Releasing Enthusiasm Part 2: Getting Over the Fear of Other People’s Anger

This is a great post. Today I’m thinking of the way it applies to people in domestic abuse situations and also those who are incarcerated. Keeping enthusiasm going in those dark places is really a notable challenge.

Dreams For Peace

I have a lot of natural calmness.  I think it was just one of those gifts that was placed in me when at the moment of my conception.   I don’t think it has a lot to do with genetics or environment.   It is what helps me do a lot of the inner dream work with people.     However,  I have recently had to come face to face with a negative calming aspect in myself that I am saying good by to.  This is the kind of forced inner calm to prevent other people’s anger.    I was fired three times in my education career, each time traumatic, and each time making me go to the forced calm as a kind of ego protection so that I wouldn’t be fired again.

What seems to happen internally which seems to be the common pattern is that I imagine  a big negative consequence is going…

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