My Dream About A Small, Warm Cabin in the Woods

January 04, 2018

In the dream, I’m in a room with First Nations friends. E.E. is sitting to my right, relaxed but thinking deeply about a solution for something. R.G. is sitting to my left, sort of chatting. The room is small and cozy, like a cabin, warm as though there’s a fire burning in a woodstove but I don’t see it. There’s just casual chatting and even some singing. Someone is smoking a pipe putting a wonderful aroma into the air. I feel as though I belong here and am not separated by race or skin colour, as though I am seen for my true self and not for just being labeled as “a white.” Also, in the dream, I feel like I have shed my guilt and shame over what “whites” did/are doing to First Nations peoples and there is just such a loving feeling of connection and unity in that little cabin in the woods. The other thing is that I feel respected as a woman too. The way I am treated is as though I am an equal to the men but my role as a mother, an educator, a healer/helper is appreciated and known. That feeling of equality feels so genuine and so appreciated.

Then in another part of the dream it’s not so good. I’m trying to talk to a tall white man and he won’t listen to me. He’s about 6″4, with an angled chin, dark curly hair like Tom Selleck and he seems too busy to give me any of his attention. I become agitated & frustrated in the dream.

There’s another part too, also with a  high degree of frustration, which I can’t recall the details of now but it has something to do with trying to do something which can’t be done in the time I have, or trying to make something fit which isn’t the right size. Something like that.

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