My Dream of Being Arrested & Released


09 February 2018

I open the door to my house and three police officers are there. They walk through the doorway, taking advantage of my surprised state, asking questions about my name and identity and talking and before I know it, my hands are behind my back and charges are being read.

Finally I get over the disorientation and I ask, “What is this about?” The head officer responds that, “This is because you know too much about John.” He’s referring to John Watson.

So then I understand what’s going on and I ask more questions and explain in more detail and they realize that they thought I had a lot more to do with a certain crime than I actually did. So they reduce or drop the charges all together and they leave.

The qualities of a good police officer are friendliness & assertiveness. This dream is about developing those qualities even more now.

To read more dreams around the theme of waking up to the need to develop friendliness & assertiveness, click on this link.

Imagine how much more peaceful the world would be if everyone had a little more friendliness & calm assertiveness.

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