4 Tips For Dealing With a Psychopath

14681699_10157746974450595_8501161778339029874_nMay 11, 2018

There really is no such thing as a “psychopath” in the way modern science labels it because today’s science is light-years away from understanding the true nature of the human spirit and its relationship to the body, soul, and mind. What we have currently is just an inkling of the wonderous Truths which will be known to future generations. In time, it will become easier & easier for the light of positivity to shine through even the darkest of negativity, regardless of where it is found.

In my work with dreams for the past decade, I have studied thousands of dreams, either my own or others, and delved deeply into the research of Richard Hastings to strive to understand the ego. It occurrs to me that the more I can understand the ego, the more I can remove it, and the more I remove it, the better would be my work in all areas.

This is an excellent quote which speaks about the importance of being sanctified from the prejudice of ego & desire.

… it behooves the writers and editors [of newspapers] to be sanctified from the prejudice of egotism and desire, and to be adorned with the ornament of equity and justice. They must inquire into matters as fully as possible in order that they may be informed of the real facts, and commit the same to writing. Concerning this wronged one, what the newspapers have published has for the most part been devoid of truth. Good speech and truthfulness are, in loftiness of position and rank, like the sun which has risen from the horizon of the heaven of knowledge.—Tablet of Tarazát.

Everyone, not just journalists, should be striving in their daily lives to rise above the dirt & grime of ego. A pure spirit is like the sun. A mind filled with the promptings of ego & desire is like the dark night. A light & bright sanctified heart can grow & change, develop virtues & refine their characters. A heart covered in the dross of self fears change and lives in a jungle of negative emotions and thoughts.

In the thousands of dreams I’ve studied and in my observations of the way some people resist change and how some welcome it. What I’ve come to realize is that those people who society would label a “psychopath” are simple people who fear change, who resist growth, who shun progress. The reason seems to be they have their own best interest in mind and that they seek out power at every moment. Often times they target one individual, perhaps a family member or work associate, and they seem to feed off the negative energy created by conflict, jealousy, anger, fear and striving to humiliate others.

What to do then if you are the unfortunate (or fortunate – depending how you look at it) member of a family with a psychopath? Or if someone in your work environment appears to demonstrate the joy-killing approach of a psychopath? Here are a few tips for dealing with this type of negativity without letting it bring you down. The key is detachment. Here are some strategies a psychopath will try to use to disempower its target and how to deal with them.

1.Criticizing & Fault-finding: This is the easiest Go-To for a psychopath. His aim is to hurt his target by pointing out his or her perceived faults in the hopes of slowing them down so the psychopath can push to the top. They are inevitably striving for power over others whether in their family or their work environments. A psychopath may a host of other criticisms which come from a fear-based place in the psychopath aiming to hurt and devalue the intended target.

Solutions: When someone sends negative words in an email, for example, what you can do is print out the email and cut the phrases into individual sentences. You can lump all the negative words into a pile. When you look at them like this it will show you how the psychopath really feels about himself. The words he uses to try to negate you are a hint to the types of things he thinks of himself. If he’s saying things like this to you, it’s his issue, not yours. You can take a marker and black out the words, or rip them up, or throw them out. It feels great. You can also do powerful visualizations where you see or hear him saying these things to you and suddenly you turn the volume down, like a TV without the audio. You can also turn off the image by flicking it off like a TV screen. In this way, the negative words will have no influence or affect on you. It feels great! Try it!

2. Use of Sarcasm: When a perpetually negative person uses sarcasm they are trying to do the same thing as the criticism but they are attempting to hide or cover it up. They use sarcasm to mask the hatred or contempt they feel for their target.

Solutions: Sarcasm only works if you value the other person’s opinion, firstly. But if you are starting to figure out that the person you are dealing with is trapped in their own negative ego pattern than what you can do with sarcasm is completely ignore it. Read the words, or listen to the statement, and then detach from it as if you never heard it at all. If the person has hatred or contempt in their heart or mind, that is their issue and not for you to solve. Just detach and let go. It’s so freeing!

3. Threats: What sets a psychopath apart from others is their tendency towards violence. Whereas most people will utter negative words they would never follow through with them. Moreover, the majority of people who commit a crime or act of violence feel remorse & regret afterwards and many strive to change their thoughts or actions to prevent repeating the hurtful & violent act. Psychopaths, however, do not care what others think or feel and they do not experience empathy in the same way average people do. So psychopaths will use threats to try to create fear in their target. Their (faulty) logic is that if they can generate enough fear, the target will back away and then the psychopath can go for what they want, whether it’s money, or a relationship, or a position of power in a company.

Solution: When a psychopath threatens you there are two ways to look at it. The first is to consider is the nature of their threat something within their capacity to actually follow through with? Have they committed this kind of violence before? In other words, you are accessing if there is a real or imagined threat. If you can discern that the psychopath is just blowing smoke, let it go, detach and move on. If it appears the psychopath is serious about his intentions to hurt you or someone you care about then report it to the police.

4. Guilt-trips & Gas-lighting: These are really two separate strategies psychopaths use but I’m going to group them together here for simplicity’s sake. Guilt-tripping is about trying to manipulate someone’s emotions to get them to feel bad and act out in a negative way. Gas-lighting is about trying to convince someone to see something other than what is true. It’s about trying to get someone to question their own judgement or experience.

Solution: Gas-lighting is one of the very most effective techniques because an ill-experienced person usually does not even realize something is going on until much later as they find themselves thrown into a wave of confusion and disorientation, which is the intention of the negative person. The negative behaviour of gas-lighting is to disorient and confuse the target so that the negative person can get their own way. The solution is to be aware of this as a technique & spot it when it shows up. With conscious awareness, the gas-lighting can’t work. For example, in truth the brother in this scenario did try to call his children but couldn’t get through and then spent an enjoyable visit with other family members. The negative person was not aware of everything which was going on so his statement actually made him appear foolish and inappropriate, nevermind that the statement was rude and inconsiderate, even if it were true. Being aware of gas-lighting stops it in its tracks. It keeps the target’s mind clear and strong and the psychopath cannot get his own way.

The key to change and transformation is always inner work first, however, there are times when someone else’s ego can be so big and so negative that it impacts those around him. At that time, it’s important for anyone being targeted by the negative behaviours to have solutions to deal with the negatives. Seeing the Negative Truth and then flipping it to the positive opposite is a fantastic way to work through any issue with anyone. So, in addition to these four solutions, also keep in mind that a thought of anger can be destroyed by a more powerful thought of peace and a thought of hatred can be eliminated by a stronger thought of love.  In this way you can refuse to be degraded or disempowered by anyone and you can achieve and maintain authority over your own Self and your own Life.

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