Dreams About Dealing Drugs

When inmates tell me dreams, sometimes the scenario involves some action which may be called unlawful in real life, such as dealing drugs, stealing cars, breaking into someone’s house, attacking and/or killing someone. In real life, these things are unlawful because they infringe on the safety and security of others. But in the realm of dreams, all of these so-called crimes are metaphors for ways in which the True Self is striving to overcome ego in order to achieve it’s purpose in life of striving for excellence & developing character and relationships.

Because dreams use the language of metaphors, when a “crime” shows up in a dream it is not about doing a real crime, it is about the type of action which will help the dreamer move forward. Here are some examples to make it more clear.

Dealing Drugs – Drugs in dreams are about the state of getting uplifted in life. So to take drugs in a dream is not necessarily a negative metaphor as it may be perceived in real life. Getting high in a dream is about having the ability to rise above challenges in real life, about having a positive attitude, about having lots of energy and lots of capacity and being able to be up to the challenges. So with this in mind, it’s easy to see how being a drug dealer in a dream can be interpreted as a strength. It means being able to “give away” to others a state of uplifted-ness. A drug dealer in a dream is about being able to “sell” upliftedness to others and build lots of relationships with many others. In this way, it’s clear to see that doing drugs or selling drugs in a dream is about the positive ability a person has. Now if the environment and events in the dream are negative then it means the dreamer is using a natural gift or skill in a way which is not useful to others in real life. If the events and environment are positive then it means the dreamer is able to use these skills in real life in a positive way.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

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