Horses in Dreams are About Strength & Service

40932412_10160947345250595_686116915252297728_nBecause of the close relationship between humans & horses, they are one of the best animals to use as an example of the way the the metaphor of transformation works in a dream.

Transformation is the goal of dreamwork. What is being transformed? The Self. How is it being transformed? By looking at the metaphors in the dreams with a curious & investigative eye, to discover where there are developed strengths which can be used more and where there are areas of growth which can be identified and nurtured until they turn into strengths which can be used for the betterment of the world.

When an animal shows up in a dream, we can think of the qualities which that animal possesses. There are negatives and positives to every animal. If the dreamer has the negative qualities of the animal acting out in their life, then the message of the dream can be to release & transcend them. If the dreamer has the positives of the animal then the message is about using those qualities to solve the challenges happening in day-to-day life.

This process of change and development can be described in the close relationship between a horse & rider. When a dreamer has overcome the negatives and has a lot of positive qualities to use in life then it is just like the symbiotic relationship between a horse & rider. The horse symbolizing the lower nature & the human rider symbolizing the higher nature. When someone has overcome issues with their lower nature, it’s like a wild horse learning to be tame and let a rider on. Likewise, a human being cannot (or should not) have aggression and dominance when working with a horse but would ride with gentleness & cooperation. Riding together like this both horse & rider can go great distances.

Horses in dreams are symbols of Strength, Endurance & Service. If the dream with the horse is positive it means the path is clear to move forward without issues. If there are strong emotions like fear in the dream then it means the dreamer has some work to do to develop their strengths to the fullest. If someone has had trauma in their past, then when a horse appears in a dream there may be some fear because of the memories of the abuse. In this case, it’s a good idea to find someone to work with and talk to, as there are plenty of good therapists out there, to help process the emotions and to get to the positives just waiting to emerge.

Another positive quality of the horse is how they stick together in groups. Their togetherness is a great metaphor for cooperation & unity.

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