Dreams of Fish are about Spiritual Teachings

Last night, in my dream, I am sitting on a pier and tossing food to fish. A large 3 ft one that was also wide swam by and looked me right in the eye. It was comforting. I put my hand into the water and many fish came to eat the food from my hand.

What is the message of this dream?

Water in dreams is about relationships and life. Feeding fish is about the way I share insights and encouragement with others, especially when they share their dreams with me.

Positive dreams don’t need to be worked through the way negative ones do. It’s basically a message to just keep doing what your doing and have a lot of confidence that everything will work out.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

Something interesting about this metaphor is that the last time I dreamed about feeding an animal, it was snakes, in 2016. At that time, I was surrounded by people who acted like snakes, full of jealousy. They were backbiting all the time and turning people against me in real life and using social media. When I had the dream about feeding the snakes, I took that as a message to not stop doing what I was doing. So I continued writing on the blog, continued learning about dream interpretation, continued setting and enforcing clear boundaries with the people who were hurting me publicly and privately.

Years later, in 2022, here I am dreaming about feeding fish now! What a better feeing! This tells me that I’m surrounded by people I can trust, people who respect me, people who share my positive vision of the future. I can keep doing what I’m doing and now there’s peace between me and the people around me. This dream signifies growth & progress. How exciting!

Photo by u7d20u6750u738bu56fd Footage Kingdom on Pexels.com

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