Changing Thought Patterns: The path from no skill to skill


The goal of Dreamwork, with a focus on change & transformation, is to identify the messages from the dream which show you something about your Self which you didn’t realize before. When you see the thing you are doing or the thing you are thinking or believing which is not helpful or advantageous then you can change it. Change takes time. Doing one small thing differently every day can lead to a very big result over time. That is why it is a good idea to have a daily practice of reflection. This allows for a lot of room to transform.

In the past, whenever I went for change I found myself becoming angry. The anger came because I was seeing so much injustice around me – extremes of wealth and poverty, suppression of rights for people of colour, gender inequality in the workplace, rampant domestic abuse issues. Everywhere I turned there was injustice and it infuriated me. But when I first started doing this work, back in 2010, I just didn’t have the skill-set to deal with that much anger in a productive way. But the opposite of anger is justice. Back in those days I felt unprotected and I was unprotected. But eight years later, things are different now.

When I become angry, I still write about it, but sometimes I share it and sometimes I don’t. I’ve learned to work through the anger systematically using a worksheet created by Richard Hastings and I’ve learned that walking, running, swimming, biking and even doing daily housework, helps to release the angry emotions to make room for more productive positive emotions to come in.

  1. i was feeling angry
  2. i didn’t know what to do next
  3. i showered
  4. i listened to upbeat happy music
  5. i went directly from the shower to my bed
  6. i reflected on what my daughter needs and what should I do next today
  7. i remembered a dream in which i was doing something that she wanted to copy and the message was, if i do good she’ll copy good, if i don’t then that’s what she’ll copy
  8. i fell into a dreamy state with the wave song
  9. i could relax
  10. when i finished meditating i had an idea
  11. the idea was to look to the end result which i want in vancouver, with Mom2Mom, and then post about that and then work backwards

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