My Dream of a Flea Market & Old Car

22 January 2018

I am at a Flea Market, hired in to clean up the huge, multi-roomed area. The guy who was supposed to do this before didn’t achieve what he set out to do and the reason is he had his own agenda in mind, and had been expanding it for his own purposes. So he wasn’t too pleased with me coming in and getting rid of his stuff and cleaning it out.

But I just kept working at it, and directing a team to keep moving stuff out and cleaning up. It was going well.

Then I went outside to get a car which I had left in a field a month or so ago. To my surprise, it was covered over with moss and weeds as if it had been there for years. Plus, someone had stolen a part from the hood. I started pulling the weeds off but said to myself and the person with me that this wasn’t going to work; we can’t use the car as planned.

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