who are addicted to power have a lot of ways of trying to make their targets feel small. When we stand in our Truth & our own Empowerment then we can be really big to the task and not allow anyone to make us feel small or threatened.

There are a number of potentially negative situations which can happen, at home, in the workplace or in the community. There are a few things I’m facing right now – all of us are facing something to one degree or another. When we remember to hold a clear vision of a bright future in our mind & we take positive action towards our goals then we never need to fear any predator. We have all the skills, capacities, talents & tools needed to overcome ANY obstacle or challenge that faces us. When we dream about animals it’s a sure sign that great big new energy is opening up and exciting things are happening! We need not be afraid of the change and we can trust ourselves and our inner guidance to move us through any difficulty or deal with any challenge.

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Ask your Self: What am I invisioning happening in the future that scares me?

If the negative thing you imagine happening has HAPPENED to you in the past and you are afraid of it happening again, then this is a REAL FEAR and the solution is to have A LOT of Courage and to learn something new to deal with your current life circumstance.

If the negative thing you imagine happening in the future has never happened to you before but you have seen it happen to others (in real life, or movies, or on the news, etc) then the issue is ANXIETY. The solution for anxiety is to look back into your past, remember what you’ve done well & succeeded in before and then repeat those actions again with A LOT OF CONFIDENCE.

I will be writing a lot more about working with Fear & Anxiety in upcoming posts.

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Dream: Alligators at Marineland

17 September 2017

In the dream, I was at Marineland, Niagara Falls, Ontario. I was standing there between the audience and the performance in the pool and I was staring at this pitiful looking waterfall. It was hardly larger than the type of waterfall you see outside a library or town hall.

“That is their version of ‘Marineland’?” I said to myself. I just stared at it like “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

There were no whales or dolphins either. There were about a dozen alligators. One had leaped out onto the deck area and was looking for food.

I just kept staring at the people who had paid to see “Marineland” and got alligators and a pitiful waterfall.

“How can it be that people are so disillusioned?” I wondered to myself. How can it be?

My analysis of this dream:

Well, this dream is about the illusion people have and the way people can be deceived if they are not looking at things through their own eyes. Sometimes people are fooled by a title or a headline which says one thing but the opposite is presented. A pool with alligators and a water fountain is hardly a captivating spectacle but with skilled marketing departments and a lot of money invested into creating an illusion people can pretty much believe just about anything.

I guess this dream is just reminding me that this is a real issue in our world today and something people should really think about.

Alligators are the kinds of animals who conceal and camouflage themselves in swampy waters, watching their prey, until just the right moment and then … SNAP! Attacked & killed, the poor deer or whatever didn’t even know what hit them.

This dream reminds me that our society is a bit sick-in-the-head because they actually even think of this kind of activity as entertaining. Media outlets like TV, Radio & Social Media have turned people into alligators & prey, with live audiences watching as real people’s emotions are destroyed.

I can only hope this type of so-called entertainment is temporary and that in time humans will no longer get a thrill out of watching others suffer. The more empathy & compassion we have for others, the deeper our relationships are/will be. In time, humanity will not tolerate these kinds of public abuses of others. That would be so nice, wouldn’t it?

Healing Through Dreamwork & the Reason It’s Not Called “DreamPLAY”

19511181_10159043252115595_4817268620510028680_nDreamwork is called ‘work’ because it takes effort & diligence just like work does. If seeking to understand personal growth through understanding metaphors in dreams was easy it might be called “Dreamplay” but the problem with that would be that people would give up when it got challenging and say something such as, “well, this is no fun. I give up.”


It’s called Dream “work” because looking at issues every day takes effort & diligence and the WILLINGNESS to change. Change is not easy. Work is not always easy. But change is what keeps life interesting and allows for things to get more and more positive daily. Work is what keeps life challenging and allows for great discoveries and progress. So despite the inevitable challenges, the process of Dreamwork for Self-Help and Healing, especially after trauma is really worthwhile.

At the beginning stages of the healing process, a lot of dreams might be full of negative emotions which show up in scenerios people sometimes call Nightmares. The goal at the beginning is to just take it easy, as if life were a beach, and look at each issue a little bit at a time each day. For example, writing down a dream in the morning and reflecting on the change that the day brings is a good routine to be in.

