Dream: Skunks and a Journalist

10 September 2017

  • was 6 skunks around the garden & house area
  • i climbed up the side of the wall like spiderman and got over to the door and in without them spraying
  • P.S. & family was there
  • inside i was cleaning and first got all the stuff organized and then was getting ready to do a deep wash
  • it felt so good to be cleaning so much
  • it was a big building like an outdoor education center
  • at one point someone i was with, my dad?, told these two people that our family might pioneer and they got really excited and when they found out i was a journalist then they wanted it even more
  • they printed my stories in the paper and i was like “yeah!”
  • I was happy they printed my story but was not happy they thought I would pioneer when I truly didn’t want to







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