My Dream of Dealing with a Psychopath and Calling in the Coroner

June 11, 2018
Recently, I dreamed of being in a large hotel-type place and in the dream I am in a room with an elderly woman who is handicapped physically but very alert & intelligent mentally. It’s not clear why I am there although it feels like she knows something about a crime her husband is involved in or something like that and I am getting info from her at the same time as helping her with some of her physical ailments, maybe even cleaning her space.
Anyway, at one point she positions herself on the couch in a bit of a contortion and she asks me to massage sore areas on her back which I proceeded to do (at that time someone comes up from behind me but I don’t pay them any attention) but then she turns herself around without alerting me and she loses her balance and she hits her head on the floor and when I reach to help her I see the blow killed her. I quickly put her head back on the couch pillow and shout to the front desk to call 911 even though I know she needs a coroner not paramedics.
I stand up and go to the door and the attendant gives me thumbs up that paramedics are on their way and when I turn to look back I find that the elderly woman is sitting up in a wheel chair. She is fine. I am confused because she had been dead and I approached her cautiously and turn her around towards me. Then I see the woman is black and shorter and was not the tall white woman who I had just been talking with, however the other person in the room is saying this is her and I know it isn’t. On the one hand I am relieved because her not being dead was better for me because I don’t want the questions from paramedics since I am the last one to have seen her alive. If she is not dead then I will not get questioned. But this woman is not the same woman and the man is up to some sort of hoax and he wants me to play along.
I am afraid of him and I had no idea what to do next and how to be prepared for when the paramedics arrive. How will I explain what was going on? They aren’t even trained to be able to really understand what I am trying to convey.
My analysis:
The truth is the man in the room is a psychopath and his aim is to try to make me look crazy. He tries to do this with everyone he knows. The reason psychopaths want to discredit others is because they want to make their own Selves seem more important, more valuable, more powerful. However his gimmick doesn’t work. He would have wanted me to go along with his charade when the paramedics arrive & pretend this actress is the woman I was helping. Most likely this tactic is a part of his crime. Psychopaths are criminally minded and create illusions to hide their true motives & true actions. In the dream, I am trying to think of how to tell the truth of what had happened without him harming me or the woman he is bribing to lie. In real life, this is not an issue so much since I’m usually able to help a lot of people who are dealing with psychopaths in their families or work places and the outcomes are always positive. In the dream I am also wondering what happened to the real woman? Where did he hide her? Can I find her & help her? If I called the coroner would they help look for her?
The metaphor of a coroner appearing at a crime scene with a psychopath is perfect because the job of a coroner is to confirm the time & cause of death. They are trained to see through the illusions, lies and manipulations of psychopaths & criminals. Not only that, but they have the responsibility to assert their observations and report their findings. A coroner coming into the room would expose the psychopath’s illusions and likely cause his anger to rage. What does a psychopath do when he’s angry? Seek revenge? Seek to destroy anyone he views as a threat? What is the solution for people to protect themselves from the rage of a psychopath?
Most average people do not like to get other people angry for fear of what they will do with their anger, even more so when dealing with a psychopath. But what if there is no fear? What if people just stopped fearing the negative actions of the psychopaths in their lives? How much different could things be if there was no fear? The game would change entirely. 
That’s what this dream is about because metaphorically speaking the psychopath cannot screw-around with the coroner. A coroner is above the manipulations. When a coroner enters the room, the illusion dissolves, the lie evaporates and the truth is exposed. That’s why psychopath-type personalities fear coroner-type personalities. Their manipulations can’t work. 

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