Dreamwork With Prisoners: Broken Toilet in Parent’s House

A prisoner recently told me this dream and then he said, “there you go. You can put that one with all the others.” So I’m sharing this dream as a part of the Dreamwork With Prisoners series.

I go to the house and find my brother has taken and thrown out all my stuff and special valuable things that belonged to our parent who passed away. Then I went into the bathroom to take a piss but the toilet was broken and I had to pee into a hole in the floor.

Houses in dreams are metaphors for the Self. Since this is a parent’s home, this dream is about the qualities both weak and strong which the dreamer & his brother inherited from their parent. His brother deals with life differently so even though he may have inherited some things he chose not to acquire the positive traits so that’s why he’s metaphorically throwing them out in the dream.

Urine in a dream is a metaphor for anger. when the dreamer finds the toilet broken this means his parent did not have a good and effective way of dealing with anger and so has he this weakness because his parent had it.

The solution to a dream like this is for the dreamer to do two things. First he can remember all the positive qualities about his parent and he can recall all the ways he is positively similar. Those skills and talents can help him solve the problem of too much anger. To fix the plumbing, or in other words to become more effective with processing and releasing anger. The dreamer can notice when he gets angry and then let it go.

He can do the positive opposite of his brother. His brother is getting rid of the positives and hanging on to negative so the dreamer can hang on to the positives and get rid of the negatives. It wont be too easy to do but will work in time. the quality the dreamer needs is probably something like peacefulness, patience, and awe or wonderment.  His parent likely had an abundance of these and the more he remembers to call on them when facing challenges the more they will develop in him too.


If you’d like to explore the concept of inherited, acquired and learned qualities in greater depth, you can read more by Richard Hastings at this link on Dreams For Peace.

Dreamwork With Prisoners is an initiative which enables prisoners to share their dreams & nightmares and receive an interpretation which can support inner transformation. The development of new qualities can support them during their incarceration, trial and probation. It can also bring out Patience and Enthusiasm for those who have longer sentences. The key to this work is releasing all judgement and seeking for the positives.

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