Dream: Floating in the Clouds


I am swinging on swings and the swing detaches so that I am flung high
into the air. I was filled with excitement as I rose higher and higher
into the clouds. Then I get to a certain point and am able to just
float. I spin around and drift, filled with awe and joy. I was so
happy to be able to do this.

I thought about others and thought it
seemed I was doing something no one else could do and I felt grateful
for the gift for me to be able to do this. I wanted to tell others
about it but thought no one would understand but that I will enjoy
this experience anyways. Then I would float back down and then go back
up again.. It happened several times and when I went high like that I
was released from all fears, all worries, everything. It was just
bliss and joy.
Then later I was talking with my sister. She told me that there was a
weather abnomility reported that day that showed a gust of wind and
air pressure that was in the park where I was in. I said, yes, I felt
that. It lifted me up and I explained what I had experienced and then
I thought she would believe me.

But she didn’t. She looked at me with a condescending expression conveying, “what are you talking about?”

I said, “Oh nevermind.” My sister, like my Mom & Dad, only have a high school education and sometimes complex though paradigms seem to confuse them.

Regardless. For me, I liked knowing that there was a scientific explanation for what I experienced.
14681699_10157746974450595_8501161778339029874_nThe beauty and wonder of the skies when I was up there was amazing.
The blue was the most beautiful blue and the clouds fluffy and soft. I
felt protected and safe by the air. The temperature was perfect. I felt like God was with me, smiling at me, giving me this great experience. I was surrounded in a hug from the air. I was filled with awe & wonderment!

( I wonder: What is air energy? Breath? What do Natives say about air? This dream had a big impact on me when I woke up and it has put back in the fore-front of my mind the sacred nature of life and living and has filled me with a renewed energy and passion for my work.) (April 2011)

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