Clarity Comes From Clues in the Negative Emotions

I’m living in a cluttered space. Assailants enter the home. I’m on a rocky ship & the rooms start to spin. When I wake up I still feel dizzy – wondering what will help bring clarity and tranquility to the day. (To read this dream in full click here)

The powerful emotions in this dream appear negative but the secret key of working with dreams for personal growth is using the so-called negative dreams as CLUES for unlocking the mysterious puzzles preventing us from having the harmony & peace we want in our lives. Dreams like this often cause feelings of confusion, being disorientated, unmotivated or somewhat powerless. But when I work THROUGH the metaphor then I feel clear-minded, focused, motivated & powerful.

Here are some things to consider, perhaps in a mediation:

  1. GO INTO the NEGATIVE, instead of avoid it.
  2. Focus on one inner goal/intention at a time. (keep things simple)
  3. Recite Mantras or Affirmations if you find it useful to bring your attention back to your intention.
  4. Remember: Negative Emotions are TEACHERS. Ask: What is this “sadness” teaching me.
  5. Consider when was the first time feeling this negative emotion, or dealing with this type of situation. What was helpful? What didn’t work?

In real life, I tend to enjoy a Minimalist Lifestyle. Simple. Clutter-free. Organized. It’s one thing to declutter a home but a completely different thing to declutter a mind. Reflecting on metaphors really helps to clean out the cobwebs & unpack the old broken records in the mind. Reflecting on these questions might really help to create Clarity & Tranquility.

Give it a try and share your reflections in the comments below!

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