Snakes in dreams are about …

Dreams For Peace says when you see a snake in a dream start looking for jealousy.

Snakes in dreams, when the dreams are negative, are about issues around jealousy, either within the dreamer or with the people in the dreamer’s life. When the dreams are positive, then the snake message is more about the qualities of flexibility, about having the ability to change easily.

Snakes are a good metaphor for transformation because of the way they shed their old skin.

When humans go through a change, it can be like they are metaphorically shedding their “old skin” or their “old self.”

For people who don’t have issues with jealousy, change and growth, the transformation process is exciting and welcomed. For those who have issues, whether it’s fear-based or whatever, then change, growth and transformation can elicit strong feelings of resistance. This resistance, and the resulting actions can really darken things and slow progress.

Sometimes there are snake-like people in an environment, in a family, group or work-setting and the key to working with them is to try to understand the origins of their fear of change. At first, offering a lot of encouragement & support may be enough to help them to trust the process and move forward. But if some time passes and their behaviour doesn’t change, then it’s time to decide how to detach from their negatives, either by leaving the environment or having them leave the environment.

Sometimes snake-type people are doing their negatives unconsciously and when they become aware they wake up and change and the negatives go away.

Other times, snakey people are fully aware of their negative behaviours and they continue with their actions because they feel they have something to gain, some kind of power. They may be trying to manipulate others to get their own way. It’s usually about wanting something they don’t have.

Some Masters of Snakery, have figured out a way to be so dangerously negative that they use their negatives for criminal behaviours, usually motivated by the lure of power or prestige.

For this reason, jails are filled with snakey behaviours.

But not everyone who is in jail is a snake, and not every snakey person is in jail.

The key for empowerment for someone trying to detach from jealousy, anger, fear is to get really comfortable with change to the extreme degree that it becomes just so very easy to adapt to anything. With a lot of flexibility, open-ness, and curiosity, then no matter how many snakes are in an environment, nothing the negatives behaviours are doing can alter the positives.

Becoming empowered in life is a bit like becoming a Snake Charmer.

Then it doesn’t matter when the snakes are there or not, their negatives just don’t even matter anymore.


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