Dream: Clothes, Boulder, 911

Warning: In this dream, a man touches a private part of my body without permission. This is just a metaphor and not real life! To learn more about how to translate the messages of metaphors in dreams, please continue exploring this blog. If you don’t want to read such a post, then kindly skip over or delete. No offence taken.

In the dream, I am walking down a road with a family & friends. One man has his arm around me and then his other hand on my breast. I don’t realize at first because we are all walking and talking but then another man beside him realizes and he takes the hand of the guy and removes it. I look at him and whisper thank you.

Then I’m sitting on a bench and a dark & handsome man is beside me to the left and he puts his arm around me and leans in to kiss me. He tells others he’s gotten himself a girl-friend and it makes me smile.

Then I was in a large apartment building and found a place to change clothes which was private. Just as I did that others started coming out of their homes into the area I was and it wasn’t private anymore.

One person was someone who was negative in the past and she kept doing things to exclude me. It worked to make me back away but then I thought twice and I approached her again and I said, “You’re really good at trying to exclude me. But the problem is you don’t know how to include me.” And then I went about starting an activity to include myself. She hid under a couch, embarrased.

Then someone who I work with online has a presentation to students and he wants me to come out to be introduced but I’m getting changed and it’s taking time. I hear him say something to the effect that somethings I might do seem unexpected but that he really likes and respects me.

Then when I’m dressed and ready to go I look down and see a large boulder fall. I see it nearly hit a woman but she shows she is fine. I look down and count the people there and see someone I care about is not there.

“Where is he?” I call out. “Is he under the boulder?” and the women just look confused so I decide to run and get my phone to call.

As I run I shout to people, “Call 911!” and “Someone’s been hurt!”

Then I think I’ve told too many people to call and they can’t get through on the line if too many call at once so I stop doing that and just keep running.




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