Three Steps To Identifying Fear/ Anxiety & Flipping it to Courage/Confidence



The first thing to do is figure out whether you are feeling fear or anxiety. If it’s fear the solution is to learn something new. This builds Courage. If it’s anxiety the solution is to repeat what you already do well. This builds Confidence.

Even grief has at its foundation a component of fear or anxiety. For example, after a death there may be grief but also anxiety. I keep looking into the future, imagining someone I love not in it, and then feeling doubt that I can enjoy my life or achieve my goals without her. So then I feel like I’m being drowned in a waterfall. Metaphorically speaking.

The solution to transforming this grief then, as hard as this sounds, is to flood the environment with positivity. I’ve done that before. I did it during my very messy & public divorce. I did it during my very messy & public mess with my biological mom. I can do it again now. In fact, the things I did then which worked well I can do again & the things that didn’t go so well I can avoid and take the lessons learned and do them now.

You can too!

Ask yourself what is the biggest challenge you are facing today? Does it bring up fear or anxiety? Do you need to learn something new or repeat something you already do well. Then take a step to do that thing today. Wait until you see how miraculous your life will become when you do this regularly. It’s amazing.

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