My Dream of Driving a Flying Car

Oct 20, 2018

In the dream, I become aware that I am flying and at first thing it’s Super Man style but then see I’m in my car and my car is flying. Someone beside me tells me I can control the car with my mind and I don’t believe him but then try and sure enough when I think of going left the car goes left, when I think of going right the car goes right. then i think of dipping down and the car dips forward so I can see the whole beautiful horizon, the ocean & the sky. then i decided to spin the car in two loops which was a lot of fun and i tell the guy i want to dip into the ocean and come back up and he says the people in the car with me would become very afraid and even though i have the ability to uplift the car out of the ocean with my mind it would cause them more fear than they could handle so i say okay and decide not to do the dip and i just straighten out the car again, flying towards the horizon and the forward momentum is just an amazing feeling.

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