My Dream About Delivering Two Dead Babies

September 22, 2018

In the dream, I’m operating on the lead character in the series BONES. She’s the leading forensic anthropologist in the world, known for her excellence in studying the remains of murder victims. Alongside the coroner & forensic team she discovers cause of death, the murder weapon, and the murderer.

The reason I’m operating on her is that she’s become deathly ill and we were doing surgery to try to eliminate the cause of her illness. When operating, I discover she had two unborn fetuses in her womb and these were the cause of her illness. We removed the infant skeletons and knew she would be okay and recover. In the dream I was preparing for the grief she would feel when I tell her she had miscarried two babies. But also, I knew she had given birth to one, so of the set of triplets, one lived & two died.

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