Nov. 05 2017 – My Dream of Putting Cell Phone in Rice

It’s another time travel/solving a murder dream.
What makes it feel like a time traveling dream instead of just a regular dream is that when I’m approaching the person I feel like I have this long history of my Self bigger than the time and space which the person is in. So even though I’m new to the scenario the person is in, it’s not like I’m dumb-founded or confused. Instead it’s like I’m clear headed and purposeful like having a mission from the positive future that I am helping a person get to.
Anyway, in the dream, I become conscious of holding my cell phone and I am thinking that it is being traced/tracked and I am trying to decide if it is better for me to dispose of it so I’m not followed or to allow myself to be followed and then catch the bad guys when they arrive.
There’s a young woman in the apartment with me & I get the sense she’s a babysitter but not a good one. I decide to sort of use her stupidity to hide the cell phone near her while I get far away from the place, let the bad guys question her but not find the phone, and then come back for it.
So I remove the SIM card & battery and put the whole phone in a bowl of rice (huh?) and then leave it somewhere hidden close by. I give her some instructions and it seems she’s watching a young baby of a friend but it’s not Gracie.
Then I drive far away and I watch on another phone/GPS where my location is and where the bad guys location is.
I drive a long distance along the Niagara Blvd where I used to drive a lot in my 20s & early 30s to relax me.
Then I notice on the map they are gone and I turn to go back. When I arrive back at the place I find the babysitter drinking the way I instructed/expected her to be and I question her about what they said and I retrieve my phone without her knowing and there the dream ends.

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