Changing the “Getting Rid Of” Paradigm to the “Adding On” One.

This article by Richard Hastings is about bullying in the school yard but I’m sure the same solution applies when the bully is in a family or in a workplace. The bully figures out that those around them in the family have a lot of fear and uses that to their advantage to get their own way. If the other family members or the other co-workers had a lot of Courage then the bully would go away. Dynamics in families are different than in schools or workplaces but I’m sure the solution is the same: less fear, more Courage.

Dreams For Peace

When there a bully in the schoolyard, he takes advantage of the fact that most of the children have a lot of fear.  He can push his weight and size around because he is pretty certain no one is going to challenge him.  He gains access to the feeling of power and getting what he wants.   In the traditional approach to dealing with the bully, the bully is the problem that the school has to get rid of.    A lot of effort is put into disciplining the bully.     What isn’t so apparent is that the bully is only taking advantage of the fact that there is a huge amount of fear.      If the school were filled with the virtue of courage,  the energy it doesn’t have now,  then the bully could be easily taken care of.

Courage is the capacity to go for a particular goal where there is a…

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