The Purpose of Writing About Taboo Topics Which Show Up in Dreams …


The purpose of the Dream is to remind us all, the scientists, the philosophers, the cynics, and the nay-sayers that there is more to this world than what our senses can perceive; there is more to life than what we know.

The purpose in writing about dreams which have metaphors which are taboo or sensitive to discuss in public in our culture is to shine a light on false notions, illusions & mirages upheld by culture but harmful to individual growth & well-being.

When we can look at beliefs we hold which are actually in error then we can modify & change them and in doing so we can achieve greater & greater experiences of fulfillment, achievement or accomplishment.

More importantly, we can tap into and expand our Authentic Self, which allows us to live a life of Truth and Integrity. It allows us to live the life we were meant to live.

Thanks to the power of the Dream & the Dream World.

With a little bit of attention and change daily, incredible strides can be achieved over time. It’s truly spectacular.

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