Dreams From The Box ~ How a Dream About Being Helpful Transformed a Prisoner and his Range

DREAMS FROM THE BOX – Update – The four prisoners who are sending dreams for the book were on the same range. One of them had a dream about helping others and I encouraged him to keep developing this quality even in jail. Then he understood the message of the dream and with a lot of enthusiasm he said to the others, “Hey guys! We can make this range different! It doesn’t have to be like the other ones. We can be safe here in this one. We can help each other. We get to choose how we want it to be!” And he did lots of things to help others. They agreed and for a time they were living in a feeling of safety which none of them had experienced on the other ranges.

He said to me, “my personality is that I like helping other people so I just keep helping and the guys are getting it. They get it. And this place is different now.”

Then a new guy was transferred to the range and he was only remembering the old way that things are in jail on the other ranges, so when he saw this range was different he wasn’t willing to change. Then he and two other guys ganged up on the dreamer who was envisioning a positive future for this range. They beat him so bad he had to be removed from the range and is in segregation with ice packs and medication.

When I talked to him next I was afraid maybe he would have become hostile and disappointed but my fears weren’t justified.

He said to me, “When I got here in segregation I just thought to myself, ‘well, there must be something for me to learn here. Maybe I’ll see something out the window here that I couldn’t see from the other range or maybe there’s a guard or nurse here who I need to help. I can just think of it as a vacation from the non-sense in jail.”

He’s in a smaller cell now, and he is only allowed out EVERY OTHER DAY for 20 minutes to go to the yard and to have a shower and then back to segregation. Kind-hearted guards who see he doesn’t belong there and feel bad for him are sending books under the door for him to read, one of them is a Bible-study type book. His food is delivered to the door three times a day. He can use the phone for 20 minutes 3 times a day to call out. No TV. No radio. Nothing.

He told me, “There’s no reason that the guy would have come after me except that I am a nice guy and I was trying to create a new environment on that range so that no one had to fight anyone. He didn’t like that and he’s a 6 foot black guy whose used his muscles to get his own way in here so it’s all he knows. I’m not angry. I don’t blame him. I get it.”

It seems the guards saw the attack and have removed the threats from the range but our dreamer friend, who is First Nations & black mix, doesn’t know if he’ll be sent back to that old range or another one. But now he knows that where ever he is he can be helpful and that changes everything for the better even on the inside of a prison.

He’s excited about the dreamwork book which is nearly ready for publishing now. Three of this guy’s dreams are featured in the book. What an amazing story he has to tell and he’s excited about sharing it!

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