How to Apply a Metaphor to Your Real Life With Positive Results

The key to changing is being able to understand the biggest mess in your life, identifying the origin and bringing in a new positive quality to solve the challenge. There is a positive solution to every single problem which can be created in this beautiful world of ours. Whenever a challenge shows up there is always a quality or characteristic within you that can solve the challenge. Always. You can count on it.

The work comes in when its time to look at some things which are negative and being able to have a lot of Patience and Peacefulness about it. Knowing that the outcome will be positive sometimes helps to replace any anxieties with these more calming qualities.

Here is a step-by-step approach to working with a metaphor. Ask your Self:

  1. What is the biggest mess/challenge in my life right now?
  2. When did it start? When is the first time I remember a mess like this happening?
  3. What quality or virtue can help me solve this? Do I need Patience? Justice? Courage? Enthusiasm.

The answers to these questions are the starting point to launching your new life and solving every challenge you face.

Happy Solving!

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