Video: Brenda’s Got a Baby ~ A Glimpse into How Issues are Inherited & Learned

Someone asked me to watch 2Pac’s video “Brenda’s Got a Baby” because it shows the issues in such a real way. It’s a sad video telling a heart-breaking story but I realize how it applies to dreamwork/change work and that’s why I wanted to share it with the whole group.

In the video you will see what I’m talking about when I say inherited qualities come first, than learned, than innate. It’s true for inherited issues, learned issues. There are no innate “issues” because our True Spirit is comprised of the potential for excellence. In other words, our souls are “perfect” and the issues are a part of the material/physical world for our soul’s learning and development.

Anyway, I’m posting 2Pac’s video here as a way to bring the issues to the forefront since 2Pac himself says he wants to show how one family’s problems can affect a community. Conversely, the love and strength of a family can also positively uplift a community.

When we as individuals do the work on our own inherited, learned and innate qualities we bring to light our unique gift(s) which can be brought out to help solve the issues in the world. No one else can do this. We each have a unique gift and when we share it we are living out our mission. When we don’t share it, for fear or whatever, then we are not doing what we came here to do. Our unique gifts can solve the problems of the world, When we do that we are creating a positive environment for the next generation. When we don’t, the saga continues. I think that is the positive message of the video.

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