In time, when the healing has really permeated through all the areas of life then development can leap into the next stage which is less like a beach and more like climbing a mountain. If you are interested in exploring this concept in more depth, you can read an excellent explanation by Richard Hastings at Dreams For Peace.


Undoubtedly, by the time a dreamer is ready to really climb to new heights in their development they have encountered numerous challenging situations and behaviour, within themselves & others. Going from a snooze on the beach to a jolting hike up a hill is not a piece of cake. But by setting clear goals and then working out what it will take to achieve them, some really miraculous things can start to happen. However, at this stage the dreamer now has a whole new arsenal of skills, capacities & gifts to use when dealing with any negative behaviour which arises.

Without question, the reason trauma-work was first embarked on by the dreamer is because something in their lives was not working out too well. Maybe it was a failing marriage, or perhaps an unfulfilling career, or maybe there were physical issues such as obesity or fatigue. Whatever was the original area where healing was needed, when this healing has occurred then the next stage of development can be just so rewarding and fulfilling.

Setting goals and achieving them can bring out tremendous feelings of Joy and Gratitude. It makes all the effort worthwhile and opens the mind to brand new ideas for new goals and new heights to achieve in life.

Often times, the greatest growth for so many people begins with a negative dream image which can’t be ignored and then in time the changework just becomes part of every day living and the nightmares go away. 

The Dreamwork process of understanding metaphors and working through the issues to release positive energy and capacities is a remarkable way to take hold of the steering wheel of live and drive into the positive direction the dreamer wants to go in.

Alligator Dreams: Start Looking For Opportunity

In the dream I’m watching myself talk with someone about alligators in the creek. There is a narration like National Geographic. There is clearly no threat. They are after one another. When they jump into the larger lake I say to the other, “those were alligators, right?” and made not of how their noses were different than crocodiles.

When I woke up I had the answer to a question I’d been thinking about: what is the difference between an alligator & a snake. Why is a snake worse? A snake is worse because of it’s poison for one thing and also because of its size. This dream also made me think how alligators & crocodiles take turns stunning & eating its prey which is more collective & cooperative while a snake is a solitary figure. Crocs also only attack for food I believe…and a snake will attack just because it’s frightened and protecting its position.

Then I dreamed of being on a trip of sorts with a large group of people, some from high school. I did not want to get involved in their foolishness & games and stayed on the grass while they swam.

But eventually I did. The images are blurry & miscellaneous. I swam. I waited in lines. I climbed stairs. The pool was crowded and uncomfortable. I couldn’t relax. When walking back to the car or bus I saw someone I care about getting his picture taken with friends. I noticed that even though he looked happy in every photo in-between he always did the same thing, so it was like he was putting on a happy face just for the photo. I realized I had nothing to be afraid of. There was nothing to be jealous about.

At one point, I wanted to rest & the busy-ness prevented me. A Persian friend I’ve known since childhood asked if he could help. I said there are times I did things differently just so you did not get angry. Now these people are doing things intentionally to try to get me angry. They should stop but they won’t so I have to take a lot of care. There’s really nothing you can do besides know that this is what is going on and respect my need for rest when I need it. He said, “Okay. Sure.”

This shows me that there was an issue which started in high school where I would see others interacting regularly. Sometimes they were kind to one another & sometimes they were cruel. So I wanted little to do with them. I chose a friend who didn’t ever hurt with her words or actions. She had no anger issues at all. With her, I never had to worry that she would say or so something to hurt me in anyway. She was a very good friend. 

This dream is showing me that now this is the kind of friend I can be when others have alligators in their lives metaphorically. 

The person in the dream who was getting his picture taken is the one surrounded by metaphoric alligators. By jumping, swimming, climbing I can help them stay more real and not just put on a happy face but really feel true joy in being connected with their True Self.

Animal Dreams: An Elephant & An Alligator

It was a short a fable. A fiesty and sneaky alligator was sneaking down a street. A wise and smart elephant pretended his truck was an alligator and was walking down the other side of the street. The real alligator was scared of the pretend alligator and froze in his tracks then the elephant zoomed quick like a ninja behind the alligator and jumped on him. Then the elephant pounded the alligators head with his foot fast like martial arts lol. I turned away in the dream because I don’t like violence and from the corner of my eye I saw the alligator died. The road was safe again. Thank you ninja elephant lolol.