9 things i’m grateful for…

  1. Living in British Columbia where the air is so fresh, trees are so tall and mountains are magnificent.
  2. My boyfriend whose humour and smile brightens my day.
  3. Sitting here with Chloe, my German Shepherd who is so loyal and loving.
  4. Enjoying fresh, clean water from mountain springs.
  5. The sound of rain on rooftops or tent canvass.
  6. The feel of brand new never-been-warn socks.
  7. The sunroof on our 2018 Ford Ecosport – the look of the sky when it’s bright blue or the look of the black night sky sprinkled with stars.
  8. Camping! All things camping! I love it all! 🙂 The scent of the outdoors!
  9. This laptop I’m using right now to create this LIST OF THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR!

Sometimes when life gets going to fast, when things seem out-of-control, or when emotions are running high, it’s helpful to just take a moment to acknowledge things in the day which you feel grateful for. Take a deep breath. Look around. What do you see? Hear? Feel? Smell? Taste? Touch? Go ahead and try it. Make a list right now.

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