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Dream Interpretation: When You Dream of R@pe it’s About Interacting With Someone’s Ego Against Your Will

  By Richard Hastings

The first thing that I want to say is that it is
important always in the first phase of dream interpretation to deal
with things metaphorically rather than literally because there is more
to be learned on a metaphoric level than on a literal one.

In real life rape is forcing someone to have sexual intercourse
without their consent.   In the dream world sexual intercourse, if it
is positive, is the coming together of two sets of spiritual qualities
so that they can work together to achieve something greater.   When
you interact with someone else’s qualities, then you can learn them
and integrate them into your life so that they can produce something
new.    Rape is being forced to have intercourse with the dark side or
ego side of someone.   It causes fear and powerlessness and prevents
people from producing really positive things.

So the purpose of the dream is to actually do the opposite of what
the dream is giving you.   Being raped by someone at 15 in
metaphorical terms means being forced to interact really closely with
his ego, which is all of his bad qualities.   What is particularly
difficult is that 15 is the age at which you are no longer a child,
where you are taking your first steps into adulthood.  So the
challenge you had at that age was that you were living with fear and
forced to be his partner as if you were his partner even though you weren’t.

 The fear that the dream produces is having to live out that role
against your will.   The consequence of rape is the feeling of
powerlessness and fear so I am sure that these are the feelings that
you have had to live with in relation to someone.

 So what the dream is looking for is the opposite in positive
terms, but it is presenting you the rape because it is warning you of
the difficult times ahead with someone and his dysfunctions.

The quality that you needed when you were 15 from someone was the
quality of peacefulness so that you could be guided along your own
path.  Instead you got him and his ego, a person barely surviving his
own life.   This is not to be said for you to be angry with him.  He
was probably doing the best he could.   The fact is that what you
needed you didn’t get, so now you have the opportunity to give it to
yourself so that those who come after you  as well as you own self can
benefit from it.

One of the ways you  can tell about the real rape or imagined is
to analyze how this person used power.   If he had power issues,
then you might investigate it further, but if he didn’t, then it is
more likely that it is a dream state and not a real one.     One way
or the other,  he wasn’t the positive person you needed when you were
making your own first steps toward adulthood and this is the critical
issue for you.

So one of the big questions you are going to have to ask yourself
is why peacefulness?   Why not courage, determination, love, honesty,
or a host of other virtues?    The virtue of peacefulness will allow
you to stay fully on your own own unique path, which is different
probably than almost everyone you know.  The further your path is away from the mainstream the more you need the quality of peacefulness.  It allows you to be free from distractions and trappings of the world.

You are likely already on that path, but now your poised to take some
major steps forward.  That is why you are so keen to do the spiritual


My Dream of Being Robbed

September 15, 2018

In the dream, I was realizing something had been stolen from me and I was talking to someone about what had been taken. Details of the dream aren’t too clear but I think it was something valuable kept in a safe that went missing. I was telling someone about it and formulating a plan of what to do next.

Since a house in a dream is about the Self, to have something taken means a valuable part of my self has gone missing. The part of my Self which went missing was the part which could have been developed had circumstances in my childhood & adolescence been different. Because I was abused by both my parents in childhood, the course of my life was altered. The positive outcome of this is that having been abused myself gives me insight and capacity when working with others who have been abused. The negatives in my past gives me strength and capacity in my present and this makes me very hopeful for the future.

Reflections on Patterns in Dreams From Prisoners

Today I listened to a dream from a 23 year old inmate, named Kris, who is in jail for about 6 months for driving violations and not pulling over to police. A police chase ensued and when the cops stopped him, they arrested him. First time in jail. He gave me permission to share his dream and interpretation.

In his dream I saw something, a pattern I’m beginning to see emerge in many of the dreams from the prisoners. Nearly all of them describe a moment in their dream when they “lose their mind” so to speak, where they fall or get shaken up, and then in the dreams they do amazing things to get back to their stability.

The trauma in the dream is the trauma they experienced in real life and it seems that this is where the actions described as criminal originate. They go through trauma and then before they can get grounded again a situation occurs where they have to cope quickly and make decisions quickly but they are not in their reasonable mind, not in their strong Self, because of the trauma (or drugs). Their actions afterwards are taken sort of in a delusional state and many of these actions are unlawful. In many of these dreamers, they didn’t set out to “break the law” but they were trying to go for something when they were trapped in their ego-selves so their decision-making was limited and short-sighted and put the lives and safety of others at risk. At the time, they were not thinking of others because they were in their ego-self which was only about self-protection. Their dreams are showing that they would have or could have helped others if given the opportunities but that is not what life gave them. I’m beginning to see how much influence the environment has on bringing out behaviour in individuals which can be called “criminal.”

The qualities and strength of spirit I’m seeing in these prisoners is truly remarkable. It means in real life they have awesome capacities to help a lot of people and bring a lot of positives to the world. I’m truly seeing the metaphoric jail they live in. Their True Selves are trying to break out of the limitations in life but having very little resources to achieve the positive intentions, resulting in arrests and imprisonment.

I’ll write more details about Kris’s dream soon but I just wanted to share that I am in awe with the dreams I’m hearing and am continually amazed with the power of the True Self to grow through the obstacles, or despite them.

This is just a pattern I see emerging in Dreams From the Box.