Dream: Discovering I live on a Yacht

In the dream, I am living in cramped quarters: a tiny one-bedroom apartment with my mom & my sister. We haven’t fully unpacked yet so there’s brown cardboard boxes and black garbage bags cluttering the space. The basic necessities which we have unpacked in the bathroom, kitchen & bedroom already fills the table tops, cupboards & shelves so when I wake up in the dream to begin my day I feel a claustrophobic sensation and my mind spins in confusion. To solve this, instead of going to work, I set out enthusiastically organizing the space & decide to throw out or sell things which are not being used. Then I start grabbing things which need to be washed and when I remove the sheets from my sister’s bed I discover that she has 5-6 sets of sheets while I only have one very old set I’ve been using. My mom has been buying her new things while making me struggle with not having enough of what I need. But I take all the sheets anyways and head to the washer & dryer.

I quickly get dressed and gather the dirty sheets and head to the laundry room downstairs in a basement-type space. There I see our kitten is covered in safety pins which have been poked into him. Some are still open. Some are closed but all go through his skin; there’s about 22 of them and I just pick him up and start removing them which he lets me do even though it’s clearly painful. Some areas are infected and emit a yellowish fluid when I remove the pins. Some pins were in deep and bleed as I remove them. At first I thought he had somehow rolled on a patch of pins causing this condition but then I realize someone must have placed them into him, like a torture technique and I feel so badly for the young cat’s suffering.

On the way I decide to take a shower and then as I’m getting out I hear a loud knocking on the door so I look out the window in the bathroom door and I see several 20-somethings strut into the room, smoking cigarettes & cigars. My mom stands in the back of the room out of site so I can’t perceive her actions but it seems she knows them, is not concerned with them entering the place, and may be working with them in some capacity. While her crew stakes out the place a cold sensation moves through my body chilling me from head to toe and I find myself wondering what she does in her spare time when no one is watching her. I’m paralyzed by fear as the men talk to one another & my mom as I stand there naked dripping from the bath water. One man hears me breathing or sees a small movement thru the glass and he approaches the door listening cautiously. I stay in a freezed state and brace the door to block him if he attempts to enter but he doesn’t; he just turns non-chalantly back to the center of the room & finished the conversation. Then they all leave.

After the task is done, I go back upstairs to continue my mission of cleaning out the place and there I find an area I hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly I’m aware that we are on a large boat, like a yacht and there is a large carpeted area, about 3x the size of the apartment. There is a bed, and cafe-style table with two chairs as well as book shelves and cabinets that are all dark hardwood. Suddenly I feel enthusiastic again about the cleaning task because I realize this space is mine so I decide to bring all my things from the small apartment to this large area which is far away from the apartment side of the ship and where I will have privacy from the medling of my relatives. Just as I set out to do that the ship begins rocking and I see that the room is on a swivel to help it adjust to the waves at sea. Unfortunately, it starts spinning and doesn’t stop. I get dizzy and wait it out. I wake up in this state – eager to fill my new space but dizzy and unable to move.

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